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Board wargame

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  • Board wargame — A board wargame is a wargame with a set playing surface or board, as opposed to being played on a computer, or in a more free form playing area as in miniatures games. This type of game got its start in 1954 with the publication of Tactics , and… …   Wikipedia

  • Solitaire board wargame — Board wargames in the modern, commercial sense have generally concentrated on gameplay designed for two or more participants. While playing solitaire (ie, alone) is possible with any game, it is generally done so as an exercise in analysis rather …   Wikipedia

  • Starship Troopers (board wargame) — Starship Troopers is a board wargame by Avalon Hill based on the novel of the same name by Robert A. Heinlein.cite journal|title=Open Box: Starship Troopers (review)|journal=White Dwarf|issue=1|date=June/July 1977|author=Martin… …   Wikipedia

  • Grunt (board wargame) — Grunt: The Game of Tactical Level Combat in Vietnam was a tactical level board wargame designed by John Young and released by Simulations Publications, Inc. as part of issue #26 of Strategy Tactics in 1971.The game featured three different… …   Wikipedia

  • Starfire (board wargame) — Starfire is a board wargame (a 4X, eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate) simulating space warfare and empire building in the 23rd century, created by Stephen V. Cole in 1979.tarfire editionsThe Starfire game is currently published by the… …   Wikipedia

  • Invasion America (board wargame) — Invasion: America was a wargame designed by Jim Dunnigan and published by SPI in 1976. It depicted a hypothetical invasion of North America by a coalition of three invaders. The game was played on a 35 inch by 42 inch map, with 400 cardboard… …   Wikipedia

  • Wargame (video games) — Wargames are a subgenre of strategy video games that emphasize strategic or tactical warfare on a map. Computer wargames are generally classified based on whether a game is turn based or real time and whether the game s focus is upon military… …   Wikipedia

  • Wargame — Варгейм (от англ. Wargame  военная игра)  поджанр жанра стратегии в компьютерных играх, а также целый род настольных игр. Содержание 1 Компьютерные варгеймы (PC wargames) 2 Настольные варгеймы (board wargames) …   Википедия

  • Business-wargame — Pour les articles homonymes, voir business war game, business wargame, business wargames et business wargames. Un business wargame (business wargame, sans trait d union, en anglais ou encore business war game) est un exercice collectif de… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • List of board wargames — This is a list of board wargames by historical genre (and some sub genres) showing their publication history. All games can be presumed to have been published in English unless another language is noted.Historical* The Art of Siege (Simulations… …   Wikipedia

  • Fantasy wargame — A fantasy wargame is a wargame that involves a fantastical setting, and employs rules for items such as magic and non human intelligent creatures.The rise in popularity in wargaming of the 1950s through to the 1970s largely coincided with the… …   Wikipedia

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