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3-way catalytic reactor

  • 1 催化反应器

    【化】 catalytic reactor

    Chinese-English dictionary > 催化反应器

  • 2 多层催化反应器

    【化】 multistorey catalytic reactor

    Chinese-English dictionary > 多层催化反应器

  • 3 微型催化反应器

    【化】 micro catalytic reactor

    Chinese-English dictionary > 微型催化反应器

  • 4 自触媒反应

    【电】 auto catalytic reactor

    Chinese-English dictionary > 自触媒反应

  • 5 way

    [weɪ] 1. n
    1) c (route) 路 [lù]

    A man asked me the way to St Paul's. — 有一个人问我去圣保罗教堂的路怎么走。

    2) c (path, access) 路线 [lùxiàn]

    This is the way in. — 这是进来的路线。

    3) s (distance) 距离 [jùlí]

    We've a fair way to go yet. — 我们还颇有一段距离要走。

    4) c (direction) 方向 [fāngxiàng]

    Which way did she go? — 她朝哪个方向去了?

    5) c (manner) 方式 [fāngshì]

    Do you like the way he dealt with the problem? — 你喜欢他处理这个问题的方式吗?

    She smiled in a friendly way. — 她友好地笑了笑。

    6) c (method) 方法 [fāngfǎ]
    2. adv
    (far, a lot) 远远地 [yuǎnyuǎn de]

    He was way behind. — 他远远落在了后面。

    We'll have to decide way in advance. — 我们得早早地提前作决定。

    3. ways; n pl
    (habits) 习俗 [xísú]

    * "which way?" - "this way" — "往哪边?" "这边"

    * on the way — 在路上

    * to be on one's way — 在途中

    * to fight one's way through a crowd — 费劲地挤过人群

    * to keep out of sb's way — 别去惹某人

    * it's a long way away — 离这儿很远

    * all the way/most of the way/half the way — 完全地/大部分地/一半地

    * to go out of one's way to do sth — 不辞辛苦地做某事

    * to be in the way — 挡道的

    * out of the way — (finished) 解决掉的; (secluded) 偏远的

    * to lose one's way — 迷路

    * under way — (activity, project etc) 在进行中

    * the way back — 回去的路

    * to make way (for sb/sth) — 让位(给某人/某物)

    * to get one's (own) way, have one's (own) way — 自主行事

    * to give way — (break, collapse) 倒塌; (stop resisting) 屈服

    * the right/wrong way up — ( BRIT) 正面/反面朝上

    * the wrong way round — ( BRIT) 刚好相反

    * he's in a bad way — ( inf) 他健康状况不佳

    * you can't have it both ways — 你不能两者兼得

    * to have a way of doing sth — 善于做某事

    * in a way — 在某种程度上

    * in some ways — 在某些方面

    * no way! — ( inf) 没门!

    * by the way... — 顺便提一下...

    * "way in" — ( BRIT) "入口"

    * "way out" — ( BRIT) "出口"

    * "give way" — ( BRIT) "减速让车"

    * way of life — 生活方式

    * do it this way — 这么做

    * I had no idea you felt that way (about it) — 我不知道你(对这事)是那样想的

    Chinese-English dictionary > way

  • 6 catalytic converter

    ( AUT); n; c
    催化转化器 [cuīhuà zhuǎnhuà qì]

    Chinese-English dictionary > catalytic converter

  • 7 one-way

    1) [+ street, traffic] 单行的 [dānxíng de]
    2) [+ ticket, trip] 单程的 [dānchéng de]

    Chinese-English dictionary > one-way

  • 8 out-of-the-way

    1) (remote) [+ place] 偏僻的 [piānpì de]
    2) (little-known) 不知名的 [bù zhīmíng de]

    Chinese-English dictionary > out-of-the-way

  • 9 reactor

    n; c
    反应器 [fǎnyìngqì]

    Chinese-English dictionary > reactor

  • 10 right of way

    n; c
    1) (public path) 通行权 [tōngxíngquán]
    2) ( AUT) (priority) 先行权 [xiānxíngquán]

    Chinese-English dictionary > right of way

  • 11 两用

    dual purpose
    * * *
    liang3 yong4
    * * *
    liǎng yòng
    dual purpose
    两用铲 convertible shovel;
    两用车 convertible car;
    两用车辆 convertible vehicle;
    两用车胎 mopeds;
    两用代谢途径 amphibolic pathway;
    两用电动机 dual-purpose motor;
    两用电键 combined key;
    两用吊盘 {采矿} Galloway sinking and walling stage; sinking and walling scaffold;
    两用发射机 dual transmitter;
    两用反应堆 {核} dual-purpose reactor;
    两用飞机导弹 dual-purpose aerial missile;
    两用钢 duplex iron;
    两用航空火箭 dual-purpose rocket;
    两用键 combined key;
    两用炉 dual-purpose stove;
    两用炮 gun-launcher;
    两用钳 gripping tongs;
    两用枪套 holster stock;
    两用人材 dual-purpose personnel; a military-civilian man;
    两用沙发 convertible couch;
    两用衫 reversible jacket;
    两用条播机 dual-purpose drill (平播与沟播);
    两用拖网渔船 dual-purpose trawler;
    两用雨衣 reversible raincoat;
    两用元件 dual component;
    两用账户 two-way account
    * * *
    兩用|两用 [liǎng yòng] dual-use

    Chinese-English dictionary > 两用

  • 12 开关

    * * *
    on-off; stopcock; switch
    【计】 disjunctor; S; SW; switch
    【化】 switch
    【医】 switch
    相关词组: 拉线开关
    * * *
    on-off; switch
    * * *
    n. power switch, switch
    * * *
    kai1 guan1
    power switch, to open a gate
    * * *
    kāi guān
    circuit changer; derail; disjunctor; on-off; make-and-break key; switch; button:
    分档开关 step switch;
    双向开关 a two-way switch;
    通断开关 on-off switch;
    闸刀开关 knife switch;
    Q 开关 Q-switching
    开关按钮 shift knob; switch knob; switching push-button;
    开关把手 switch handle;
    开关板 shifter plate; switch plate;
    开关保险丝 switch-fuse;
    开关保险销 blade latch;
    开关臂 switch arm;
    开关变数 switching variable;
    开关辨识器 switch identifier;
    开关标识符(志) switch identifier;
    开关表 switch list;
    开关部件 switch block;
    开关残余压降 switch offset voltage;
    开关厂 switchgear plant;
    开关操纵杆 {电} switch lever;
    开关操纵继电器 switching relay;
    开关操作 switching manipulation; switching; connecting;
    开关操作循环 switching cycle;
    开关测量器 on-off gauge;
    开关插入 switch insertion;
    开关常数 switching constant (开关时间与磁场强度的比值);
    开关触点电流 current-on contact;
    开关存储器 {计} switch storage;
    开关磁芯 switching core; switch core;
    开关代数 switching algebra;
    开关灯头 switch socket;
    开关点 switching point;
    开关电弧 switching arc;
    开关电抗器 {电磁} switching reactor;
    开关电流 switching current;
    开关电路 on-off circuit; switched circuit; switching circuit;
    开关电位器 potentiometer with switch;
    开关电子管 nomotron;
    开关电阻箱 switch resistance box;
    开关动作 switch motion; on-off action;
    开关二极管 switching diode;
    开关发送 contact sending;
    开关阀 switch valve;
    开关反常电压 switching abnormal voltage;
    开关方式 on-off mode;
    开关放大器 switching amplifier;
    开关构件 switching member;
    开关管 switching tube;
    开关柜 switch cubicle;
    开关过程 switching process;
    开关函数 {电子} switch function; switching function;
    开关合并 switching combining;
    开关盒 switch box; switchgear cabinet;
    开关换向力矩 reversal torque of switch;
    开关机构 switching mechanism;
    开关基因 switch gene;
    开关计算机 switching computer;
    开关寄存器{计} SR (switch regisiter);
    开关架 switch frame;
    开关间隔 switch gap;
    开关尖峰(脉冲) switching spike;
    开关键 make and break key;
    开关角 {光} switching angle;
    开关晶体管 switch transistor; switching transistor;
    开关矩形比 switching squareness ratio;
    开关矩阵 switch matrix;
    开关控制 on-off control; off-on control;
    开关控制器 on-off controller;
    开关控制系统 on-off control system;
    开关浪涌电压 switching abnormal voltage;
    开关理论 {电子} switching theorem;switching theory;
    开关漏泄电流 switch leakage current;
    开关脉冲 switching pulse;
    开关帽 deflating cap;
    开关门电路 logical gate; switching gate;
    开关命令 switch command;
    开关命名符 switch designator;
    开关屏 switchboard; switching;
    开关器件 switching device; switching element;
    开关曲线 switching curve; switching line;
    开关容量 contact capacity;
    开关熔丝 switch-fuse;
    开关设备 controller; switch apparatus; switchgear; switch plant;
    开关时间 switch time; switching time;
    开关时间比 on-off time ratio;
    开关时间常数 {电工} switching constant; switching time constant;
    开关输入 switching input;
    开关树 switch tree;
    开关衰减器 {电子} switching pad;
    开关双极晶体管 switching bipolar transistor;
    开关说明 switching declaration;
    开关伺服机构 on-off servomechanism; on-off servosystem; on-off;
    开关速度 switching speed; switching rate;
    开关随动机构 on-off servo mechanism;
    开关损耗 switching loss;
    开关台 switch-desk; benchboard; switchdesk;
    开关特性 switching characteristic;
    开关调节 open-and-shut control;
    开关调节器 switching regulator;
    开关调温器 on-off thermostat;
    开关调整器 switch adjuster; switch modulator;
    开关同步误差 switch-timing error;
    开关投入程序 sequence of switches;
    开关网络 switching network;
    开关温度 switch temperature;
    开关稳压器 switching regulator;
    开关系列 {电工} switch train;
    开关系数 switching coefficient;
    开关系统 switching system; on-off system;
    开关小间 {电} cubicle;
    开关线相位码 switched-line phase bit;
    开关箱 {电工} switch-box; cabinet switch;
    开关信号 switching signal; switching pad;
    开关旋轮 star wheel;
    开关选择子句 chooser-choice-clause;
    开关延迟 switching delay;
    开关油 circuit-breaker oil;
    开关油箱 switch tank;
    开关元件 switch element; switching element; on-off element;
    开关越程 {电工} switch over-travel;
    开关运算放大器 {计} switched operational amplifier;
    开关罩 switch cover;
    开关闸刀 {设计} switchblade knife; knife of switch; switch blade;
    开关站 switching station;
    开关振荡器 switching oscillator;
    开关指令 {计} switch order;
    开关制动销 switch-stop;
    开关滞后 switching hysteresis;
    开关转臂 switch arm;
    开关装置 switching device (gear); {工} switching mechanism; switchgear; switch(ing) unit; switchyard; switching equipment;
    开关准则 switching criterion;
    开关阻抗 {电工} hindrance;
    开关组 switching group;
    开关组合 switch combination;
    开关作用 on-off action
    * * *
    開關|开关 [kāi guān] power switch to open a gate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 开关

  • 13 循环

    circulate; cycle, recurring; circulation
    * * *
    cycle; recur; circle; rotate; circulation; repetition; revolution
    【计】 DO-loop; for-loop; loop; unwinding
    【化】 recirculate
    【医】 circuIation; cycle
    【经】 cycle; revolving; rotation
    相关词组: 恶性循环
    * * *
    Cyc; circle; circulate; circulation; cycle; recurrence; repetition; whirligig
    * * *
    adj. circulating
    n. cycle, circulation, cycling, recurrence, circle, loop
    * * *
    xun2 huan2
    to cycle, to circulate, circle, loop
    * * *
    xún huán
    circulate; circle; round; repeat; loop; period; recurrence; cycling; circulating; mixing; circulation; rotation; recursion:
    循环不息 move in endless cycles;
    恶性循环 vicious circle;
    四季的循环 the cycle of the seasons;
    血液循环 blood circulation;
    体外循环 extracorporal circulation;
    四程循环{机} four stroke cycle
    循环报表 cycle billing;
    循环悖论 recurrence paradox;
    循环本体 loop body;
    循环泵 circulator; circulating pump;
    循环比 recycle ratio;
    循环变换 cyclical-transformation;
    循环变换器 cycloconverter;
    循环变量 cyclic variable;
    循环表 cycle list;
    循环表示 cyclic representation;
    循环不定状态 race-around condition;
    循环操作 {化工} cycling; looperation; looping execution;
    循环槽 circulating slot;
    循环乘积码 cyclic product code;
    循环齿链 jack chain;
    循环传送 cyclic transfer;
    循环磁带 cyclic tape; endless tape;
    循环磁带放音机 tefiphone;
    循环磁带录音机 endless tape recorder;
    循环磁化 cyclic magnetization;
    循环磁滞 rotational hysteresis;
    循环磁状态 cyclic magnetic condition;
    循环次数 cycle-index;
    循环次数计数器 {自} cycle index counter;
    循环次序 circular order; cyclic order;
    循环存储 circulating memory;
    循环存储器 cyclic storage; cyclic memory; circulating storage; cyclic store; circulating store; circulating memory; recirculating store; cycle storage;
    循环电路 cycling circuit;
    循环调度 round-robin scheduling;
    循环定压力压法 follow-up pressure process;
    循环对称 cyclosymmetry;
    循环二进码 cyclic binary code;
    循环二进制单位间距码 cyclic binary unit-distance code;
    循环二进制码 {自} cyclic binary code;
    循环法 round-robin method;
    循环方程 cyclic equation;
    循环防止 prevention of cycling;
    循环废钢铁 circulating scrap;
    循环风机 circulating fan;
    循环复位 cycle reset;
    循环公式 recurrent formula;
    循环购买 circular buying;
    循环关系 recurrence relation;
    循环规则 cycline rule;
    循环锅炉 combined-circulation once-through boiler;
    循环过程 {热} cycle; cyclic process;
    循环行列式 cyclic determinant; recurrent determinant; circulant;
    循环恒等式 cyclic identity;
    循环换流器 cycloconverter;
    循环回路 circulation loop;
    循环混合 recycle mixing;
    循环基金 revolving fund;
    循环机能减弱 hyposphxia;
    循环积分器 cyclic integrator;
    循环集 cycle set;
    循环寄存器 circulating register;
    循环计时器 cycle timer;
    循环计数 cycle count;
    循环计数器 cycle counter;
    循环记录 cycle index;
    循环加速器 cyclic accelerator;
    循环检查程序 loop checker;
    循环检索 chaining search;
    循环检验 circular test; cyclical test;
    循环交换 revolving swaps;
    循环校验 cyclic check;
    循环节 loop body; recurring period
    (循环小数的); (首尾)循环借位 end-around borrow;
    循环进位 end-around carry shift; chain carry;
    循环矩阵 circular matrix; cyclic matrix;
    循环控制 cycle control;
    循环控制装置 cycler;
    循环扩张 cyclic extention;
    循环利用 cyclic utilization;
    循环连分数 periodic continued fraction; recurring continued fraction;
    循环量子 fluxoid;
    循环流动 circulatory flow; circular flow;
    循环流化床 recirculating fluidized bed;
    循环流体 circulating fluid;
    循环录音 endless track sound recording;
    循环论 theory of cycle;
    循环滤波器 recursive filter;
    循环滤油器 circulating oil strainer;
    循环孪生 cyclic twinning;
    循环码 cyclic code; reflected code; modified binary code; chain code;
    循环酶 cyclophorase;
    循环幂级数 recurring power progression; recurring power series;
    循环模 cyclic module; module of cycles;
    循环模数转换器 circulation AD converter;
    循环排队网络 cyclic queuing network;
    循环排列 circular permutation; cyclic permutation; cyclic queues;
    循环盘存(盘点) cycle inventory; cycle count;
    循环判定 cycle criterion;
    循环判据 cycle-criterion;
    循环器 circulator; recirculator; circulizer;
    循环气冷电动机 air-to-air cooled motor;
    循环球式转向器 recirculating ball-type steering;
    循环区 {冶} race way;
    循环曲线 cyclic curve;
    循环群 cyclic (cyclical) group;
    循环燃料反应堆 {核子} circulating fuel reactor;
    循环润滑 circulating lubricating;
    循环冗余码校验 {自} cyclic redundancy check (CRC);
    循环冗余码符号 cyclic redundancy check character;
    循环冗余码检验 cyclic redundancy check;
    循环入口 loop head;
    循环赛 round robin match;
    循环扫描 scan round; scan-round;
    循环色谱法 recycle chromatography;
    循环时间 cycle time; cycling time;
    循环时期 cyclostage;
    循环寿命 cycle life;
    循环数码 cyclic-digit code;
    循环数模转换器 cyclic DA converter;
    循环水 vadose (recirculating) water;
    循环水泵 water circulating pump;
    循环水槽 circulating water chennel;
    循环算法 round-robin algorithm;
    循环缩减法 cyclic reduction method;
    循环提升磨 double rotor mills;
    循环体 loop body;
    循环调整cyclic adjustment;
    循环停机{自} loop stop; stop loop;
    循环同步 around synchronization;
    循环退火 cycle annealing;
    循环网络 recirculating network;
    循环微波激射器 circulator maser;
    循环文件 circular file;
    循环系统 cyclic system; recycle system; system circulatorium;
    循环系统疾病 circulation system diseases;
    循环相关 circular correlation;
    循环小数 repeater; circulator; circulating decimal; periodic decimal; periodical fraction; recurring decimal; repeating decimal;
    循环效率 cycle efficieny;
    循环信用证(状) revolving credit; revolving letter of credit;
    循环型态 cyclic pattern;
    循环序向 cyclic ordering;
    循环训练 circuit training;
    循环盐 cyclic salt;
    循环延迟选择器 cycle delay selector;
    循环遥测 cyclic telemetering;
    循环一体化 circular integration;
    循环移位 shift cycle; circular shift; cyclic shift; nonarithmetic shift; end-around shift; end-around-carry shift; ring shift;
    循环优先数 rotation priority;
    循环油 recycle oil;
    循环语句 {计} Do statement; for statement; for-loop (ALGOL用);
    循环语句组 DO-group;
    循环域 range of a loop;
    循环约化法 cyclic reduction method;
    循环运行 circular flow;
    循环载荷 cyclic loading;
    循环再补给 {军} recurring issue;
    (血液)循环障碍 dyshaemia; dyshemia; dysemia;
    循环障碍性缺氧 stagnant anoxia;
    循环诊断算法 cyclic diagnosis algorithm;
    循环整流器 cyclorectifier;
    循环执行 looping execution;
    循环指标 cycle indicator;
    循环指令 recursion instruction; loop command;
    循环指针 cycle index;
    循环置换 cyclic permutation;
    循环置换标题索引 permuted-title index; permutation idex;
    循环制碱法 cyclic process soda production;
    循环制约 cyclic constraint;
    循环状态 recurrent state;
    循环准则 cycle criterion;
    循环子句 {计} for clause;
    循环子空间 cyclic subspace;
    循环坐标 cyclic coordinate
    * * *
    循環|循环 [xún huán] to cycle to circulate circle loop

    Chinese-English dictionary > 循环

  • 14 直流

    direct current
    【计】 DC
    【化】 cocurrent; continuous current; direct current
    相关词组: 直流电
    * * *
    direct current
    * * *
    adj. direct current
    * * *
    zhi2 liu2
    to flow directly, direct current (D.C.)
    * * *
    zhí liú
    direct-current (DC); constant current; steady current; continuous current; zero-frequency current; unidirectional flow
    直流安培计 DC ammeter;
    直流板阻 DC plate resistance;
    直流饱和电抗器 direct-current saturable reactor;
    直流泵 {机} straightway pump;
    直流变电所 DC substation;
    直流变换机 DC converter;
    直流变换器 {电工} DC converter (direct-current converter); DC transformer;
    直流变换器用变压器 DC converter transformer;
    直流变流器 DC transformer;
    直流变压器 {电工} commutator transformer; D. C. potential transformer; direct-current transformer;
    直流标准电压发生器 DC standard voltage generator;
    直流补偿电路 DC offset circuit;
    直流补偿器 DC compensator;
    直流布线 DC wiring;
    直流部分 direct current component;
    直流测功机 direct current dynamometer;
    直流测量 DC measurement;
    直流测速发电机 DC tachometer generator;
    直流插入级 {电子} direct-current inserter;
    直流超高压装置 D. C. superhigh voltage equipment;
    直流成分 DC component;
    直流充电 DC charging;
    直流触发器 DC flip-flop; direct-current trigger;
    直流传输 {讯} direct current transmission; DC transmission;
    直流串励电动机 D. C. series motor;
    直流磁电机 direct-current magneto;
    直流导电率 DC conductivity;
    直流等离子体板 varisymbol;
    直流低压继电器 D. C. undervoltage relay;
    直流抵消电路 DC offset circuit;
    直流电报{讯} direct-current telegraphy;
    直流电表 {电工} DC meter;
    直流电场 DC electric field; DC field;
    直流电磁泵 direct-current electromagnetic pump;
    直流电磁继电器 dirct current electromagnetic relay;
    直流电导 DC conductance;
    直流电动发电机 DC motor-generator;
    直流电动功率计 DC electrodynamometer;
    直流电动机 {电工} direct-current motor; D. C. motor;
    直流电动机传动 D. C. motor driving;
    直流电动势 {电工} direct electromotive force; D. C. electromotive force;
    直流电法勘探 D.C. method;
    直流电焊发电机 dc welding generator;
    直流电焊机 dc welding machine;
    直流电弧 direct-current arc; D. C. arc;
    直流电弧焊 eletronic arc welding;
    直流电弧焊接 direct-current arc welding;
    直流电弧炉 direct current electric arc furnace;
    直流电机 continuous current dynamo; direct-current dynamo; direct-current machine;
    直流电力机车 continuous current locomotive; D. C. electric locomotive; direct-current locomotive;
    直流电解电容器 {电工} DC electrolytic condenser;
    直流电疗法 galvanism;
    直流电流计 DC galvanometer;
    直流电流增益 DC current gain;
    直流电路 DC circuit; direct-current circuit;
    直流电码 DC code;
    直流电平 DC level; direct-current level (校准无线电遥测的);
    直流电桥 direct-current bridge (D. C. bridge);
    直流电试 direct-current experiment;
    直流电位 DC potential;
    直流电位计(差计) DC potentiometer;
    直流电压 constant voltage; direct-current voltage; direct voltage; D. C. voltage; volts DC;
    直流电压表 D. C. voltmeter;
    直流电压,基准及检定设备 DC voltage, standard and calibrating equipment;
    直流电压继电器 DC voltage relay;
    直流电源 {电工} direct-current power supply; direct-current main; direct-current source; direct supply;
    直流电装置 DC plant;
    直流电阻 DC resistance;
    直流电阻充电 DC resistance charging;
    直流动圈式仪表 DC moving coil meter;
    直流动态电阻 dynamic DC resistance;
    直流二探针法 DC two point probe method;
    直流发电机 DC generator; direct current generator; constant-current generator; continuous current generator;
    直流发电机电枢 dynamo armature;
    直流发射 direct-current emission;
    直流阀 straight-way valve;
    直流反馈电路 D. C. feedback circuit;
    直流反向电动机 direct-current reversing motor;
    直流反向漏电测试 D. C. reverse leakage test;
    直流放大器{电子} direct current amplifier; DC amplifier;
    直流分激电动机 DC shunt motor;
    直流分量 DC component; zero-frequency component; steady component;
    直流分量插入级 DC inserter stage;
    直流分量重置 DC reinsertion;
    直流分量恢复 {讯} DC restoration; reinsertion;
    直流分量恢复器(还原器; 恢复线路) DC restorer;
    直流辐射计 DC radiometer;
    直流复位器 {电子} clamper; direct-current restorer; reinserter;
    直流负载 DC load;
    直流高压 (5000伏以上) high direct voltage;
    直流工作 DC operation;
    直流工作电压 {电工} direct-current working volts (dcw V);
    直流功率 {电工} direct-current power;
    直流功率测量 DC power measurement;
    直流供电 DC supply;
    直流管 DC tube; battery tube;
    直流锅炉 monotube boiler; concurrent boiler; Benson boiler;
    直流过流继电器 DC overcurrent relay;
    直流过压继电器 DC overvoltage relay;
    直流焊接 DC welding;
    直流弧焊机 DC arc welder;
    直流环路增益 DC loop gain;
    直流恢复 DC restoration;
    直流恢复电路 DC restoration circuit; DC restoring circuit; DC restorer;
    直流恢复二极管 DC restorer diode;
    直流辉光放电 DC glow discharge;
    直流火花放电调阻 resistance-trimming by DC spark discharge;
    直流积分器 DC integrator;
    直流积量计 DC integrating meter;
    直流激励发电机 direct-current excited-field generator;
    直流激励四极放大器 larmotron;
    直流计数器 battery operated counter;
    直流计算机 DC computer;
    直流计算台 DC network calculator;
    直流继电器 DC relay;
    直流交流变换机(器) D. C. -- A. C. converter;
    直流交流器 DC converter;
    直流接触器 D. C. contactor;
    直流接收机 DC receiver; DC operated radio receiver;
    直流静电场 DC electrostatic field;
    直流静态电阻 static DC resistance;
    直流可动线圈式仪表 D. C. moving coil meter;
    直流可控电抗器 direct-current controllable reactor; directcurrent excited(iron-cure) reactor; direct-current presaturated reactor;
    直流可逆变速电动机 DC reversible variable speed motor;
    直流快速自动开关 D. C. high-speed circuit-breaker;
    直流馈电天线 current fed antenna;
    直流馈电线 direct-current tie;
    直流励磁绕组 D. C. excitingwinding;
    直流力矩电动机 DC torque motor;
    直流逻辑 DCL;
    直流模拟计算机 D. C. analog(ue) computer; direct-current analog computer;
    直流抹音 {电子} direct-current erase; D. C. erasing;
    直流内阻 DC internal resistance;
    直流耦合 {电子} direct-current coupling;
    直流耦合电路 DC coupling circuit;
    直流配电 DC distribution;
    直流偏磁 {电} D.C. magnetic biasing;
    直流偏压 {电工} DC bias;
    直流偏压法 DC biasing method;
    直流偏压控制 DC bias control;
    直流平衡机 direct-current balancer;
    直流箝位电路二极管 DC clamp diode;
    直流欠压继电器 DC undervoltage relay;
    直流清除 {电子} direct-current dump;
    直流容量 D. C. capacity;
    直流三线配电制 {电工} Edison distribution system;
    直流三线制 DC three-wire system;
    直流扫描场 DC sweeping field;
    直流扫气 uniflow scavenging;
    直流设计准则 DC design criteria;
    直流升压器 DC booster;
    直流石墨化 direct-current graphitization;
    直流收音机 DC receiver;
    直流输出 direct-current output;
    直流输出电流 average anode current;
    直流输电 DC transmission;
    直流四路多工系统 {讯} direct-current quadruplex system;
    直流四探针法 DC four point probe method;
    直流伺服电动机 DC servo-motor;
    直流探伤图形 rectified pattern;
    直流特性 DC characteristic;
    直流特性曲线 {电} direct current characteristic;
    直流替代法 DC substitution method;
    直流调谐电容器 D. C. tuned capacitor; D. C. tuned condenser;
    直流通信 {电工} direct-currrent signaling;
    直流同步发电机 constant current alternator;
    直流图像传递 DC picture transmission;
    直流图像传输 {讯} direct-current picture transmission; direct-current transmission;
    直流稳定器 direct-current stabilizer;
    直流稳速电动机 DC constant speed motor;
    直流稳压调整装置 D. C. voltage control device;
    直流系统 {航空} straight-flow system; DC system;
    直流消磁头 D.C. erasing head;
    直流消音(消除) DC erasure;
    直流谐振充电 DC resonance charge; DC resonant charging; DC resonance charging;
    直流谐振二极管充电 DC resonance diode charging;
    直流信号标志 DC signalling code;
    直流仪表用变压器 DC meter transformer;
    直流应用正交场放大管 DC operated crossed-field amplifier;
    直流用反流继电器 DC reverse-current relay;
    直流用三极管 battery triode;
    直流约瑟夫逊效应 DC Josephson effect;
    直流增量法 DC incremental method;
    直流真空管伏特计 {电子} direct-current vacuum-tube voltmeter;
    直流振动式自动稳压器 DC vibrating type automatic voltage regulator;
    直流振铃 DC signalling;
    直流正接 straight polarity direct current (焊接用);
    直流指示器 DC indicator;
    直流转速计(表) D. C. tachometer;
    直流转辙机direct-current point machine;
    直流自动同步机 desyn;
    直流最坏情况设计 DC worst case design
    * * *
    直流|直流 [zhí liú] to flow directly direct current (D.C.)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 直流

  • 15 航空

    aviation, related to airplanes or air transport
    * * *
    aviation; voyage
    【经】 navigation
    相关词组: 国际航空政策
    * * *
    aviation; avigation; navigate; voyage
    * * *
    adj. aeromagnetic, aeronautical
    n. aviation
    * * *
    hang2 kong1
    * * *
    háng kōng
    aviation; voyage:
    民用航空 civil aviation
    航空爱好者 aerophile;
    航空安全 aviation safety;
    航空班机 aerial liner;
    航空版 airmail edition; aeronautic edition;
    航空保险 aviation insurance;
    航空标塔 airway beacon;
    航空病 aeropathy;
    航空材料 aeronautical material;
    航空测绘雷达 airborne ground-mapping radar;
    航空测量 aerial survey; aerosurvey; aero-surveying; survey; aerial surveying;
    航空测图仪 aerocartograph;
    航空磁测 aeromagnetic survey;
    航空磁力图 aeromagnetic map;
    航空磁强计 aeromagnetometer;
    航空磁学 aeromagnetics;
    航空弹道试验靶场 aeroballistic range;
    航空弹道学 aeroballistics;
    航空导航 airborne navigation;
    航空导航卫星 aeronautical navigation satellite;
    航空灯塔 aerial light house;
    航空地理学 aerogeography;
    航空地平仪 artificial horizon;
    航空地球化学测量 airborne geochemical survey;
    航空地球化学探矿 airborne geochemical prospecting;
    航空地图 aeronautical chart; aerial map; aeromap; flight chart;
    航空地质测量 aerogeologic surveying;
    航空地质调查 aerogeological survey;
    航空地质学 aerogeology;
    航空电池 aeronautical cell;
    航空电磁法 aeroelectromagnetic method;
    航空电动机 aeroplane motor;
    航空电法 aeroelectrical method;
    航空电话 airphone;
    航空电器设备 aircraft electric equipment;
    航空电视 aviation television;
    航空电刷 aeroelectromachine brush;
    航空电台 aviation radio; aeronautical station;
    航空电子技术 avionics;
    航空电子计算机 airborne electronic computer;
    航空电子学 avionics; aviation electronics;
    航空调度员 air traffic controller;
    航空陡度计 aerogradiometer;
    航空队 airforce;
    航空发电机 aerogenerator; aircraft generator;
    航空发动机 aircraft engine; aeroengine; aeromotor;
    航空发动机附件 aircraft engine accessory;
    航空发动机燃烧 aeroengine combustor burning;
    航空法 air law;
    航空反应堆实验 aircraft reactor experiment;
    航空分队 division;
    航空封袋 flown cover;
    航空辐射监测 aerial radiation monitoring;
    航空辐射温度计 airborne radiation thermometer;
    航空港 air harbour; aeroport; aerial port;
    航空高度计 airborne altimeter; aircraft altimeter;
    航空工程 aeronautical engineering;
    航空工业 aviation industry;
    航空公司 airline company; airways;
    航空管制 air traffic control;
    航空广播通信 aeronautical broadcast service;
    航空航天部队 aerospace forces;
    航空航天工业 aerospace industry;
    航空航天器 aerospace vehicle;
    航空航天人员 aerospace personnel;
    航空航天人员选拔 aerospace personnel selection;
    航空航天人员训练 aerospace personnel training;
    航空航天生理影响 aerospace physiological effect;
    航空航天逃逸系统 aerospace escape system;
    航空航天心理学 aeronautical and astronautical psychology; aerospace psychology;
    航空航天医学 aerospace medicine; aeroastromedicine;
    航空航天医学监测 aerospace medical monitoring;
    航空航天医学试验设备 aerospace medical test device;
    航空航天因素 aerospace factor;
    航空航天营养 aerospace nutrition;
    航空航线 airline;
    航空合金 aerometal;
    航空护士 flight nurse;
    航空环境 aeronautical environment;
    航空火箭 aircraft rocket;
    航空火力反准备 air counter-preparation;
    航空火力支援 aviation fire support;
    航空火力准备 air preparation;
    航空货运 airfreight;
    航空基地 base; air base;
    航空机关炮 airborne cannon;
    航空机关枪 aerogun;
    航空机械员 aircraft mechanic; aeromechanic;
    航空计算机 airborne computer;
    航空继电器 aeronautical relay;
    航空减压症 aerodysbarism;
    航空胶合板 aircraft plywood; consuta plywood;
    航空胶片 aerial film;
    航空交通 air traffic;
    航空金属 aerial metal;
    航空精密时计 aerochronometer;
    航空肼 aerozine;
    航空军械 aerial armament;
    航空军医 flight surgeon;
    航空勘测 aerial reconnaissance;
    航空勘探员 air explorer;
    航空空间 aerospace;
    航空快递信件 air express;
    航空雷达成像 aerial radar imagery;
    航空里程计 air log;
    航空力学 aeromechanics;
    航空联运 through air transport;
    航空六分仪 aircraft sextant;
    航空螺旋桨 airscrew;
    航空罗盘 aircraft compass;
    航空旅行袋 flight bag;
    航空帽 helmet;
    航空煤油 aviation kerosene;
    航空模型 model airplane;
    航空模型运动 model aeroplane sport;
    航空呕吐 naupathia; nausea navalis;
    航空器材 airmaterial;
    航空气象记录仪 aerometeorograph;
    航空气象台 air weather station; aeronautical meteorological station;
    航空气象学 aeronautical meteorology;
    航空气象预报 aviation meteorological forecasting;
    航空汽化器 aerocarburetor;
    航空倾斜计 aerogradiometer;
    航空燃料 aviation fuel; aircraft fuel;
    航空燃气涡轮机 aero-gas turbine;
    航空人身意外保险 aviation personal accident insurance;
    航空人员 airman;
    航空日志 aircraft logbook;
    航空润滑油 aviation lubricating oil; aero-oil;
    航空三角测量 aerotriangulation;
    航空三角测量计 aerotriangulator;
    航空散热器 aero-radiator;
    航空摄像 airphoto;
    航空射击兵器 airborne fire weapon;
    航空设备 aeronautical facility; navigation gear;
    航空深水炸弹 aerial depth bomb;
    航空声学 aero-acoustics; aeronautical acoustics; aviation acoustics;
    航空失事 aircrush;
    航空时钟 aircraft clock;
    航空实验室 aeronautical laboratory;
    航空数据 aeronautical data;
    航空数字计算机 airborne digital computer;
    航空伺服电动机 aircraft servo motor;
    航空探矿 mineral exploration aviation; aerial prospecting;
    航空特快邮递 airmail special delivery;
    航空提单 air bill of lading; air freight bill; air way bill of lading;
    航空体育运动 air sports; flying sports;
    航空天气预报 airways forecast;
    航空天文历 air almanac;
    航空天文学 aviation astronomy;
    航空天线罩 airborne radome;
    航空通信 air communication; aeronautical communication;
    航空图 aviation chart; aviation map; aeronautical chart;
    航空涂料 aircraft coating;
    航空托运单 air consignment note;
    航空陀螺地平仪 aircraft gyro horizon; attitude gyroscope;
    航空网 air line network;
    航空微波测距仪 Aerodist;
    航空卫生 hygiene of aviation;
    航空涡轮 aeroturbine;
    航空涡轮用汽油 avtag;
    航空无线电台 plane radio; aeradio;
    航空武器 airarmament;
    航空物理学 aerophysics;
    航空物探 airborne geophysical prospecting;
    航空线 airline; airway; skyway;
    航空线路长度 distance of air-routes;
    航空协定 air transport agreement;
    航空心理学 aviation psychology;
    航空信 airmail letter; air letter; airmail; aerogram;
    航空信标 beaconing;
    航空信纸 airsheet;
    航空学 aeronautics; aviation;
    航空牙科学 aerodontia;
    航空遥感 aerial remote sensing;
    航空业务 air services;
    航空医学 aeromedicine;
    航空仪表 instrument;
    航空意外事故 aircraft accident;
    航空英里 air mile;
    航空应激 aviation stress;
    航空用材 aircraft stock;
    航空用织物 aeronautical cloth;
    航空邮寄 air mail;
    航空邮寄单 airmail delivery bill;
    航空邮件 airmail;
    航空邮政 airmail;
    航空鱼雷 aircraft torpedo;
    航空晕 air-sickness; aviation sickness; cinesia;
    航空运动 aviational sports;
    航空运费 air freight;
    航空噪声 aircraft noise;
    航空责任保险 aviation liability insurance;
    航空炸弹 aerobomb;
    航空站 airport; aeroport; air-drome; air station;
    航空长 airofficer;
    航空照明 aviation lighting;
    航空侦察 aerial reconnaissance;
    航空政策 aeropolitics;
    航空指示灯 aerophare;
    航空重力测量 airborne gravity measurement;
    航空重力仪 airborne gravitometer;
    航空轴承 aircraft bearing;
    航空总调度室 air traffic control room;
    航空注记 aerooverprint;
    航空咨询电台 aeronautical advisory station
    * * *
    航空|航空 [háng kōng] aviation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 航空

  • 16 轨道

    track, orbit; trajectory, the proper way of doing things; a proper course
    * * *
    course; orbit; path; railway; roadway; track; trajectory; tramroad
    【计】 orbiting laboratory
    【化】 orbit; orbital; trajectory
    相关词组: 电车轨道
    * * *
    orbit; path; railway; roadway; track; trajectory; tramroad
    * * *
    n. orbit, trajectory, track, course, path
    * * *
    gui3 dao4
    orbit, railway or tram line, fig. conventional way of thinking
    * * *
    guǐ dào
    (供火车、电车等行驶的由条形钢材铺成的路线) track; pathway; rail; runway; circle; railway:
    地铁轨道 underground railway track;
    矿车轨道 tram road;
    你将在8号轨道找到你的列车。 You'll find your train at track 8.
    (天体在宇宙间运行的路线) orbit; trajectory:
    火星轨道 the orbit of Mars;
    把人造地球卫星送入轨道 put a man-made earth satellite into orbit;
    卫星被射入环绕月球的轨道。 The satellite was launched into orbit around the moon.
    (规则; 范围) course; path:
    偏离轨道 leave the path of righteousness; err from the right path; take a wrong path;
    生产已经走上轨道。 Production has already been put on the right track.
    轨道变换 {天} orbital transfer;
    轨道变压器 track transformer;
    轨道辨别 {讯} track telling;
    轨道测定 determination of orbits;
    轨道车 motor-trolley;
    轨道磁矩 {量子} orbital magnetic moment;
    轨道导弹 orbital missile;
    轨道导航仪 orbit navigator;
    轨道地球物理观察站 orbiting geophysical observatory;
    轨道电抗器 track reactor;
    轨道电路 {电工} track circuit;
    轨道电路效应 track circuit effect;
    轨道电路信号 {电工} track-circuit signalling;
    轨道电路引线盒 bootleg;
    轨道电视系统 “Orbit” television system;
    轨道电子 {原物} orbital electron;
    轨道电阻器 track resister;
    轨道定位法 orbit positioning mode;
    轨道动量矩矢量 orbital angular momentum vector;
    轨道对称 {物化} orbital symmetry;
    轨道对称定则 orbial symmetry rule;
    轨道对称(性)守恒 conservation of orbital symmetry;
    轨道多边形 path-polygon;
    轨道发射 orbital launching;
    轨道方向 {航空} orbital direction;
    轨道飞行器 orbiter;
    轨道敷设 track laying;
    轨道改正 orbit correction;
    轨道高度 orbit altitude;
    轨道根数 orbital elements;
    轨道根素 elements of an orbit;
    轨道跟踪 orbital tracking;
    轨道工厂 orbital workshop;
    轨道工人 orbital worker;
    轨道工作室 orbital workshop;
    轨道过渡 orbit transfer;
    轨道航天站 orbital space station;
    轨道核武器攻击系统 Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS);
    轨道(电流)回路 rail return;
    轨道会合 {航空} orbital rendezvous;
    轨道会合计算机 rendezvous computer;
    轨道会合控制 orbit rendezvous control;
    轨道会合雷达 rendezvous radar;
    轨道火箭 orital rocket;
    轨道极 pole of orbit;
    轨道计算 orbit(al) determination;
    轨道继电器 {电工} track relay;
    轨道价力场 orbital valence force field;
    轨道简并(度) orbital degeneracy;
    轨道降压器 track booster;
    轨道交点 {天} orbital node;
    轨道交角 inclination of orbit;
    轨道角动量 orbital angular momentum;
    轨道角色 {计} trajectory case;
    轨道接触器 rail treadle; treadle;
    轨道接头阻抗 rail impedance;
    轨道进动 orbital precession;
    轨道经度 orbital longitude;
    轨道开关 {电工} track switch;
    轨道空间 orbit space; trajectory space;
    轨道空间站 {天} orbital space station;
    轨道控制 orbit control;
    轨道控制反应 orbital controlled reaction;
    轨道控制系统 orital control system;
    轨道里程 trackage;
    轨道力学 orbital mechanics;
    轨道连接 between tracks connection;
    轨道量子数 orbital quantum number;
    轨道面 {天} orbital plane;
    轨道模拟 orbital simulation;
    轨道模拟器 orbital simulator;
    轨道炮 railgun;
    轨道碰撞 orbiting collision;
    轨道偏移 orbit displacement;
    轨道偏移线圈 {核子} orbit shift coils;
    轨道平面 {力} orbital plane;
    轨道起重机 goliath; lift about hoist; rail (wrecking) crane; track crane;
    轨道汽车 railbus;
    轨道轻便三轮车 velocipede car;
    轨道倾角 orbit inclination angle;
    轨道曲线{航空} orbital curve;
    轨道上山 ginney; plane;
    轨道摄动 orbit perturbation;
    轨道试验器 dynagraph;
    轨道手车 trackbarrow;
    轨道数据 orbital data;
    轨道衰变 {原物} orbital decay;
    轨道衰减 {航空} orbital decay;
    轨道速度 orbital velocity;
    轨道太阳观测台 orbiting solar observatory;
    轨道弹射 orbit shot;
    轨道天文台 orbiting astronomical observatory;
    轨道弯曲器 jack rail bender;
    轨道纬度 orbital latitude;
    轨道卫星 orbiter; orbiting satellite;
    轨道稳定 orbitally stable;
    轨道稳定性 track stability;
    轨道下降 disorbit;
    轨道下跳导弹 orbital jump-down missile;
    轨道相位 orbital phase;
    轨道效应 orbital effect;
    轨道修正 orbit trimming;
    轨道旋进 orbital precession;
    轨道研究实验室 orbital research laboratory;
    轨道要素 orbital elements;
    轨道引导 orbital steering;
    轨道宇称 {量子} orbital parity;
    轨道预报 orbit prediction;
    轨道元 orbital elements;
    轨道运动 orbital motion;
    轨道运输 rail haulage;
    轨道制动块 track shoe;
    轨道制动器 {电工} track brake;
    轨道指示盘 track indicator;
    轨道中线 track centre;
    轨道中心 orbit centre;
    轨道周长 orbit circumference;
    轨道周期 orbital period;
    轨道轴线 centre-line of track;
    轨道转向架 railway bogie;
    轨道转移飞行器 orbit transfer vehicle;
    轨道姿态控制 orbital attitude control;
    轨道自动车 rail trolley;
    轨道坐标系 orbital coordinate system;
    轨道座 railroad shoe
    * * *
    軌道|轨道 [guǐ dào] orbit railway or tram line fig. conventional way of thinking

    Chinese-English dictionary > 轨道

  • 17 高压

    high pressure, high pressure, high tension; high voltage, maximum pressure, high-handed (persecution)
    * * *
    high-handed; high pressure; high voltage
    【医】 high tension; hyperpiesia; hyperpiesis
    相关词组: 高压的
    * * *
    high-handed; high pressure; high voltage
    * * *
    adj. high-handed, hyperbaric
    n. high pressure, high tension, high voltage, maximum pressure
    * * *
    gao1 ya1
    high pressure, high-handed
    * * *
    gāo yā
    (残酷迫害; 极度压制) high-handed:
    高压手段 high-handed measure;(by) a strong hand;
    高压政策 high-handed policy; coercion policy;
    俾斯麦用高压手段统治德国。 Bismarch ruled Germany by a strong hand.
    {气} (高气压) high pressure
    (高电压) high tension; high voltage
    {医} (心脏收缩时血液对血管的压力) maximum pressure
    高压安全阀 high-pressure safety valve;
    高压安全切断器 high-pressure safety cut-out;
    高压板 high-voltage switchboard;
    高压倍加器 {核子} Cockcroft-Walton accelerator;
    高压泵 high-pressure pump;
    高压避雷装置 high-tension lightning arrester;
    高压变流器 high-voltage converter;
    高压变态 high pressure modification;
    高压变压器 high-tension transformer;
    高压部分 high-pressure section; high-voltage compartment;
    高压(加压)舱 hyperbaric chamber;
    高压操作 high top pressure;
    高压侧 high-pressure side; high-tension side;
    高压测电笔 high-tension test pencil;
    高压测量仪器 high-tension measuring instrument;
    高压层积材 high-pressure laminate;
    高压成形 high-pressure forming;
    高压充气二极管 high-pressure gas-filled diode;
    高压充油电缆 high-tension oilfilled cable;
    高压纯氧浸透法 hyperbaric oxygen drenching;
    高压磁电机 HT magneto;
    高压磁控管 high-voltage magnetron;
    高压瓷介电容器 high-voltage ceramic capacitor;
    高压催化设备 high-pressure catalytic unit;
    高压大电流开关 {电工} loud-break switch;
    高压弹 bomb;
    高压灯泡 high voltage lamp;
    高压等值线 pliobar;
    高压低温变质带 high-pressure and low-temperature matamorphic zone;
    高压第一级叶片 high pressure first stage blade;
    高压点火 high-tension ignition;
    高压电池 high-tension battery;
    高压电池组 anode battery; {电工} high-tension battery;
    高压电动机 high-tension motor; high-voltage motor;
    高压电度表 high-tension kilowatt-hour meter;
    高压电弧 high-voltage arc;
    高压电缆 high-voltage cable;
    高压电缆掣 grapevine stopper;
    高压电缆头 high-voltage pothead;
    高压电缆箱 high-voltage cable end box;
    高压电力网 power grid; high-tension network;
    高压电力系统 high-voltage electric power system;
    高压电流 high-tension current;
    高压电流互感器 high-tension current inductor; high-tension current transformer;
    高压电流计 high-tension ammeter;
    高压电路 high-tension circuit;
    高压电路电器设备检查器 electrical equipment universal testing stand;
    高压电路试验灯 high-voltage lamp;
    高压电路试验器 high-voltage circuit tester;
    高压电器 high voltage electrical apparatus;
    高压电桥 high-tension bridge;
    高压电容 high-voltage capacitance;
    高压电容器 high-voltage capacitor; high-voltage condenser; primary capacitor;
    高压电容器瓷 high-voltage capactor ceramics;
    高压电网 high-voltage fence;
    高压电线 high-tension bus-bar;
    高压电压表 high-tension voltmeter;
    高压电泳 high-voltage electrophoresis;
    高压电源 high-tension supply; high-voltage power supply (HVPS);
    高压电源脉动 HVPS ripple;
    高压电晕 high-voltage corona;
    高压电子显微镜 {电子} high-voltage electron microscope;
    高压电子谐振器 palletron;
    高压电阻器 high-voltage resistor;
    高压定子线圈 high-tension stator coil;
    高压断路器 primary cut-out;
    高压二极管 high-voltage diode;
    高压二极管整流器 kenotron rectifier;
    高压二极整流管 kenotron;
    高压发电厂 high-tension power plant;
    高压发电机 high-voltage generator;
    高压发动机 high-pressure engine;
    高压发光 baroluminescence;
    高压发火线圈 high-tension ignition coil;
    高压阀 high pressure valve;
    高压反应 reaction under high pressure;
    高压反应器 high-pressure reactor;
    高压范围 high pressure range;
    高压分离器 {油工} high-pressure separator;
    高压分压器 high-voltage bleeder;
    高压风 high-pressure blast;
    高压风洞 high-pressure wind tunnel;
    高压伏特计 high-tension voltmeter;
    高压浮球阀 high side float valve; high-pressure float valve;
    高压负荷切断开关 high-voltage load switch;
    高压隔膜泵 high-pressure diaphragm pump;
    高压给水加热器 high-pressure feed-water heater;
    高压汞气灯 high-pressure mercury vapour lamp;
    高压鼓风机 high-pressure blower;
    高压固体 high pressure solid;
    高压管路系统 high-pressure duct system;
    高压管式熔断器 high-voltage tube fuse;
    高压光谱 high pressure spectra;
    高压硅堆 high-voltage silicon rectifier stack;
    高压柜 high-voltage board; high-voltage switch cabinet;
    高压锅 autoclave; pressure cooker;
    高压锅炉 high-pressure boiler; high-duty boiler;
    高压焊炬 high pressure torch;
    高压核电池 high-voltage nuclear battery;
    高压合成电路 high tension integral electric circuit;
    高压滑阀 high-pressure slide valve;
    高压化学 high pressure chemistry;
    高压环 high compression ring;
    高压辉光放电灯 high-voltage glow discharge lamp;
    高压活塞杆 high-pressure piston rod;
    高压火花塞 high-tension spark plug;
    高压火力发电厂 high-pressure steam power plant;
    高压击穿 high-voltage breakdown;
    高压级 high-pressure stage;
    高压脊 ridge of high pressure; high pressure ridge; ridge; {气} wedge;
    高压技术 high pressure technique;
    高压计 high-pressure gauge;
    高压计量 high pressure measurement;
    高压继电器 high-voltage relay;
    高压加热器 high-pressure heater;
    高压加速器 high-voltage accelerator;
    高压架空线路 high-tension overhead line;
    高压间 high-tension room;
    高压间隔 high-tension cell;
    高压减荷弹簧 high-pressure load reducing spring;
    高压胶合板 {材} high-pressure laminate;
    高压接线 high-voltage connection;
    高压接柱 high-tension terminal;
    高压进汽 high-pressure admission; high-pressure gas injection;
    高压进水设备 high-pressure intake;
    高压晶体生长 high-pressure crystal growing;
    高压晶体生长炉 high-pressure crystal growth furnace;
    高压井 {油工} high-pressure well;
    高压静电场 high-voltage electrostatic field;
    高压静电伏特计 rotary voltmeter;
    高压静电选矿 high-tension electrostatic separation;
    高压聚乙烯 polyethylene from high pressure process;
    高压卷线异步电动机 high-voltage wound asynchronous motor;
    高压绝缘 high-voltage insulation;
    高压绝缘试验 flash test;
    高压开关 high-pressure cock; high-tension switch;
    高压开关板 high-tension switch board;
    高压开关柜 high-tension switch cabinet;
    高压开关装置 high-tension switch gear;
    高压空气导管 air-blast connection pipe;
    高压空气喷雾法 high-pressure air atomization;
    高压空气喷雾器 high-pressure air atomizer;
    高压控制 high-pressure control;
    高压馈电干线 high-tension supply main;
    高压馈电线 high-tension main;
    高压连杆 high-pressure connecting rod;
    高压滤油器 high-pressure filter;
    高压轮胎 high-pressure tyre;
    高压脉(冲) high-tension pulse;
    高压脉冲发生器 high-voltage pulse generator;
    高压煤气发生器 high-pressure producer;
    高压煤气管 high-pressure gas pipe;
    高压煤气喷烧器 injector gas burner;
    高压煤气系统 {工} high-pressure gas system;
    高压密封 high pressure sealing;
    高压灭菌法 autoclaving;
    高压灭菌器 autoclave;
    高压模制 high-pressure moulding;
    高压模制法 high pressure molding;
    高压模座 high-pressure die block;
    高压木材 tension wood;
    高压氖管 high-tension neon tube;
    高压耐油橡胶管 high-pressure oil-resistant rubber hose;
    高压耦合电容器 high-tension coupling condenser;
    高压排气管 high-pressure exhaust pipe;
    高压排气管接头 high-pressure exhaust pipe connection;
    高压旁漏电阻 high-voltage bleeder;
    高压配电盘 high-tension distribution panel; high-tension distributor;
    高压配电设备 high-tension distribution equipment;
    高压配电箱 high-tension distribution box;
    高压配电线路 high-tension distributing line;
    高压配电中心 high-tension distribution centre;
    高压配件 high-tension fitting;
    高压喷动发动机 {航空} pressure jet;
    高压喷射洗涤机 high pressure spray washing machine;
    高压喷水剥皮机 jet barker;
    高压喷水连续淬火 high quench;
    高压喷雾泵 high-pressure spray pump;
    高压喷洗 high-pressure spray wash;
    高压喷嘴室 high-pressure nozzle box;
    高压膨胀机 high pressure expansion machine;
    高压屏蔽 high-tension shielding;
    高压气功传感器 high pressure pneumatic sensor;
    高压气动技术 high-pressure pneumatics;
    高压气缸 high-pressure cylinder;
    高压气瓶 high-pressure tank;
    高压气驱动 high-pressure gas drive;
    高压气体 gases at high pressure;
    高压气体吹洗 high-pressure purge;
    高压气体放电 high-pressure discharge;
    高压气筒 gas cylinder;
    高压汽化冷却 pressure-type evaporative cooling;
    高压汽轮机 high-pressure turbine;
    高压潜水 hyperbaric diving;
    高压区 higher-pressure region;
    高压燃料箱 high-pressure propellant tank;
    高压燃烧过程 high-pressure combustion process;
    高压燃烧器 high-pressure burner;
    高压燃烧室 high compression combustion chamber; high-pressure combustion chamber;
    高压染色 high pressure dyeing;
    高压绕组 high-tension winding; high-voltage wind(ing);
    高压绕组边 step-up side;
    高压热水供暖 hot-water pressure heating;
    高压热阴极放电管 high-voltage hot cathode discharge tube;
    高压润滑器 high-pressure lubricator;
    高压润滑系统 high-pressure lubricating system;
    高压熔断器 high-tension fuse; high-voltage fuse;
    高压容器 high-pressure bottle; high-pressure container; high-pressure vessel;
    高压软管 {采矿} high-pressure hose; heavy-duty hose;
    高压扫描管 high-voltage scanning tube;
    高压闪络测试仪 high-voltage flash-over tester;
    高压闪络试验 flash-over test;
    高压设备 high-tension apparatus;
    高压射流 high-pressure spray;
    高压射线摄影术 high-voltage radiography;
    高压十字头 high-pressure cross head;
    高压时间试验 high-voltage time test;
    高压示波器 high pressure oscilloscope;
    高压试验 high-potting; {电工} high-voltage test; high-potential test; high-pressure test;
    高压试验设备 high-tension testing apparatus;
    高压试验室 high-tension laboratory;
    高压试验用变压器 high-voltage testing transformer;
    高压室 high-pressure chamber; hyperbaric chamber;
    高压输变电设备 high-tension power transmission and transformation equipment;
    高压输电网 grid; gridiron;
    高压输电线路 ultra-high-tension power transmission line; high-tension transmission line;
    高压双缸油泵 high-pressure double cylinder oil pump;
    高压水汽氧化法 high-pressure vapour oxidation method;
    高压水枪 giant; hydraulic giant; hydraulic monitor; monitor;
    高压水枪冲掘接通 hydro-linking;
    高压水砂破裂法 {采矿} hydraulic fracturing;
    高压水银灯 {电子} high-pressure mercury-vapor lamp;
    高压水银灯镇流器 high-tension mercury lamp ballast;
    高压隧洞 heavy-duty pressure tunnel;
    高压探头(针) high-voltage probe;
    高压陶瓷 high-tension ceramics;
    高压套管 bushing; high-tension bushing;
    高压提升 high-tension boost;
    高压调节变压器 high-tension regulating transformer;
    高压调压器 high-voltage regulator;
    高压调整系数 high-voltage regulation factor;
    高压通电试验 {电工} hi pot;
    高压同步电动机 high-voltage synchronous motor;
    高压头簧箱 spring box for maximum pressure;
    高压微量喷油断路器 orthojector circuit-breaker;
    高压位差 high-pressure head;
    高压涡轮 {航空} high-pressure turbine (HP turbine);
    高压雾化器 high-pressure atomizer;
    高压物理学 {物} high-pressure physics;
    高压硒整流器 high-tension selenium rectifier;
    高压系统 high-pressure system;
    高压系统测漏气装置 high-pressure leak detector;
    高压细射流采煤机 jet cutting shearer;
    高压现象 {物} high-pressure phenomena;
    高压线 high-tension cable; high-tension line; highline;
    高压线路 high-tension line;
    高压线圈 high-tension coil;
    高压箱 high-voltage compartment;
    高压相 high-pressure phase;
    高压相变 phase transition under high pressure;
    高压消毒锅 autoclave sterilizer;
    高压消毒器 high-pressure sterilizer; autoclave;
    高压效应 high-pressure effect;
    高压形态 high-pressure form;
    高压行波管 crestatron;
    高压蓄力器 high-pressure accumulator;
    高压压力表 high-pressure manometer;
    高压压气机 {航空} high-pressure compressor (HP compressor);
    高压压缩机 high-pressure compressor;
    高压阳极 high-voltage anode;
    高压液封直拉法 high-pressure liquid encapsulation pulling method;
    高压液压系统 high-pressure hydraulic;
    高压引线 high-voltage connection;
    高压永磁电机 {电工} high-tension magneto;
    高压永磁发电机 high-tension magnet(o); magneto dynamo;
    高压油泵 high-pressure oil pump;
    高压油泵试验台 high-pressure oil pump testing platform;
    高压油泵总成 high-pressure fuel injection pump assembly;
    高压油管 high-pressure oil pipe;
    高压油开关 high-tension oil switch;
    高压油断路器 high-voltage oil circuit breaker;
    高压油气田 high-pressure oil field;
    高压源 high-voltage power supply;
    高压远射程喷嘴 driven nozzle;
    高压云室 {核子} high-pressure cloud chamber;
    高压造型 high pressure moulding;
    高压造型机 high-pressure molding machine;
    高压闸门 high-pressure gate;
    高压蒸汽 high steam;
    高压蒸汽腐蚀 high-pressure steam etching;
    高压蒸汽机 high-pressure steam engine;
    高压蒸汽灭菌器 autoclave sterilizer; high-pressure sterilizer; steam tank;
    高压蒸汽枪 Vaporchoc;
    高压蒸汽套管预热器 jacketed-pipe high-pressure steam preheater;
    高压蒸汽涡轮 high-pressure steam turbine;
    高压蒸汽消毒器 autoclave;
    高压蒸汽氧化 {半} high-pressure steam oxidation;
    高压蒸煮 autoclaving; (高真空)
    高压整流二极管 kenotron;
    高压整流管 genotron; high-voltage rectifier tube;
    高压整流器 high-voltage rectifier;
    高压正鼓风机 high-pressure positive blower;
    高压症 {航空} hyperbarism;
    高压直流发生器 high-voltage D.C. generator;
    高压直流输电 D.C. high-voltage transmission;
    高压直流系统 {电子} high-voltage direct current (HVDC); DC high-voltage system;
    高压直流装置 high-tension d.c. plant;
    高压质谱法 high-pressure mass spectrometry;
    高压柱塞泵 high-pressure plunger pump;
    高压贮气缸 high-pressure air;
    高压注气 {油工} high-pressure gas injection;
    高压注水 high-pressure water injection;
    高压铸造 high-pressure casting;
    高压转换管 injection;
    高压装料 high-pressure charging;
    高压装置 high-pressure installation;
    高压自动保险开关 automatic high-voltage safety switch;
    高压总管 high-pressure main;
    高压阻尼器 high-tension damper
    * * *
    高壓|高压 [gāo yā] high pressure high-handed

    Chinese-English dictionary > 高压

  • 18 高速

    high speed
    * * *
    high speed
    【机】 top speed
    相关词组: 超级高速公路
    * * *
    high speed
    * * *
    n. high speed
    * * *
    gao1 su4
    high speed
    * * *
    gāo sù
    (高速度) high speed; high velocity (HV); high rate; swift; fast; express; high-speed:
    高速发展 develop by leaps and bounds; develop at top speed;
    高速前进 advance at high speed
    高速八版轮转印刷机 high-speed rotary press;
    高速刨床 high-speed planer; high-speed planing machine;
    高速泵 express pump; high-speed pump;
    高速播种机 high-speed planter;
    高速播种开沟器 high-speed boot;
    高速波 fast wave;
    高速操纵 high-speed handling;
    高速测光 high-speed photometry;
    高速层 high-speed layer;
    高速柴油 high-speed diesel fuel;
    高速柴油机 high-speed diesel engine;
    高速车 speed car;
    高速车床 speed lathe; high-speed lathe;
    高速车刀 high-speed turning tool;
    高速(快)车道 speedway;
    高速车辆 hot-short;
    高速尘卷 (埃及) zobaa;
    高速成形 high-rate forming; high-speed forming; high-velocity forming;
    高速成形机 high-energy-rate forming machine;
    高速成形模具 high-velocity forming die;
    高速乘法 high-speed multiplication;
    高速乘法器 high-speed multiplier;
    高速齿轮 high gear; high-speed gear; top gear;
    高速重合 high-speed reclosing;
    高速抽气装置 high-speed pumping unit;
    高速传输 high-speed transmission;
    高速传真 high-speed facsimile;
    高速串联断路法 high-speed series tripping;
    高速锤 Petro-forge;
    高速磁鼓 high-speed drum;
    高速粗切削车床 hogger;
    高速脆性 high-speed brittleness;
    高速存储器 high-speed memory; high-speed storage;
    高速存取 zero access;
    高速存取循环 rapid access loop;
    高速打印 flying print;
    高速打印机 {自} high-speed printer (HSP);
    高速打印字机 high speed type; high-speed printer;
    高速带 hyper tape;
    高速档 top gear; high gear;
    高速刀具 high-speed cutter;
    高速道路 super expressway;
    高速等静压制 high-speed isostatic pressing;
    高速低飞航空摄影 dicing;
    高速电动机 high-speed motor;
    高速电机 high-speed electric machine;
    高速电力机车 electric express locomotive; electric high-speed locomotive;
    高速电视摄影管 resisticon;
    高速电影摄影 rapid cinematography;
    高速动平衡 high-speed balancing;
    高速读卡机 high-speed card reader;
    高速读数方式(系统) high speed reading system;
    高速镀 high-speed plating;
    高速锻造 high-velocity forging;
    高速锻造法 high-impact-velocity forging;
    高速断路器 high-speed circuit breaker; {电工} quick-break switch;
    高速多刀复刃切削法 high-speed and multi-tool cutting method;
    高速发电机 high-speed engine; high-speed generator;
    高速发射装置 hypervelocity launcher;
    高速阀 fast valve;
    高速飞机 hot-short; hotshot; (口) peppycrate;
    高速飞行 high-speed flight;
    高速分拣机 highspeed sorters;
    高速粉磨机 high-speed pulverizer;
    高速风洞 {航空} high-speed wind tunnel;
    高速符合电路 fast coincidence circuit;
    高速辅助存储器 {计} cache;
    高速高反差乳剂 high-speed contrast emulsion;
    高速高能锻造法 Dynapak method;
    高速隔离开关 high-speed disconnecting switch;
    高速工具钢 high-speed tool steel; rapid tool steel;
    高速公路 expressway; freeway; autobann; super highway; (南) autoput; (西) autopista;
    高速鼓包 {航空} speed bulges;
    高速辊式破碎机 high-speed rolls;
    高速滚削 high-speed hobbing;
    高速过滤 high-rate filtration;
    高速行式打印机 high speed line printer;
    高速红外辐射计 high-speed infrared radiometer;
    高速环 high-speed loop;
    高速缓冲存储器 cache memory; cache;
    高速缓冲存储系统 cache memory system;
    高速缓冲寄存器 cache register; high-speed buffer register; cache; cache buffer memory; cache memory; {自} high-speed cache memory;
    高速机车 express locomotive;
    高速机床 high-speed machine tool;
    高速机构 high-speed mechanism;
    高速机头 high-speed handpiece;
    高速机翼 high-speed wings;
    高速机载火箭 high velocity aircraft rocket;
    高速挤压 high-speed extrusion;
    高速计数 high-speed counting;
    高速计数电路 high-speed counting circuit;
    高速计数器 high-speed counter;
    高速计算机 high-speed accounting machine; high speed computer;
    高速计算能力 high-speed computational capability;
    高速记录 high-speed record; histogram record;
    高速记录示波器 high-speed oscilloscope;
    高速继电器 {讯} fast-acting relay; fast relay; high-speed relay;
    高速寄存器 high-speed register;
    高速加法器 high-speed adder;
    高速剪断 high-speed cropping;
    高速减压阀 high-speed reducing valve;
    高速进位 high-speed carry; standing-on-nines carry;
    高速进位方式 high-speed carry;
    高速进位电路 high-speed carry circuit;
    高速距离继电器 high-speed distance relay;
    高速开关 speed-sensitive switch;
    高速开卷机 biflaker;
    高速客运列车 bullet train (日本的);
    高速空气动力学 high-speed aerodynamics;
    高速空气调节系统 high velocity air conditioning;
    高速控制器 high-speed controller;
    高速冷轧管机 high-speed cold Pilger mill;
    高速犁 high-speed plough;
    高速犁体 hi-bottom; high-speed bottom;
    高速离合器 high-speed clutch;
    高速离心机 {机} supercentrifuge;
    高速励磁机 high-speed exciter;
    高速励磁系统 {电工} high-speed excitation system;
    高速粒子减速器 spirotron;
    高速粒子侵蚀试验 high speed particles erosion test;
    高速力学 high speed mechanics;
    高速列车 rapid trains;
    高速流出 outrush;
    高速率 two-forty;
    高速螺纹切削附件 high-speed thread cutting attachment;
    高速螺旋钻 {设计} fast-spiral drill; high-helix drill;
    高速描绘器 high-speed plotter;
    高速摩擦锯 cold saw;
    高速模拟计算机 high-speed analogue computer;
    高速模-数转换器 high-speed AD converter;
    高速磨合 rapid seating (of piston ring);
    高速磨削 high-speed grinding;
    高速磨削砂轮 high-speed grinding wheel;
    高速牛滑脂 high-speed grease;
    高速牛头刨床 high-speed shaping machine;
    高速拍发 high-speed transmission;
    高速跑道赛 speed way meeting;
    高速炮 high-velocity gun;
    高速喷雾机 speed sprayer;
    高速碰撞 high velocity impact;
    高速皮托管 high-speed Pitot tube;
    高速启动 high-speed starting;
    高速气动工具 high-speed pneumatic tool;
    高速气流防护设备 high airspeed protector;
    高速切割器 high-speed knife;
    高速切削 high-speed cutting; quick-cutting;
    高速切削刀 fly-cutter;
    高速切削法 high-speed metal cutting;
    高速切削钢 shear-steel; free cutting steel;
    高速切削黄铜 high-speed brass;
    高速燃烧 high-velocity combustion;
    高速热压机 high-speed hot press;
    高速扫掠 high-speed sweep;
    高速扫描 high-velocity scanning; high-speed sweep;
    高速摄影 high-speed photography;
    高速摄影光学系统 high-speed photographic optical system;
    高速摄影机 high-speed motion picture camera;
    高速射流 high-speed jet;
    高速射流机加工 high-velocity liquid jet machining;
    高速失步继电器 high-speed step out relay;
    高速时滞反应 jet leg;
    高速示波器 {电子} high-speed oscilloscope; high-speed oscillograph;
    高速试验方法 high-speed testing technique;
    高速收发报 high speed radio message transmission and reception;
    高速手压台钻 sensitive bench drill;
    高速手压钻机 sensitive drill;
    高速输送器 high-speed conveyer;
    高速数据采集系统 {自} high-speed data acquisition system;
    高速数据集合 high-speed data acquisition;
    高速数字 high-speed figure;
    高速数字传输系统 high-speed digital transmission system;
    高速数字集成电路 high-speed digital integrated circuit;
    高速数字计数器 high-speed numerical counter;
    高速数字计算机 high-speed digital computer; high-speed digital counter;
    高速双稳态触发器 high-speed flip-flop;
    高速水池 high-speed tank;
    高速伺服电动机 high-speed servo motor;
    高速台钻 high-speed bench drilling machine;
    高速调节器 high-speed regulator;
    高速调节器及柄式安全阀 high-speed controller and lever safety valve;
    高速调整 high-speed adjustment;
    高速铁路 rapid transit railway;
    高速艇 high-speed boat;
    高速通道 high-speed channel;
    高速通气法 high rate aerotion process;
    高速凸轮机构 high-speed cam mechanism;
    高速拖网作业 high-speed trawling;
    高速弯曲力矩 high-speed bending moment;
    高速万能车床 high-speed universal lathe;
    高速微波功率开关 multipactor;
    高速铣床 high-speed milling machine;
    高速铣工附件 high-speed milling attachment;
    高速系数 high-speed coefficient;
    高速显影 rapid development;
    高速显字管 compositron;
    高速响应 high-speed response;
    高速相变 high-speed phase change;
    高速星 {天} high velocity star;
    高速行驶 scorch;
    高速旋转 vertiginate;
    高速旋转接头 high-speed joint;
    高速选择通道 high-speed selector channel;
    高速压力机 high-speed blanking press; high-speed press;
    高速压实 high-speed compaction (用于粉末冶金);
    高速牙钻 high-speed dental drill;
    高速液相色谱法 high-speed liquid chromatography;
    高速液压锤 high-speed hydraulic hammer;
    高速液压软管接管机 high-speed hydraulic hose coupling machine;
    高速阴极射线印刷机 videograph;
    高速印片机 high-speed printing machine;
    高速印刷机 high-speed press; high-speed printer;
    高速印刷装置 high speed printer;
    高速油路 high-speed circuit;
    高速圆盘锯 saw;
    高速阅读器 high-speed reader;
    高速运算放大器 high speed operation amplifier;
    高速运转系数 type characteristic;
    高速暂存存储器 scratch pad memory; scratch pad storage;
    高速增殖反应堆 fast breeder; fast-breeder reactor;
    高速轧机 fast mill;
    高速轧制 high-speed rolling;
    高速照相(术) high-speed photography;
    高速照相技术 high-speed photographic technique;
    高速针阀 high-speed needle valve;
    高速振动剪床 vibroshear;
    高速振动筛 high-speed oscillating sieve;
    高速蒸气机 {工} high-speed steam-engine;
    高速直线滑雪者 schussboomer;
    高速指示器 high-speed indicator;
    高速纸带穿孔机 high-speed tape punch;
    高速制动器 high-speed brake;
    高速中耕铲 tractor sweep;
    高速中子 fast neutron;
    高速中子反应堆 fast neutron reactor;
    高速轴承 high-speed bearing;
    高速转速计 top drive tachometer;
    高速转弯 tempo turn;
    高速转向架 high-speed bogie;
    高速锥 upper speed cone;
    高速字标管 typotron; typetron;
    高速自动断路器 quick-acting automatic switch;
    高速自动压床 high-speed automatic press;
    高速自动织机 high-speed automatic loom;
    高速总线 high-speed bus;
    高速钻床 high-speed drilling machine; speed drilling machine;
    高速钻机 {机} high speed machine; high-speed drill;
    高速钻孔附件 high-speed drilling attachment
    * * *
    高速|高速 [gāo sù] high speed

    Chinese-English dictionary > 高速

  • 19 流化

    【化】 fluidifying; fluidization
    * * *
    liú huà
    {化} fluidifying; fluidization
    流化催化剂 fluidized catalyst;
    流化催化裂化 fluid catalytic cracking;
    流化反应器 fluidized reactor;
    流化干馏 fluidized retorting;
    流化干燥 fluidized drying;
    流化固体 fluidized solid;
    流化烘干机 fluid-bed drier;
    流化剂 fluidizing reagent;
    流化焦 fluid coke;
    流化焦化 fluid coking;
    流化介质 fluidizing agent;
    流化开沟 fluidization trenching;
    流化煤 fluid coal;
    流化燃料反应堆 {核} fluidized-bed reactor; fluidized reactor;
    流化速度 fluidizing velocity;
    流化吸附 {化工} fluidized absorption;
    流化选分 fluidized classifying;
    流化质量 fluidization quality;
    流化状态 fluidized state;
    流化状态催化剂 fluid catalyst;
    流化作用(过程) fluidization

    Chinese-English dictionary > 流化

  • 20 流化床

    【化】 ebullated bed; fluidized bed; fluidized layer
    * * *
    liú huà chuáng
    {化工} fluid-bed; fluidized bed; fluidized laver
    流化床焙烧 fluidized-bed roasting;
    流化床焙烧反应 fluid-bed roasting reaction;
    流化床催化剂 {化工} fluid catalyst;
    流化床催化裂化 {化工} fluid catalytic cracking;
    流化床催化裂化过程 fluid catalytic cracking process;
    流化床催化裂化设备 fluid catalytic cracker;
    流化床煅烧器 fluidized bed calciner;
    流化床堆 fluidized bed reactor;
    流化床反应堆 fluidized-bed reactor;
    流化床反应器 fluid bed reactor;
    流化床焚烧炉 fluidized bed incinerator;
    流化床干燥器 fluidized bed dryer;
    流化床过程 {化工} fluid-bed process;
    流化床技术 fluidization;
    流化床焦化 fluidized carbonization; fluid coking;
    流化床粒状催化剂 fluent granular solids;
    流化床连续焦化设备 continuous fluid coker;
    流化床气化 fluidized gasification;
    流化床设备 fluid unit; fluidized bed apparatus; fluidized-bed plant;
    流化床渗 fluidized bed cementation;
    流化床涂层法 {工} fluidized-bed coating;
    流化床涂漆 fluidized bed coating;
    流化床脱硝器 fluidized bed denitrator

    Chinese-English dictionary > 流化床

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