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A level

  • 1 level

    ['levl] 1. noun
    1) (height, position, strength, rank etc: The level of the river rose; a high level of intelligence.) 水位,級
    2) (a horizontal division or floor: the third level of the multi-storey car park.)
    3) (a kind of instrument for showing whether a surface is level: a spirit level.) 水準儀
    4) (a flat, smooth surface or piece of land: It was difficult running uphill but he could run fast on the level.) 平地
    2. adjective
    1) (flat, even, smooth or horizontal: a level surface; a level spoonful (= an amount which just fills the spoon to the top of the sides).) 平的
    2) (of the same height, standard etc: The top of the kitchen sink is level with the window-sill; The scores of the two teams are level.) 同水平的
    3) (steady, even and not rising or falling much: a calm, level voice.) 平穩的
    3. verb
    1) (to make flat, smooth or horizontal: He levelled the soil.) 把...弄平
    2) (to make equal: His goal levelled the scores of the two teams.) 使同等, 拉平
    3) ((usually with at) to aim (a gun etc): He levelled his pistol at the target.) 把...對準
    4) (to pull down: The bulldozer levelled the block of flats.) 夷平
    - level crossing
    - level-headed
    - do one's level best
    - level off
    - level out
    - on a level with
    - on the level

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  • 2 level

    level level noun ›› AMOUNT 数量 1. the amount of sth that exists in a particular situation at a particular time • (某时某情况下存在的)数量,程度,浓度:
    »a test that checks the level of alcohol in the blood
    »a relatively low / high level of crime
    »low / high pollution levels
    »Profits were at the same level as the year before.
    ›› STANDARD 标准 2. [C, U] a particular standard or quality • 标准;水平;质量;品级:
    »a high level of achievement
    »a computer game with 15 levels
    * 15 级的电脑游戏
    »What is the level of this course?
    »He studied French to degree level.
    »Both players are on a level (= of the same standard).
    »I refuse to sink to their level (= behave as badly as them).
    --› see also A level, entry-level ›› RANK IN SCALE 级别 3. [U, C] a position or rank in a scale of size or importance • 层次;级别:
    »a decision taken at board level
    »Discussions are currently being held at national level.
    ›› POINT OF VIEW 观察的角度 4. a particular way of looking at, reacting to or understanding sth • 看待(或应对、理解)事物的方式:
    »On a more personal level, I would like to thank Jean for all the help she has given me.
    »Fables can be understood on various levels.
    ›› HEIGHT 高度 5. [C, U] the height of sth in relation to the ground or to what it used to be • (与地面或过去位置相对的)高度:
    »the level of water in the bottle
    »The cables are buried one metre below ground level.
    »The floodwater nearly reached roof level.
    »The tables are not on a level (= the same height).
    --› see also eye level, sea level ›› FLOOR / LAYER 楼层;层面 6. a floor of a building; a layer of ground • 楼层;地层:
    »The library is all on one level.
    »Archaeologists found pottery in the lowest level of the site.
    »a multi-level parking lot
    --› see also split-level ›› TOOL 工具 7. = spirit level 【IDIOMS】 on the ˈlevel ( NAmE also on the ˌup and ˈup) (informal) • honest; legal • 诚实;诚恳;合法;正当 【SYN】 above board:
    »Iˈm not convinced heˈs on the level.
    »Are you sure this deal is on the level?
    adj. ›› FLAT 平坦 1. having a flat surface that does not slope • 平的;平坦的:
    »Pitch the tent on level ground.
    »Add a level tablespoon of flour (= enough to fill the spoon but not so much that it goes above the level of the top edge of the spoon).
    --› compare heaped ›› EQUAL 相等 2. level (with sth) having the same height, position, value, etc. as sth • 等高的;地位相同的;价值相等的:
    »Are these pictures level?
    »This latest rise is intended to keep wages level with inflation.
    »She drew level with (= came beside) the police car.
    3. level (with sb) ( especially BrE) (sport 体) having the same score as sb • 得分相同:
    »A good second round brought him level with the tournament leader.
    »France took an early lead but Wales soon drew level (= scored the same number of points).
    ›› VOICE / LOOK 声音;目光 4. not showing any emotion; steady • 平静的;冷静的;平稳的 【SYN】 even:
    »a level gaze
    --› see also levelly be ˌlevel ˈpegging ( BrE) • having the same score • 势均力敌;不分胜负:
    »The contestants were level pegging after round 3.
    参赛选手在第 3 轮以后成绩不相上下。
    do / try your level ˈbest (to do sth) • to do as much as you can to try to achieve sth • 尽自己最大的努力;竭尽全力;全力以赴 a ˌlevel ˈplaying field • a situation in which everyone has the same opportunities • 人人机会均等 verb (-ll- ( NAmE -l-) ›› MAKE FLAT 使平坦 1. [VN] level sth (off / out) to make sth flat or smooth • 使平坦;使平整:
    »If youˈre laying tiles, the floor will need to be levelled first.
    ›› DESTROY 摧毁 2. [VN] to destroy a building or a group of trees completely by knocking it down • 摧毁,夷平(建筑物或树木) 【SYN】 raze:
    »The blast levelled several buildings in the area.
    ›› MAKE EQUAL 使相等 3. to make sth equal or similar • 使相等;使平等;使相似 ▪ [VN]
    »( BrE) Davies levelled the score at 2 all.
    戴维斯把比分拉成 2:2 平。
    ▪ [also V] ›› POINT 瞄准 4. [VN] level sth (at sb) to point sth, especially a gun, at sb • (尤指用枪)瞄准,对准:
    »I had a gun levelled at my head.
    ˌlevel the ˈplaying field • to create a situation where everyone has the same opportunities • 创造人人机会均等的局面 【PHR V】 ˈlevel sth against / at sb • to say publicly that sb is to blame for sth, especially a crime or a mistake • (尤指某人因犯罪或错误而受到)公开指责,谴责:
    »The speech was intended to answer the charges levelled against him by his opponents.
    ˌlevel sth∽ˈdown • to make standards, amounts, etc. be of the same low or lower level • 使(标准、数量等)降至同等水平;使降至更低水平:
    »Teachers are accused of levelling standards down to suit the needs of less able students.
    ˌlevel ˈoff / ˈout 1. to stop rising or falling and remain horizontal • (停止升降而)保持水平:
    »The plane levelled off at 1 500 feet.
    飞机在 1 500 英尺的高空保持水平飞行。
    »After the long hill, the road levelled out.
    2. to stay at a steady level of development or progress after a period of sharp rises or falls • (经过急剧的涨落后)保持平稳发展:
    »Sales have levelled off after a period of rapid growth.
    ˌlevel sth∽ˈup • to make standards, amounts, etc. be of the same high or higher level • 把(标准、数量等)拉平;使达到更高水平 ˈlevel with sb (informal) • to tell sb the truth and not hide any unpleasant facts from them • 对某人说实话;直言相告
    * * *
    n. 水平, 水平面, 水準, 標準, 級別
    adj. 同高的, 平坦的, 齊平的, 水平的
    vt. 使...水平, 夷平, 使同等, 瞄準, 對准
    vi. 變平, 拉平

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  • 3 level

    ['lɛvl] 1. adj
    1) (flat) 平的 [píng de]

    The floor is quite level. — 地板很平。

    2) ( CULIN) [+ spoonful] 平的 [píng de]
    3) (at same height) 一样高的 [yīyàng gāo de]

    The tree tops are level with the roof. — 树冠与屋顶一样高。

    Amy knelt down so that their eyes were level. — 艾米蹲下身子,这样他们可以平视对方。

    4) (in points, goals etc) 平的 [píng de]

    The teams were level at the end of extra time. — 加时赛结束时,两队比分平了。

    2. adv

    * to draw level with — (esp BRIT) [+ person, vehicle] 与...平齐 [yǔ...píngqí]; [+ team, opponent] 与...比分拉平 [yǔ...bǐfēn lāpíng]

    3. n; c
    1) (amount, degree) (on scale) 程度 [chéngdù]
    2) (standard) 水平 [shuǐpíng]

    The general level of training was not high. — 培训的总体水平不高。

    3) (height) [of lake, river] 水位 [shuǐwèi]

    The level of the lake continues to rise. — 湖水的水位继续上升。

    4. vt
    (flatten) [+ building, forest etc] 把...弄平 [bǎ...nòngpíng]

    Tractors levelled more than 1000 acres of forest. — 拖拉机将1000多英亩的森林夷为平地。

    5. vi

    * to level with sb — ( inf) 对某人开诚布公 [duì mǒurén kāi chéng bù gōng]

    * to be level with — (esp BRIT) [+ person, vehicle] 与...平齐; [+ team, opponent] 与...并驾齐驱

    * at eye/waist etc level — 在与眼/腰平齐的位置

    He held the gun at waist level. — 他把枪端在与腰平齐的位置上。

    * to be on the level — ( inf) [+ plan etc] 真实可信; [+ person] 诚恳

    * to level the score — (SPORT) 扳平比分

    * to level an accusation/a criticism at or against sb — 指控/批评某人

    * to level a gun at sb — 把枪对准某人

    * to do one's level best — 全力以赴

    Phrasal Verbs:

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  • 4 level up

    v. 平整

    English-Chinese dictionary > level up

  • 5 level


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  • 6 level


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  • 7 level

    程度,地位,级,级别 ;n.标准

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  • 8 level

    水准, 水平

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    水准仪, 水平仪;水准

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    水平面, 水准, 水准仪;水平, 平巷

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    * * *
    水平, 能级

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    水准, 水准仪

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  • 20 O level

    O level ˈO level (also ˈordinary level) noun [C, U] • (in England and Wales in the past) an exam in a particular subject, at a lower level than A level, usually taken at the age of 16. In 1988 it was replaced by the GCSE. • 普通证书考试(过去英格兰、威尔士对某科目的考试,低于高级证书考试,通常在 16 岁时参加。1988 年被普通中等教育证书 (GCSE) 取代):
    »O level French
    »She took one subjects at O level.
    »Heˈs got an O level in Russian.
    --› compare GCE
    * * *
    n. 普通程度

    English-Chinese dictionary > O level

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