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Descriptive Statement

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  • Descriptive Statement — A bank statement that lists deposits, withdrawals, fees, etc. in chronological order. The term descriptive statement sometimes refers specifically to information on a statement for which no physical item (such as a check) is enclosed. Under the… …   Investment dictionary

  • Descriptive statistics — quantitatively describe the main features of a collection of data.[1] Descriptive statistics are distinguished from inferential statistics (or inductive statistics), in that descriptive statistics aim to summarize a data set, rather than use the… …   Wikipedia

  • Descriptive fallacy — The descriptive fallacy refers to reasoning which treats a speech act as a logical proposition, which would be mistaken when the meaning of the statement is not based on its truth condition.[1] It was suggested by the British philosopher of… …   Wikipedia

  • Descriptive Video Service — The Descriptive Video Service (DVS) is a major United States producer of video description, which makes visual media, such as television programs, feature films, and home videos, more accessible to people who are blind or otherwise visually… …   Wikipedia

  • value statement — noun a) A non descriptive statement. b) An organisations statement of its ethical values, complementary to mission statement and vision statement.<! Is it really ethical values? …   Wiktionary

  • Self-descriptive number — A self descriptive number is an integer m that in a given base b is b digits long in which each digit d at position n (the most significant digit being at position 0 and the least significant at position b 1) counts how many instances of digit n… …   Wikipedia

  • Income statement — Accountancy Key concepts Accountant · Accounting period · Bookkeeping · Cash and accrual basis · Cash flow management · Chart of accounts  …   Wikipedia

  • Combined Statement — Also known as a descriptive or consolidated statement, combined statements aggregate all information about all of a customer s accounts onto a single periodic statement. For example, if a bank customer has a mortgage, line of credit, retail… …   Investment dictionary

  • Non-cognitivism — This article is about the meta ethical theory. For non cognitivism regarding religious language, see theological noncognitivism. Non cognitivism is the meta ethical view that ethical sentences do not express propositions and thus cannot be true… …   Wikipedia

  • Norm (philosophy) — Norms are concepts (sentences) of practical import, oriented to effecting an action, rather than conceptual abstractions that describe, explain, and express. Normative sentences imply “ought to” types of statements and assertions, in distinction… …   Wikipedia

  • You're either with us, or against us — The phrase you re either with us, or against us is commonly used to polarize situations and force an audience to either become allies or to accept the consequences as being deemed an enemy. [cite book last = Schiappa first = Edward authorlink =… …   Wikipedia

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