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Brocken bow

  • 1 佛光

    Fo2 guang1
    Buddha's teachings, aura (around the head of Buddha)
    * * *
    fó guāng
    flammule; glory; Brocken bow; anticorona
    * * *
    佛光|佛光 [Fó guāng] ► Buddha's teachings ► aura (around the head of Buddha)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 佛光

  • 2 切割

    cut metal (by lathes, etc.)
    * * *
    incise; incision
    * * *
    incise; incision
    * * *
    qie1 ge1
    to cut
    * * *
    qiē gē
    slicing; cutting; excision; dissection
    切割部分 cutting part;
    切割成齿 odontotomy;
    切割尺寸 cut lengths;
    切割磁铁 septum magnet;
    切割刀 {冶} cutoffs;
    切割吹管 {工} cutting torch;
    切割地形 {地理} dissected topography;
    切割电流 cutting current;
    切割电路 clipper circuit;
    切割电平 clipping level;
    切割放大器 clipper amplifier;
    切割高度调节杆 cutting height control;
    切割工作面 face preparation;
    切割滚筒cutting cylinder;
    切割机cutterbar;cut-off machine;slitter;
    切割晶体 sliced crystal;
    切割螺旋 cutting auger;
    切割密度 cut capacity; cut value;
    切割面 cut surface; facet;
    切割平原 dissected plain;
    切割抛物面天线 cut-parabolic antenna;
    切割气流 cutting steam;
    切割丘陵 brocken hills;
    切割时间 clipping time;
    切割容度 {数} cut capacity; cut value;
    切割砂轮 abrasive cut-off wheel;
    切割设备 cutting equipment;
    切割射流 cutting jet;
    切割术 stereotomy;
    切割挖掘机 cutter-lifter;
    切割纤维 cutting fibre;
    切割线 line of cut;
    切割修补 excision repair;
    切割用电极 cutting electrode;
    切割转盘 chopping wheel;
    切割作用 {地质} dissection
    * * *
    切割|切割 [qiē gē] ► to cut

    Chinese-English dictionary > 切割

  • 3 对华

    dui4 Hua2
    (policy etc) towards China
    * * *
    duì huá
    {天} (反日冕; 雾虹) anticorona; brocken bow
    (针对中国的) to China
    对华广播 broadcast (transmit) a radio programme to China;
    对华贸易 trade to (with) China;
    对华政策 policy on China
    * * *
    對華|对华 [duì Huá] ► (policy etc) towards China

    Chinese-English dictionary > 对华

  • 4 透明

    transparent; diaphanous
    * * *
    transparence; clarity; lucidity
    【计】 transparent
    【医】 hyal-; hyalo-; transparency
    相关词组: 半透明
    * * *
    clarity; limpidity; lucency; lucidity; transparence; transparency
    * * *
    adj. transparent, open
    * * *
    tou4 ming2
    transparent, open (non-secretive)
    * * *
    tòu míng
    transparent; vifrification; hyaline; diaphaneity; lucency:
    不透明 opaque;
    半透明 translucent;
    透明的纱巾 diaphanous veil
    透明白细胞 hyaline leucocyte;
    透明斑 speculum (pl. specula); fenestra (pl. fenestrae);
    透明板 transparent panel;
    透明杯脂 transparent cup grease;
    透明变性 {病理} hyaline degeneration; hyalinosis;
    透明玻璃灯泡 clear bulb;
    透明玻璃纸面 cellophane cover;
    透明薄冰层 black ice;
    透明薄绸 silk batiste;
    透明薄纱 gauze; sheer;
    透明薄云母片 isinglass;
    透明箔 astrafoil;
    透明材料 transparent material; craftone;
    透明材料片 cellotone sheet;
    透明彩色屏 transparent color screen;
    透明层 {组织} stratum lucidum; diaphanotheca;
    透明长袜 sheer stocking;
    透明场致发光电池 transparent DL cell;
    透明带 {组织} oolemma; zona pellucida;
    透明蛋白 hyalin; hyaline;
    透明蛋白尿 hyalinuria;
    透明蛋白原 hyalogen;
    透明灯泡 clear lamp;
    透明底板 (片) dianegative;
    透明点 brocken spectrum; {纸} shiners;
    透明冻胶 jelly;
    透明反应器 transparent reactor;
    透明方案 transparent scheme;
    透明防弹罩 bubble-top;
    透明隔 {解} septum pellucidum;
    透明观察孔线 transparent window;
    透明管型 {病理} hyaline cast;
    透明光电阴极 transparent photocathode;
    透明光度计 vitreousness photometer;
    透明哈氏变形虫 Hartmanella hyalina;
    透明坏死 hyaline necrosis; Zenker's degeneration; Zenker's necrosis;
    透明黄色 glassy yellow;
    透明剂 clarifier;
    透明胶带(纸) scotch tape;
    透明胶粘剂 transparent adhesive;
    透明胶水纸 sticker;
    透明角质 {组织} keratohyalin(e); ceratohyalin;
    透明角质颗粒 granules of keratohyalin;
    透明介质 {光} transparent medium;
    透明介质层 transparent dielectric layer;
    透明壳 {无脊椎} hyaline test;
    透明矿物 transparent mineral;
    透明量片 transparent scale;
    透明霉素 hialomycin;
    透明面纱 illusion;
    透明描图布 vellum;
    透明膜 {组织} hyaline membrane;
    透明片基 filmbase;
    透明屏(幕) transparent screen;
    透明漆 celluloid paint; clear lacquer; zapon lacquer;
    透明清漆 clear varnish;
    透明区 clear area;
    透明溶胶 vitreosol;
    透明软骨 {组织} hyaline cartilage;
    透明石膏 fraueneis;
    透明石英 suprasil; vitreous silica;
    透明水印 watermark;
    透明顺磁材料 transparent paramagnetic substance;
    透明丝绒 transparent velvet;
    透明丝织物 gazar;
    透明塑料 transparent plastic;
    透明塑料管 lucite pipe;
    透明松香 collophony; colophony;
    透明素 {生化} hyaline;
    透明台纸 astrafoil;
    透明(结晶)陶瓷 crystalline ceramics;
    透明陶瓷 transparent ceramics;
    透明体 transparent body;
    透明天球层 orb;
    透明天色石英 pebble;
    透明铁电陶瓷 transparent ferroelectric ceramics;
    透明涂料 clear dope;
    透明网 transparent network;
    透明微晶玻璃 transparent glass-ceramics;
    透明纤维组织 fibrohyaline tissue;
    透明消失 devitrification;
    透明小室 transparent chamber;
    透明颜料 transparent pigment;
    透明掩模 transparent mask; see-through mask;
    透明荧光屏 transparent cathode-ray screen;
    透明硬纱 organza;
    透明油 clean oil;
    透明釉 transparent glaze;
    透明运行方式 transparent mode of operation;
    透明皂 transparent soap;
    透明真空箱 vitreous evacuated container;
    透明正片 diapositive;
    透明纸 ice paper; cellophane paper; cellophane; glassine;
    透明状态 pellucidity; lucency
    * * *
    透明|透明 [tòu míng] ► transparent ► open (non-secretive)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 透明

  • 5 峨嵋

    é méi
    Mount Emei; Emei Mountain (in Sichuan Province)
    峨嵋宝光 brocken bow (亦称“佛光”, 太阳相对方向处的云层或雾层上围绕人影的彩色光环);
    峨嵋木荷 chilauni;
    峨嵋庄 (气功) Emei stake

    Chinese-English dictionary > 峨嵋

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