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  • 841 激光二極管

    n. laser diode
    * * *
    ji1 guang1 er4 ji2 guan3
    laser diode
    * * *
    激光二極管|激光二极管 [jī guāng èr jí guǎn] laser diode

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激光二極管

  • 842 激光唱片

    n. compact disk
    * * *
    ji1 guang1 chang4 pian4
    compact disk, CD, CL:片,張, 张
    * * *
    激光唱片|激光唱片 [jī guāng chàng piàn] compact disk CD CL:↑ [piàn],↑ |↑ [zhāng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激光唱片

  • 843 激光器

    【计】 LASER
    【化】 laser
    【医】 laser
    * * *
    ji1 guang1 qi4
    * * *
    jī guāng qì
    {光} (光激射器) laser (缩自 light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation); optical maser; laser device (也叫“莱塞”)
    激光器棒 laser rod;
    激光器不稳定工作状态 nonsteady state laser operation;
    激光器二极管 laser diode;
    激光器反射镜 laser mirror;
    激光器杠杆 laser lever;
    激光器共振腔 laser cavity;
    激光器基质 laser host;
    激光器激励条件 laser oscillation condition;
    激光器陀螺 laser gyroscope;
    激光器稳定性 laser stability;
    激光器振荡条件 laser oscillation condition;
    激光器终端 laser termination
    * * *
    激光器|激光器 [jī guāng qì] laser

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激光器

  • 844 激光打印机

    【电】 laser printer
    * * *
    ji1 guang1 da3 yin4 ji1
    laser printer
    * * *
    激光打印機|激光打印机 [jī guāng dǎ yìn jī] laser printer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激光打印机

  • 845 激光打印機

    ji1 guang1 da3 yin4 ji1
    laser printer
    * * *
    激光打印機|激光打印机 [jī guāng dǎ yìn jī] laser printer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激光打印機

  • 846 激光打引机

    n. laser printer
    * * *
    ji1 guang1 da3 yin3 ji1
    laser printer
    * * *
    激光打引機|激光打引机 [jī guāng dǎ yǐn jī] laser printer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激光打引机

  • 847 激光打引機

    n. laser printer
    * * *
    ji1 guang1 da3 yin3 ji1
    laser printer
    * * *
    激光打引機|激光打引机 [jī guāng dǎ yǐn jī] laser printer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激光打引機

  • 848 激凸

    激凸|激凸 [jī tū] protruding nipples or bulging penis (contours of intimate body parts visible through clothing)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激凸

  • 849 激励

    encourage; impel; urge; spur; stimulate; incentive; inspire;motivate, drive; excitation
    * * *
    encourage; inspirit; excite; stimulate; urge; power; prompt; sparkplug
    stimulation; arousal; excitation
    【经】 motivate
    相关词组: 激励的
    * * *
    bestir; inspire with; inspirit; power; prompting; spark plug; spirit up
    * * *
    n. drive, excitation
    v. encourage, impel, urge, incite, embrave, power
    * * *
    ji1 li4
    to encourage, to urge, motivation, incentive
    * * *
    jī lì
    (激发鼓励) encourage; impel; urge; inspire; excite; stimulate; put one on one's mettle:
    激励斗志 inspire one's fighting will;
    激励士气 give a boost to the morale of the army;
    激励某人进一步努力 inspire sb. to further efforts;
    新老干部相互学习, 相互激励。 Old and young cadres learn from each other and encourage each other.
    他需要别人激励一番。 He wants rousing.
    {电子} drive; excitation; energize:
    激励器 driver; exciter
    激励板极 exciting plate;
    激励本领 exciting power;
    激励变压器 {电子} driver transformer; exciting transformer;
    激励表 excitation table;
    激励部件 driver unit;
    激励磁铁 exciting magnet;
    激励磁通 exciting flux;
    激励处理机 activation processor;
    激励单元 exciting unit; driven element;
    激励导纳 exciting admittance;
    激励灯 {电工} exciter; exciter lamp;
    激励点阻抗 driving point impedance;
    激励电极 exciting electrode;
    激励电流 exciting current; excitation current; drive current; energizing current;
    激励电路 exciting circuit; drive circuit; driver circuit; energizing circuit; pump circuit;
    激励电平 level of drive;
    激励电容器 excitation capacitor;
    激励电势(位) excitation potential;
    激励电压 driving voltage; energizing voltage; keep-alive voltage; swing voltage; excitation voltage;
    激励扼流圈 excitation choking coil;
    激励放大器 exciting amplifier; driver amplifier;
    激励概率 excitation probability;
    激励功率 exciting power; driving power;
    激励函数 excitation function;
    激励机理 excitation mechanism;
    激励晶体管 driver transistor;
    激励矩阵 excitation matrix;
    激励脉冲 driving pulse;
    激励能力 fillip; filip;
    激励偶极子 excited doublet; excited dipole;
    激励频率 driving frequency; pump frequency; pumping frequency;
    激励器 {电 子} exciter; exciter unit; driver; stimulator; actuator;
    激励绕组 exciting winding; excitation winding; driving winding; field winding;
    激励三级管 driver triode;
    激励设备 excitation set;
    激励输入 excitory input;
    激励天线 active antenna;
    激励调节 field control;
    激励系统 excitation system;
    激励线圈 excitation coil; drive coil;
    激励信号 pumping signal; drive signal;
    激励阳极 excitation anode;
    激励因子 excitation factor;
    激励元件 exciting element; driving element;
    激励振荡器 driving oscillator;
    激励整流器 exciter rectifier;
    激励装置 exciting bank;
    激励状态 foment;
    激励阻抗 excitation impedance
    * * *
    激勵|激励 [jī lì] to encourage to urge motivation incentive

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激励

  • 850 激動

    excite; stir; agitate; tingle; rouse; ignite
    * * *
    adj. exciting, agitated
    n. excitement, agitation, buzz
    v. excite, agitate, flurry
    * * *
    ji1 dong4
    to excite, to agitate, exciting
    * * *
    激動|激动 [jī dòng] to move emotionally to stir up (emotions) to excite

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激動

  • 851 激勵

    encourage; impel; urge; spur; stimulate; incentive; inspire;motivate, drive; excitation
    * * *
    n. drive, excitation
    v. encourage, impel, urge, incite, embrave, power
    * * *
    ji1 li4
    to encourage, to urge, motivation, incentive
    * * *
    激勵|激励 [jī lì] to encourage to urge motivation incentive

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激勵

  • 852 激发

    arouse; stimulate; set off, excite
    * * *
    arouse; excitate; explode; inspire; set off; stimulate; wake; waken
    【化】 excitation
    【医】 provocation
    【经】 motivate
    * * *
    blaze; excitated; explode; inspire; kindling; make one tick; waken
    * * *
    n. excitation
    v. arouse, stimulate, excite
    * * *
    ji1 fa1
    to arouse, to excite
    * * *
    jī fā
    (使奋发) arouse; stimulate; set off; stir up:
    激发天良 arouse one's conscience;
    激发某人的革命热情 arouse sb.'s revolutionary fervour;
    激发学生的求知欲 arouse the curiosity of the students;
    你的鼓励会激发我进一步努力。 Your encouragement will stimulate me to further efforts.
    这些人的热情是很快就能激发起来的。 The passions of these people can soon be worked up.
    {物} excitation; exciting; incitement; incitation; activating; energizing:
    热激发 thermal excitation
    激发波 excitation wave;
    激发纯度 {分化} excitation purity; purity;
    激发电流 excitation current;
    激发电路 energizing circuit;
    激发电势 excitation potential;
    激发电位 excitation potential;
    激发电压 excitation voltage;
    激发电子 excitation electron;
    激发扼流圈 exciting choke;
    激发二聚体 excimer;
    激发功率 exciting power;
    激发光 exciting light;
    激发光谱 excitation spectrum;
    激发过程 excitation process;
    激发函数 {原物} excitation function;
    激发核 {核} excited nucleus;
    激发机 exactor;
    激发机制 excitation mechanism;
    激发极化法 induced polarization method;
    激发剂 excitant; booster;
    激发能 excitation energy;
    激发能级 excitation stage; excitation level;
    激发能量 {量子} excitation energy;
    激发频率 stimulating frequency;
    激发谱线 {光谱} exciting line;
    激发器 exciter;
    激发曲线 {核} excitation curve;
    激发势 {量子} excitation potential;
    激发态 {量子} excitation state; excited state;
    激发体积 {物} excitation volume;
    激发物 excimer;
    激发星 exciting star;
    激发引信 concussion-fuse;
    激发阈 excitation threshold;
    激发原因 exciting cause;
    激发指标 {光谱} excitation index;
    激发注射 booster injection;
    激发转移 excitation transfer;
    激发子 exciton;
    激发作用 excitation; trigger action
    * * *
    激發|激发 [jī fā] to arouse to excite

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激发

  • 853 激发注射

    【医】 booster injection
    * * *
    ji1 fa1 zhu4 she4
    booster shot, booster injection
    * * *
    激發注射|激发注射 [jī fā zhù shè] booster shot booster injection

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激发注射

  • 854 激增

    increase sharply; soar; shoot up; leap up, explosion; increase; bulge; leap
    * * *
    balloon; increase sharply; proliferate; shoot up
    【经】 proliferation
    * * *
    * * *
    n. leap
    v. increase sharply
    * * *
    ji1 zeng1
    rapidly increasing
    * * *
    jī zēng
    jump from; increase sharply; soar; shoot up:
    产量激增 steep rise in output;
    粮食产量激增。 Grain output shot up.
    经济危机加剧, 失业人数激增。 With the deepening of the economic crisis, unemployment shot up.
    激增负荷 surge load
    * * *
    激增|激增 [jī zēng] to increase rapidly to shoot up

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激增

  • 855 激怒

    aggravate; enrage; infuriate; exasperate; spite; provoke; incense
    * * *
    enrage; exacerbate; exasperate; fume; grate on; infuriate; provocate; wrath
    provocation; anger; exacerbation
    【医】 rage
    相关词组: 激怒的
    * * *
    enrage; exasperate; inflame; infuriate; irritate; madden; provoke
    * * *
    n. exacerbation
    v. enrage, infuriate, nettle, anger, thorn, pique, burn up, exacerbate
    * * *
    ji1 nu4
    to infuriate, to enrage, to exasperate
    * * *
    jī nù
    enrage; infuriate; exasperate:
    激怒某人 provoke sb. to anger;
    他被激怒时样子真可怕。 He is terrible when roused.
    她被他的侮辱激怒了。 She was enraged at his insult.
    * * *
    激怒|激怒 [jī nù] to infuriate to enrage to exasperate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激怒

  • 856 激情

    intense emotion; fervour; passion; enthusiasm
    * * *
    enthusiasm; fervor; intense emotion; passion; reins
    * * *
    enthusiasm; ardour; fire; furor; heartthrob; reins
    * * *
    n. intense emotion, enthusiasm
    * * *
    ji1 qing2
    passion, fervor, enthusiasm, strong emotion
    * * *
    jī qíng
    intense emotion; fervour; passion; enthusiasm:
    满怀激情 be filled with enthusiasm;
    燃起激情 kindle the passions; set one's passion aflame;
    抑制激情 hold the passion in check
    * * *
    激情|激情 [jī qíng] passion fervor enthusiasm strong emotion

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激情

  • 857 激战

    fierce fighting
    * * *
    a fierce battle; hassle; pitched battle
    * * *
    a fierce battle; hassle; pitched battle
    * * *
    n. fierce fighting, fierce battle, pitched battle
    * * *
    ji1 zhan4
    fierce battle
    * * *
    jī zhàn
    fierce fighting; fierce battle; pitched battle:
    激战竟日。 A bitter battle was fought the whole of the day.
    这两个国家正在进行一场激战。 A fierce battle is raging between the two countries.
    * * *
    激戰|激战 [jī zhàn] to fight fiercely fierce battle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激战

  • 858 激戰

    fierce fighting
    * * *
    n. fierce fighting, fierce battle, pitched battle
    * * *
    ji1 zhan4
    fierce battle
    * * *
    激戰|激战 [jī zhàn] to fight fiercely fierce battle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激戰

  • 859 激打

    ji1 da3
    laser printer, abbr. for 激光打印機, 激光打印机
    * * *
    激打|激打 [jī dǎ] laser printer abbr. for ↑ 激光打印機|↑ 激光打印机 [jī guāng dǎ yìn jī]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激打

  • 860 激昂

    excited and indignant; roused
    * * *
    heat; infuriation
    相关词组: 激昂的
    * * *
    heat; infuriation
    * * *
    adj. roused, aroused, excited, indignant
    * * *
    ji1 ang2
    aroused to indignation
    * * *
    jī áng
    roused; aroused; excited and indignant; be emotionally wrought up:
    发言激昂 speak in excitement;
    群情激昂。 Public feeling was aroused (ran high).
    * * *
    激昂|激昂 [jī áng] aroused to indignation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激昂

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  • 当心胎盘补身越吃越“雌” — 药膳 36岁的张先生,五年前因十二指肠球部溃疡做了手术。术后,张先生日常生活中一副病病恹恹的样子,夫妻生活的表现也不尽如人意。张先生的爱人王女士是个温柔体贴的女子,她非但 没有抱怨,反而在生活中处处关心体贴。两年前,王女士听人说,胎盘是滋补佳品,于是,她每个月托人弄回来两副胎盘,变着花样做给丈夫吃,以期丈夫的身体早日强壮起来。然而事 与愿违,这样滋补了两年多,丈夫的身体未见强壮,相反在夫妻生活中的表现更差,在不知不觉中,整个人的生理状况也变得阴柔十足,缺乏阳刚之气了。… …   Folk remedies Daquan (民间偏方大全)

  • 产后祛斑的治疗 — 妇科 产后病 产后祛斑的治疗 在孕期常见的面部色素沉着称为黄褐斑,由于它以鼻尖和两个面颊部最突出,且对称分布,形状像蝴蝶,也称为蝴蝶斑,它是由于怀孕后胎盘分泌雄孕激素增多而产生的,因存在个体差 异,有的孕妇斑重一些,有的轻一些。生产后体内雄孕激素分泌恢复到怀孕的正常平衡状态,大部分人脸上的斑会自然减轻或消失,但也有人依然如故,这就需要由内进行调节,而一些 祛斑的总是则属于美容学的范畴。 目前流行的几种祛斑方法: 1、激光祛斑-用先进的激光仪器除去色斑;… …   Folk remedies Daquan (民间偏方大全)

  • 养生:阴阳古法为你带来新美丽 — 其他 中医养生 时空运转,现代人类虽已进入科学技术高度发达的二十一世纪,但我们仍可时时感受到祖先的英明、智慧与恩泽,尤其是中国传统文化中的阴阳之道博大精深,古往今来、芸芸生灵、茫 茫宇宙,变化莫测,但皆离不开阴阳二字。如人体者,男为阳、女为阴;皮肤者,外层表皮、真皮为阳,里层皮下脂肪为阴;荷尔蒙者雄激素为阳,雌激素为阴……,一切莫不以阴阳而概 括其中。 古人称美容为易容术,所谓“易”者,上部为“日”、下部为“月”,此词乃内含阴阳日月变化之意,因此所谓易容,究其实质就是调节阴阳,以抹去岁月之… …   Folk remedies Daquan (民间偏方大全)

  • 切莫胡乱“战痘” — 保健 美容减肥 日前笔者到辽宁省人民医院皮肤科采访,巧遇一名14岁女孩在母亲的陪同下求治“青春痘”,待医生询问她曾用过何种药物时,女孩低垂下头小声说:“这一个月来天天吃避孕药。”医生说 ,服用避孕药治疗痤疮(俗称“青春痘”)的方法在北京、广州等城市的女学生中比较流行。她指出,痤疮通常是由于体内雄性激素分泌过多、皮脂腺代谢紊乱引起毛孔阻塞,使皮肤内痤疮 丙酸杆菌大量生长,从而产生丘疹、脓包、结节、囊肿等炎性反应。避孕药的成分主要为雌激素、孕激素,它的确对调理痤疮有一定疗效。但18岁以下的未成… …   Folk remedies Daquan (民间偏方大全)

  • 不可不知饮食美容法则 — 药膳 食物对皮肤的影响 现代科学研究发现,皮肤的细腻和光洁程度,与真皮中透明质酸酶含量有密切关系,而透明质酸酶又与雌激素分泌量有密切关系。最近科学家发现,卵巢分泌雌激素增加时,雌激素在真 皮内与某些特异受体相结合,从而促进透明质酸酶的形成。这种酶能促进皮肤对水、微量元素、维生素等的吸收,从而使皮肤水分、微量元素和维生素含量充足,使皮肤细腻光滑。那么 在饮食上怎样才能使皮肤健美呢? (1)适量饮水人体组织液里含水量达72%,成年人体内含水量为58%… …   Folk remedies Daquan (民间偏方大全)

  • 呵护完美双峰的饮食法宝 — 药膳 一对健美的乳房,是由各种因素所决定的,一方面是先天因素,如遗传等。一方面是由后天因素所造就的,如食物营养、健美锻炼等。乳房发育和全身发育一样,都离不开由食物对其提 供的营养,乳房是脂肪的储藏室,乳房脂肪多了,乳房自然也就显得丰满了,所以,平衡膳食的建立和正确的膳食内容是乳房健美的基本保证。 想要脂肪量增加,在正常的脂肪摄入量中,要提高植物脂肪的摄入量,因为植物性脂肪的主要来源是植物性油,含有人体必需的脂肪酸。此外,多吃海藻等海产植物、少吃甜食、少吃高… …   Folk remedies Daquan (民间偏方大全)

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