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An oracle

  • 1 cōnsultor

        cōnsultor ōris, m    [consulo], one who gives counsel, a counsellor, adviser: in proelio, S.: cupidine atque irā, pessumis consultoribus, grassari, S. — He who asks counsel, a consulter, client: sui: consultor ubi ostia pulsat, H.
    * * *
    consultari, consultatus sum V DEP
    consult, go for/ask/take counsel; consult oracle/astrologer
    adviser, counselor, one who gives counsel; client/one who asks (lawyer/oracle)

    Latin-English dictionary > cōnsultor

  • 2 carmen

        carmen inis, n    [1 CAS-], a song, poem, verse, oracular response, prophecy, form of incantation, tune, air, lay, strain, note, sound (vocal or instrumental): canentes carmina, L.: Carmine vocali clarus, O.: lyrae, Pr.: per me concordant carmina nervis, O.: ferale, V.: cygnorum, O.: citharā carmina divides, H.: barbaricum, O. — Esp., a composition in verse, poem, poetry, verse, song: cantūs et carmina, melodies and words: Maeonii carminis alite, H.: tragicum, H.: carmina Livi, H.: Lydis remixto carmine tibiis, H.: famosum, abusive, H.: canere, to compose: pueris canto, H.: condere, H.: contexere: fingere, H.: docere, H.: ad umbilicum adducere, H. — Lyric poetry: Carmine tu gaudes, hic delectatur iambis, H.: Carmina compono, hic elegos, H. — A poetic inscription: carminibus templorum aditūs exornare: tumulo superaddite carmen, V.—A passage from a poem, poetical extract: audiens tam grande carmen: Euripideum illud.—An oracular response, prophecy, prediction: Cumaeum, V.: in libris Sibyllinis, L.—A charm, incantation: Carminibus Circe socios mutavit Ulixi, V.: veneficae Scientioris, H.: Auxiliare, O.—A form of speech, ceremonial phrase, formula (in religious or legal observances): quae (verba) longo effata carmine, L.: diro quodam carmine iurare, L.: cruciatūs carmina: lex horrendi carminis erat, of a dreadful form, L.: Appii Caeci carmen, a proverbial saying: magistri, a school-task for the memory: sacrum, L.
    * * *
    card for wool/flax
    song/music; poem/play; charm; prayer, incantation, ritual/magic formula; oracle

    Latin-English dictionary > carmen

  • 3 consulans

    those (pl.) who seek advice (from lawyer/oracle)

    Latin-English dictionary > consulans

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