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    ar. In the phrase eldain a fírimoin “to Elves and Men” (FS), ar is seemingly reduced to a before f, but contrast ar formenna *“and northwards” in VT49:26. (In Sauron Defeated p. ii, the word o is translated "and", but LotR, Silm and Etym all agree that the Quenya word for "and" is ar. A longer variant arë is mentioned in VT43:31.) A suffix meaning "and", -yë, occurs in the phrase Menel Cemenyë "heaven and earth" (VT47:11); this suffix is "normally used of pairs usually associated as Sun, Moon [*Anar Isilyë]; Heaven, Earth [Menel Cemenyë], Land, Sea [*Nór Eäryë], fire, water [*úr nenyë]" (VT47:31). AND YET a-nanta/ananta (but yet) –AR/Nam/FS, VT43:31, NDAN; the etymology of ar is discussed in VT47:31

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