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  • 821 此类

    ci3 lei4
    this kind, these kinds, such
    * * *
    此類|此类 [cǐ lèi] ► this kind ► these kinds ► such

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  • 822 毒药

    poison; toxicant
    * * *
    bane; poison; toxicant
    【医】 bane; poison
    相关词组: 放毒药
    * * *
    bane; poison; toxicant
    * * *
    n. poison, toxicant, toxic
    * * *
    du2 yao4
    * * *
    dú yào
    poisonous substance; poison; toxicant:
    烈性毒药 a powerful (strong; violent) poison;
    慢性毒药 slow (cumulative) poison;
    马钱子碱、砷和鸦片都是毒药。 Strychnine, arsenic, and opium are poison.
    酒精饮料对小孩犹如毒药。 Alcoholic drinks act as a poison to a child.
    毒药攻邪 attacking a pathogenic factor with a poisonous drug;
    毒药片剂 toxicotabella; toxitabella;
    毒药渔法 fish poisoning
    * * *
    毒藥|毒药 [dú yào] ► poison

    Chinese-English dictionary > 毒药

  • 823 氨哮素

    an1 xiao1 su4
    * * *
    氨哮素|氨哮素 [ān xiāo sù] ► clenbuterol

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  • 824 氨基甲酸酯类化合物

    an1 ji1 jia3 suan1 zhi3 lei4 hua4 he2 wu4
    * * *
    氨基甲酸酯類化合物|氨基甲酸酯类化合物 [ān jī jiǎ suān zhǐ lèi huà hé wù] ► carbamate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 氨基甲酸酯类化合物

  • 825 氯林可霉素

    lu:4 lin2 ke3 mei2 su4
    * * *
    氯林可霉素|氯林可霉素 [lu lín kě méi sù] ► clindamycin

    Chinese-English dictionary > 氯林可霉素

  • 826 氯洁霉素

    【化】 clindamycin
    * * *
    lu:4 jie2 mei2 su4
    * * *
    氯潔霉素|氯洁霉素 [lu jié méi sù] ► clindamycin

    Chinese-English dictionary > 氯洁霉素

  • 827 氯潔霉素

    lu:4 jie2 mei2 su4
    * * *
    氯潔霉素|氯洁霉素 [lu jié méi sù] ► clindamycin

    Chinese-English dictionary > 氯潔霉素

  • 828 氯霉素

    chloromycetin; chloramphenicol
    * * *
    【化】 chloramphenicol; chloromycetin; levomycetin; nalectin; paraxin
    【医】 chloramghenicol; chloromycetin; levomycetin
    * * *
    chloramphenicol; chloromycetin
    * * *
    n. chloromycetin
    * * *
    lu:4 mei2 su4
    chloramphenicol, chloromycetin
    * * *
    氯霉素|氯霉素 [lu méi sù] ► chloramphenicol ► chloromycetin

    Chinese-English dictionary > 氯霉素

  • 829 水蛭素

    【化】 hirudin
    【医】 hirudin
    * * *
    * * *
    shui3 zhi4 su4
    * * *
    水蛭素|水蛭素 [shuǐ zhì sù] ► hirudin

    Chinese-English dictionary > 水蛭素

  • 830 汤类

    tang1 lei4
    soup dishes (on menu)
    * * *
    湯類|汤类 [tāng lèi] ► soup dishes (on menu)

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  • 831 汤药

    a decoction of medicinal ingredients
    * * *
    【法】 liquor
    * * *
    tang1 yao4
    tisane, decoction (Chinese medicine)
    * * *
    tāng yào
    a decoction of medicinal ingredients
    * * *
    湯藥|汤药 [tāng yào] ► tisane ► decoction (Chinese medicine)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 汤药

  • 832 没药

    * * *
    【化】 myrrh
    【医】 gum myrrh; myrrh
    * * *
    * * *
    mo4 yao4
    myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)
    * * *
    mò yào
    {中药} (没药树 Commiphora Myrrha 树皮渗出的树脂) myrrh
    没药醇 bisabol; bisabol myrrh; bissabol;
    没药烯 heerabolene;
    没药脂 myrrhin
    * * *
    沒藥|没药 [mò yào] ► myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 没药

  • 833 河豚毒素

    【医】 fugo toxin; fugu poison; fugutoxin; spheroidine; tetraoaontoxin
    tetrodo toxin; tetrodotoxin
    * * *
    he2 tun2 du2 su4
    tetrodotoxin, tetrodox (TTX), tetrodonic acid C11H17N3O8
    * * *
    河豚毒素|河豚毒素 [hé tún dú sù] ► tetrodotoxin ► tetrodox (TTX) ► tetrodonic acid C11H17N3O8

    Chinese-English dictionary > 河豚毒素

  • 834 泻药

    laxative; cathartic; purgative
    * * *
    cathartic; jalap; laxative; physic; purge; purger
    【化】 cathartic; laxative; laxatives
    【医】 catarrhectic; Cath; catoteric; lustramentum
    相关词组: 缓泻药
    * * *
    bitter aloes; cathartic; jalap; jollop; lapactic; physic; purge; purger
    * * *
    n. physic
    adj. laxative, purgative
    n. laxative, cathartic, purgative, purge
    * * *
    xie4 yao4
    * * *
    xiè yào
    lustramentum; evacuant; cathartics; cathartica; purgative; laxative
    * * *
    瀉藥|泻药 [xiè yào] ► laxative

    Chinese-English dictionary > 泻药

  • 835 测孕

    ce4 yun4
    pregnancy testing
    * * *
    測孕|测孕 [cè yùn] ► pregnancy testing

    Chinese-English dictionary > 测孕

  • 836 消炎药

    【化】 anticatarrhals; antiphlogistic drug
    * * *
    n. antibiotic medicine
    * * *
    xiao1 yan2 yao4
    antibiotic medicine
    * * *
    消炎藥|消炎药 [xiāo yán yào] ► antibiotic medicine

    Chinese-English dictionary > 消炎药

  • 837 測孕

    ce4 yun4
    pregnancy testing
    * * *
    測孕|测孕 [cè yùn] ► pregnancy testing

    Chinese-English dictionary > 測孕

  • 838 激

    swash; surge; dash, arouse; stimulate; excite, fall ill from getting wet, sharp; fierce; violent
    * * *
    arouse; dash; fierce; sharp; stimulate; surge; swash; violent
    【建】 kinase
    * * *
    arouse; dash; fierce; sharp; stimulate; surge; swash; violent
    * * *
    adj. sharp, fierce, violent
    v. arouse, incite, excite, stimulate
    * * *
    to arouse, to incite, to excite, to stimulate, sharp, fierce, violent
    * * *
    (水因受到阻碍或震荡而向上涌) swash; surge; dash:
    海水冲击礁石,激起高高的浪花。 Swashing against the rocks, the breakers sent up a fountain of spray.
    一石激起千层浪。 A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples.
    (冷水突然刺激身体使得病) fall ill from getting wet:
    他叫雨激着了。 He caught a chill from getting wet in the rain.
    (方) (用冷水冲或泡食物等使变凉) chill (by putting in ice water, etc.):
    把西瓜放在水里激一激 chill a watermelon in cold water
    (使发作; 使感情冲动) arouse; stimulate; excite:
    激起我们学习科学技术的热情 arouse our enthusiasm for studying science and technology;
    对该议案的否决激起人民的愤慨。 The rejection of this measure aroused the people to indignation.
    我把他激怒了。 I excited him to anger.
    (感情激动) excite; stir:
    不胜感激 be deeply grateful; feel very much indebted;
    激于义愤 be stirred by righteous indignation
    (急剧; 强烈) sharp; fierce; violent:
    激战 fierce fighting;
    过激 too drastic
    (书) (鲜明) bright
    (姓氏) a surname:
    激章 Ji Zhang
    * * *
    激|激 [jī] ► to arouse ► to incite ► to excite ► to stimulate ► sharp ► fierce ► violent

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激

  • 839 激光

    * * *
    【化】 laser
    【医】 laser
    * * *
    laser; laser light; laser n.
    * * *
    n. laser
    * * *
    ji1 guang1
    * * *
    jī guāng
    激光安全 laser safety;
    激光安全水平 laser safe level;
    激光靶 laser target;
    激光斑纹法 laser speckle methods;
    激光棒 laser bar; laser rod;
    激光棒冷却套 laser-rod-cooling jacket;
    激光棒研磨 laser rod grinding;
    激光包络检测 envelope detection with laser;
    激光饱和光谱学 laser saturation spectroscopy;
    激光报警器 laser avoidance device;
    激光爆聚技术 laser implosion technique;
    激光倍频 laser frequency doubling;
    激光泵 laser pump;
    激光泵浦 laser pumping;
    激光变流器 laser current transformer;
    激光标准具 laser etalon;
    激光玻璃 laser glass;
    激光玻璃纤维 laser fibre; lasing fibre;
    激光波长 optical maser wavelength;
    激光波束控制 laser beam steering;
    激光波束制导武器 laser beam riding weapon;
    激光布线 laser deposition of conductor pattern;
    激光材料 laser material;
    激光彩色电视机 laser colour television;
    激光测大气污染 air pollution measurement with lidar;
    激光测高 laser-measured height;
    激光测高计 laser altitude gage; optical maser altimeter;
    激光测高精度 laser height accuracy;
    激光测高雷达 laser terrain following radar;
    激光测高仪 laser ceilometer;
    激光测厚 thickness measurement with laser;
    激光测厚仪 laser thickness gauge;
    激光测绘 laser mapping;
    激光测距 laser range finding; laser ranging;
    激光测距机 range finder using laser;
    激光测距仪 laser range finder; laser ranging device; laser ranging sensor; laser distance measuring instrument;
    激光测云仪 laser ceilometer;
    激光测量导热率 measurement of thermal conductivity by laser;
    激光测量地震 earthquake measurement with laser;
    激光测量振动 vibration measurement with laser;
    激光长度基准 laser length standard;
    激光唱片 laser disc;
    激光唱针 laser stylus;
    激光抽运 laser pumping;
    激光抽运能量 laser pumping energy;
    激光抽运阈值电流 lasing threshold current;
    激光触发开关 {电工} laser triggered switch;
    激光穿透 laser penetration;
    激光穿透能力 laser piercing power;
    激光传感器 laser sensor; laser pickoff;
    激光传输 laser transmission;
    激光传真机 laser facsimile;
    激光垂直仪 laser zenith meter;
    激光淬火 laser-quenching;
    激光存储电路 laser memory circuit;
    激光存储器 laser memory;
    激光存储容量 laser storage capacity;
    激光打孔 laser boring; laser drilling;
    激光打印机 laser printer;
    激光带宽 laser bandwidth;
    激光导弹跟踪系统 laser missile tracking system;
    激光导弹控制 laser-guided-missile control;
    激光导航 laser navigation;
    激光导航设备 laser navigation gear;
    激光导航仪 laser navigation(al) equipment;
    激光导向仪 laser alignment telescope;
    激光等离子体 laser plasma;
    激光低能级 terminal laser level;
    激光地球动力星 lageos (laser geodynamic satellite);
    激光地震报警器 laser earthquake alarm;
    激光点焊机 laser spot welder;
    激光电路 laser circuit;
    激光电视 laser television;
    激光电视摄像机 laser TV camera;
    激光电子干扰 {军} laser jamming;
    激光定位器 laser locator; lidar;
    激光定向仪 laser locator;
    激光动力平衡 laser dynamic balancing;
    激光镀膜 laser coating;
    激光短脉冲 fast laser pulse;
    激光对抗装置 laser countermeasures device;
    激光多模振荡器 multimode laser oscillator;
    激光二极管 {光} diode laser; laser diode;
    激光发动机 laser propulsion;
    激光发射 laser shot;
    激光发射机 laser transmitter;
    激光发生器 laser generator;
    激光反射 laser-bounce;
    激光反射器 laser reflector;
    激光防护 lasing safety;
    激光防撞传感器 laser obstacle avoidance sensor; laser terrain avoidance sensor;
    激光防撞雷达 obstacle avoidance laser radar;
    激光防撞系统 laser obstacle avoidance system; laser terrain avoidance system;
    激光放大器 {电子} laser amplifier; light amplifier;
    激光分光(束)镜 laser beam splitter;
    激光风速计{工} laser anemometer;
    激光辐射 laser emission;
    激光辐射计 laser radiometer;
    激光辐射起伏 laser fluctuations;
    激光辐射损伤 laser radiation damage;
    激光辐射探测器 {电子} laser radiation detector;
    激光辐照 laser irradiation;
    激光干涉测量 laser interferometry;
    激光干涉量度法 {等离子} laser interferometry;
    激光干涉气压计 laser interferometer manometer;
    激光干涉仪 laser interferometer;
    激光感应白内障 laser-induced cataract;
    激光感应振荡 laser induced generation;
    激光高度计 laser altimeter;
    激光 X-Y 高速记录器 oscilloreg;
    激光跟踪 laser lock-on; laser tracking;
    激光跟踪雷达 laser tracking radar;
    激光跟踪器 laser tracker;
    激光跟踪轴 laser tracking axis;
    激光工程 laser engineering;
    激光功率 laser power;
    激光共振器熵 laser resonator entropy;
    激光共振腔 laser resonator;
    激光管 laser tube;
    激光管谐振腔 laser-tube cavity;
    激光光度学 laser photometry;
    激光光化学 laser photochemistry;
    激光光凝固器 {医} laser photocoagulator;
    激光光谱 laser spectrum;
    激光光谱学 laser spectroscopy;
    激光光学检验 optical testing with laser;
    激光光学纤维 active optical fibre;
    激光光学装置 laser optics;
    激光焊 laser (beam) welding;
    激光焊机 laser welder;
    激光焊接 laser bonding; laser welding;
    激光焊接室 laser welding chamber;
    激光焊接头 laser welder head; laser welding head;
    激光焊接系统 laser welding system;
    激光航道标 laser channel marker;
    激光核聚变 laser fusion;
    激光轰击 laser bombardment;
    激光红外雷达 lidar; laser infrared radar;
    激光护目镜 laser protective eyewear;
    激光划片(线)器 {工} laser scriber;
    激光划线 laser scribing;
    激光回波 return laser beam;
    激光击穿 laser breakdown; laser induced breakdown;
    激光激发 laser excitation;
    激光激发率 laser-excitation efficiency;
    激光激发源 laser-excitation source;
    激光激活材料 working-laser material;
    激光级联 laser cascade connection;
    激光技术 laser technique; laser technology;
    激光计量学 lasermetrics;
    激光计算机 laser computer; laser computing machine;
    激光记录头 laser recording head;
    激光记录仪 {讯} laser recorder;
    激光加工 laser material processing;
    激光加工机 laser machine;
    激光加工设备 laser process equipment;
    激光加热 laser heating;
    激光加速器 laser accelerator;
    激光监视 laser surveillance;
    激光接收器 laser pickoff; laser pickoff unit;
    激光接受(收)机 laser receiving set;
    激光解调器 laser demodulator;
    激光晶体 laser crystal;
    激光晶体生长 laser crystal growth; laser crystal growing;
    激光经纬仪 {工} laser transit;
    激光镜 laser mirror;
    激光聚变 laser-produced fusion; laser fusion;
    激光聚变核电站 laser fusion power plant;
    激光聚焦系统 laser focusing system;
    激光绝对重力计 laser absolute gravimeter;
    激光卡拉 OK laser karaoke;
    激光开关 laser switch;
    激光刻槽 laser grooving;
    激光孔径 laser aperture;
    激光控制 laser control;
    激光雷达 {光} lidar (laser infrared radar); optical laser radar;
    激光雷达回波 laser radar echo;
    激光雷达技术 laser radar technique;
    激光雷达频率 laser radar frequency;
    激光雷管 laser detonator;
    激光列阵 laser array;
    激光离子 lasing ion;
    激光离子浓度 lasing ion concentration;
    激光量热器 laser calorimeter;
    激光疗法 laser therapy;
    激光灵敏头 laser-light sensing head;
    激光流量计 laser flowmeter;
    激光录像法 video recording by laser;
    激光录像盘 laser videodisc;
    激光脉冲 laser pulse;
    激光脉冲成形 laser pulse shaping;
    激光脉冲控制 laser pulse control;
    激光盲人阅读器 optacon;
    激光媒质 laser medium;
    激光密封 package sealing with laser;
    激光瞄准 laser aiming;
    激光瞄准器 laser sight;
    激光模控(制) laser mode control;
    激光模式 lasing mode;
    激光能级 laser levels;
    激光能(量) laser energy;
    激光能量传输 laser energy transmission;
    激光能量监控器 laser energy monitor;
    激光能量聚集 laser (energy) accumulation;
    激光凝结器 laser coagulator; laser photocoagulator;
    激光浓集 laser enrichment;
    激光耦合 laser coupling;
    激光排版 laser composition;
    激光排版机 lasercomp;
    激光偏转器 laser deflector;
    激光偏转调制 laser deflection modulation;
    激光频率 laser frequency;
    激光频率标准 laser frequency standard;
    激光频率稳定 laser frequency stabilization;
    激光平台 laser platform;
    激光平行光束 collimated laser beam;
    激光破碎 laser fracturing;
    激光捕获装置 optical acquisition equipment;
    激光谱线 laser line;
    激光起爆 laser initiation;
    激光起爆聚变 laser-initiated fusion;
    激光气体 laser gas; lasing gas;
    激光枪 laser gun;
    激光腔 laser cavity;
    激光切割 laser cutting;
    激光切割机 laser cutting machine tool;
    激光全息存储器 laser holography memory;
    激光全息(照相)图 laser hologram;
    激光染料 laser dye;
    激光热解器 laser pyrolyzer;
    激光人造卫星测距 laser satellite ranging;
    激光熔液 laser solution;
    激光闪光管 {电子} laser flash tube;
    激光散射 laser scattering;
    激光扫描 laser scanning;
    激光扫描技术 laser scanner technique;
    激光扫描器 laser scanner;
    激光扫描显示 laser-scan display;
    激光扫平仪 Geoplane;
    激光摄像机 laser camera;
    激光设备 laser gear;
    激光伸长仪 laser extensometer;
    激光生物效应 laser biological effects;
    激光生物学 laser biology;
    激光矢量速度计 laser vector velocimeter;
    激光视盘 VCD; video compact disk (disc);
    激光搜索装置 laser search apparatus;
    激光手术 laser surgery;
    激光手术刀 laser scalpel;
    激光输出 laser output;
    激光输出频率 laser output frequency;
    激光输出特性 laser output characteristic;
    激光水平仪 laser leveler;
    激光水准器 laser level gage; laser leveler;
    激光损伤 damage from laser;
    激光瞬变性能 transient laser behavior;
    激光速率方程 laser rate equation;
    激光锁定 laser lock-on;
    激光态 laser state;
    激光探测 laser acquisition; laser probing; laser detect;
    激光探测器 laser detector; laser locator; laser search and secure observer;
    激光探测系统 laser detection system;
    激光探针 laser probe;
    激光陶瓷 laser ceramics;
    激光天线 laser antenna;
    激光天象仪 laserium; laser planetarium;
    激光条件 lasing condition;
    激光条纹照相法 laser schlieren (method); laser schlieren photography;
    激光调整 laser adjustment;
    激光调制 laser modulation;
    激光调阻 laser resistor trimming;
    激光调组机 laser trimming equipment;
    激光通话线路 laser voice link;
    激光通信 laser communication;
    激光通信工程 laser communication engineering;
    激光同步 laser locking;
    激光陀螺 laser gyro;
    激光陀螺仪 {工} laser gyro; ring laser;
    激光陀螺轴 axis of the laser gyroscope;
    激光外科 laser surgery;
    激光微加工 laser micromachine;
    激光微量分析 laser microanalysis;
    激光微调 laser trimming;
    激光卫星 laser satellite;
    激光纹影仪 laser schlieren;
    激光稳频 laser frequency stabilization;
    激光稳频系统 laser frequency stabilizing system;
    激光武器 laser weapon;
    激光纤维 laser fiber;
    激光显示 laser display;
    激光显示板 laser display panel;
    激光显示电路 laser display circuit;
    激光显示系统 laser display system;
    激光显微镜 laser microscope;
    激光显微光谱分析仪 laser microspectral analyzer;
    激光显微探针 laser microprobe;
    激光线宽 laser linewidth;
    激光向(中)心爆炸 laser implosion;
    激光相干性 laser coherence;
    激光相控列阵 laser phased array;
    激光像 lasing image;
    激光谐波 laser harmonic;
    激光谐振器 laser resonator;
    激光谐振腔端面反射体 laser end reflector;
    激光信号 laser signal;
    激光信息 laser intelligence;
    激光性能 laser activity; lasing behavior;
    激光压力计 laser pressure gauge;
    激光延伸仪 laser extensometer;
    激光音频线路 laser voice link;
    激光音像设备 laser audio-video-equipment;
    激光引爆 laser blasting;
    激光引导 laser aiming;
    激光应变计 laser strainmeter;
    激光应用 laser action;
    激光荧光 laser fluorescence; lasing fluorescence;
    激光诱变 mutation induced by laser;
    激光诱发聚变 {核子} laser-induced fusion;
    激光育种 breeding with laser; seeds cultivating with laser;
    激光阈 {电子} laser threshold;
    激光阈抽运 lasing threshold pumping;
    激光阈能 lasing threshold energy;
    激光阈值 laser threshold;
    激光原理 laser principle;
    激光跃迁 laser transition;
    激光月球测距 laser lunar ranging;
    激光云高计 {工} laser ceilometer;
    激光再生 laser regeneration;
    激光载波 laser carrier;
    激光噪声 laser noise;
    激光增益 laser gain;
    激光炸弹 laser bomb;
    激光照明 laser lighting;
    激光照明器 laser illuminator;
    激光照(相)排(版)机 laser phototypesetter;
    激光照相机 laser camera;
    激光照相术 laser photography;
    激光侦察 laser reconnaissance;
    激光振荡 laser generation; laser oscillation;
    激光振荡器 laser oscillator; optical maser oscillator;
    激光振荡时间 lasing time;
    激光振动输出 oscillatory laser output;
    激光振动探测仪 vibration detecting laser apparatus;
    激光阵列 laser array;
    激光阵列轴 laser array axis;
    激光蒸发与淀积 laser evaporation and deposition;
    激光指示器 laser designator;
    激光指向 {采矿} laser alignment;
    激光指向标 laser beacon;
    激光发射 laser-induced emission;
    激光致聚变 laser-induced fusion;
    激光致裂变 laser-induced fission;
    激光致损伤 laser-induced damage;
    激光陷口 laser-produced crater;
    激光制导 laser guidance;
    激光制导弹 laser (-guided) missile; laser seeker;
    激光制导技术 laser guidance technique;
    激光制导雷达 guidance laser radar;
    激光制导装置 laser guidance equipment;
    激光治疗器 laser treatmentor;
    激光治疗肿瘤 tumor treatment with laser;
    激光钟 laser clock;
    激光重差计 laser gravimeter; laser gravity meter;
    激光准直 laser alignment;
    激光准直仪 laser collimator;
    激光作用 laser action; optical maser action; lasing action; lasing;
    激光作用面 lasing surface;
    激光转换器 lasecon; laser-converter;
    激光转换率 laser-conversion efficiency;
    激光钻孔 {光} laser drill; laser hole drilling;
    激光装置 laser aid; laser arrangement; laser device; laser facility
    * * *
    激光|激光 [jī guāng] ► laser

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激光

  • 840 激光二极管

    【计】 laser diode
    * * *
    n. laser diode
    * * *
    ji1 guang1 er4 ji2 guan3
    laser diode
    * * *
    激光二極管|激光二极管 [jī guāng èr jí guǎn] ► laser diode

    Chinese-English dictionary > 激光二极管

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  • 不可不知饮食美容法则 — 药膳 食物对皮肤的影响 现代科学研究发现,皮肤的细腻和光洁程度,与真皮中透明质酸酶含量有密切关系,而透明质酸酶又与雌激素分泌量有密切关系。最近科学家发现,卵巢分泌雌激素增加时,雌激素在真 皮内与某些特异受体相结合,从而促进透明质酸酶的形成。这种酶能促进皮肤对水、微量元素、维生素等的吸收,从而使皮肤水分、微量元素和维生素含量充足,使皮肤细腻光滑。那么 在饮食上怎样才能使皮肤健美呢? (1)适量饮水人体组织液里含水量达72%,成年人体内含水量为58%… …   Folk remedies Daquan (民间偏方大全)

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