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  • Person Centred Planning — Person Centered Planning(PCP) is a process designed to assist someone to make plans for their future. It is used most often as a life planning model to enable individuals with disabilities or otherwise requiring support to increase their personal …   Wikipedia

  • Person-to-person lending — (also known as peer to peer lending, peer to peer investing, and social lending; abbreviated frequently as P2P lending) is a certain breed of financial transaction (primarily lending and borrowing, though other more complicated transactions can… …   Wikipedia

  • Person — Per son, n. [OE. persone, persoun, person, parson, OF. persone, F. personne, L. persona a mask (used by actors), a personage, part, a person, fr. personare to sound through; per + sonare to sound. See {Per }, and cf. {Parson}.] 1. A character or… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Person-centered therapy — Intervention MeSH D009629 …   Wikipedia

  • Person-centered psychotherapy — Person Centered Therapy (PCT), also known as Client centered therapy or Rogerian Psychotherapy, was developed by the humanist psychologist Carl Rogers in the 1940s and 1950s. The basic elements of Rogerian therapy involve showing congruence… …   Wikipedia

  • Person-fit analysis — is a technique for determining if the person s results on a given test are valid.The purpose of a person fit analysis is to detect item score vectors that are unlikely given a hypothesized test theory model such as item response theory, or… …   Wikipedia

  • Person (disambiguation) — Person may refer to: *Person, any of various established definitions of personhood; people is often used in English as the suppletive plural of person *Grammatical person, concerning the ways in which languages address people and describe their… …   Wikipedia

  • Person-centered ethnography — is an approach within psychological anthropology that draws on techniques and theories from psychiatry and psychoanalysis to understand how individuals relate to and interact with their sociocultural context. The term was first used by Robert I.… …   Wikipedia

  • Person L — is a band fronted by Kenny Vasoli, formerly of pop punk band The Starting Line (currently on hiatus). Kenny Vasoli is the band s lead singer and guitarist. Person L was formed in the winter of 2006 as an outlet for Vasoli to explore other musical …   Wikipedia

  • Person of Indian Origin Card — (PIO Card) is a form of identification issued to a Person of Indian Origin who hold a passport in another country other than Pakistan and Bangladesh.Other conditions are: # person at any time held an Indian passport or; # person s parents or… …   Wikipedia

  • Person Colby Cheney — (* 25. Februar 1828 in Holderness, Grafton County, New Hampshire; † 19. Juni 1901 in Dover, New Hampshire) war ein US amerikanischer Politiker und von 1875 bis 1877 Gouverneur von New Hampshire. Zwischen 1886 und 1887 vertrat er diesen… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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