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    Chinese family names are placed first, followed by the given name. For instance, in the name “Zhao Li,” “Zhao” is the family name, “Li” the given name. Family names usually consist of one syllable, whereas given names can have either one or two syllables.
    Chinese people call their close friends and family members by their given names. For example, “Ma Wenli” may be addressed by close friends as “Wenli.”
    In formal situations you should address Chinese people by their family name or full name and the appropriate courtesy title. Unlike English, professional, social, and family titles always follow the name:
    Mr. Liu would be 刘先生 (Liú xiānsheng)
    Mr. Li Nan 李楠先生 (Lǐ Nán xiānsheng)
    Mrs. Liu 刘夫人 (Liú fūrén)
    Miss Liu 刘小姐 (Liú xiǎojiě)
    Ms. Liu 刘女士 (Liú nǚshì)
    Dr. Ma would be 马医生 (Mǎ yīshēng)
    Professor Xu would be 徐教授 (Xú jiàoshòu)
    Chinese people will often address people by their surname followed by their job title, for example
    叶主任 (Yè zhǔrèn) Director Ye
    林老师 (Lín lǎoshī) Teacher Lin
    Most Chinese women continue using their maiden names even after marriage, but they may indicate their marital status by using 太太 (tàitai) or 夫人 (fūrén) with their maiden name.
    小姐 (xiǎojiě) is a polite and common form of address for a woman. An older woman can be addressed as 大姐 (dàjiě).
    If you want to address a group of people formally – for example, at a meeting – you say 女士们先生们 (nǚshìmen xiānshengmen) meaning ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ (or just 女士们 (‘Ladies’) or 先生们 (‘Gentlemen’) if the group is not mixed).
    When you are not sure about someone’s name or title, you should address him or her as 先生(xiānsheng) (Sir) or 女士(nǚshì) (Madam) or 小姐 (xiǎojiě) (Miss).

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