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  • 1 Coutts and Co

    "Куттс энд ко́мпани" (крупный коммерческий банк; входил в "Малую шестёрку" [ Little Six]. Основан в 1692)

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  • 2 bank

    bank bank noun ›› FOR MONEY 金钱 1. an organization that provides various financial services, for example keeping or lending money • 银行:
    »My salary is paid directly into my bank.
    »I need to go to the bank (= the local office of a bank).
    »a bank loan
    »a bank manager
    --› see also investment bank, merchant bank ›› IN GAMBLING 赌博 2. a supply of money or things that are used as money in some games, especially those in which gambling is involved • (尤指赌博中的)筹码;赌本 ›› STH COLLECTED / STORED 收集/贮存物 3. an amount of sth that is collected; a place where sth is stored ready for use • 库存;库:
    »a bank of knowledge
    »a blood / sperm bank
    --› see also databank ›› OF RIVER / CANAL 河;水道 4. the side of a river, canal, etc. and the land near it • 岸;河畔:
    »He jumped in and swam to the opposite bank.
    »Itˈs on the north bank of the Thames.
    »a house on the banks of the River Severn (= on land near the river)
    ›› SLOPE 斜坡 5. a raised area of ground that slopes at the sides, often at the edge of sth or dividing sth • 斜坡;垄;埂:
    »There were low banks of earth between the rice fields.
    »The girls ran down the steep grassy bank.
    6. an artificial slope built at the side of a road, so that cars can drive fast around bends • (路面拐弯处为方便车辆快速行驶而筑起的)边坡 ›› OF CLOUD / SNOW, ETC. 云、雪等 7. a mass of cloud, snow, etc., especially one formed by the wind • (尤指风吹到一起的)积云,积雪:
    »The sun disappeared behind a bank of clouds.
    ›› OF MACHINES, ETC. 机器等 8. a row or series of similar objects, especially machines • 一排(同类物品);一系列(机器等):
    »a bank of lights / switches / computers
    【IDIOMS】 not ˌbreak the ˈbank •(informal, humorous) if you say sth wonˈt break the bank, you mean that it wonˈt cost a lot of money, or more than you can afford • 花费不太大;支付得起 --› more at laugh v. verb ›› MONEY 钱 1. [VN] to put money into a bank account • 把(钱)存入银行:
    »She is believed to have banked (= been paid) £10 million in two years.
    据信她两年内在银行存了 1 000 万英镑。
    2. [V] bank (with / at...) to have an account with a particular bank • (在某银行)开账户,存款:
    »The family had banked with Coutts for generations.
    ›› OF PLANE 飞机 3. [V] to travel with one side higher than the other when turning • (转弯时)倾斜飞行:
    »The plane banked steeply to the left.
    ›› FORM PILES 堆积 4. [VN] bank sth (up) to form sth into piles • 堆积(某物):
    »They banked the earth (up) into a mound.
    ›› A FIRE 炉火 5. [VN] bank sth (up) to pile coal, etc. on a fire so that the fire burns slowly for a long time • (用煤等)封炉火:
    »The fire was banked up as high as if it were midwinter.
    【PHR V】 ˈbank on sb / sth • to rely on sb / sth • 依靠;指望:
    »Iˈm banking on your help.
    ▪ [+ to inf ]
    »Iˈm banking on you to help me.
    ▪ [+ -ing ]
    »I was banking on getting something to eat on the train.
    »ˈIˈm sure heˈll help.ˈ ˈ Donˈt bank on it (= it is not likely to happen).ˈ
    "我相信他会帮忙的。" "那可不见得。"
    ˌbank ˈup • to form into piles, especially because of the wind • 堆积(尤指由于风吹):
    »The snow had banked up against the wall.
    * * *
    n. 銀行, 堤, 岸, 沙洲, 淺灘, 一堆(土), (雲)層, 儲藏所(庫)
    vt. 存(款)于銀行, 儲蓄, (車或飛機)傾斜轉彎

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  • 3 clearing bank

    кли́ринг-банк, кли́ринговый банк (один из 6 лондонских банков, осуществляющих свои расчёты путём зачёта встречных платежей; такие банки являются членами Лондонской расчётной палаты [ London Bankers' Clearing House]; см. тж. Barclays Bank, National Westminster Bank, Midland Bank, Lloyd's Bank, Williams and Glyns Bank, Coutts and Co)

    English-Russian Great Britain dictionary (Великобритания. Лингвострановедческий словарь) > clearing bank

  • 4 Little Six

    "Ма́лая шестёрка" (крупных коммерческих банков: "Куттс энд компани" [ Coutts and Co], "Дистрикт банк" [ District Bank], "Глин, Миллз" [ Glyn, Mills], "Мартинз банк" [ Martins Bank], "Нэшнл банк" [ National Bank] и "Уильямз Диконз" [ Williams Deacon's]. Существовала до 1968; см. тж. Big Five, Big Four)

    English-Russian Great Britain dictionary (Великобритания. Лингвострановедческий словарь) > Little Six

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