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人部人身类 10-61a1

  • 861 这些人

    【满洲语】: ese
    【蒙古语】: ede
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部尔我类 18-60a2
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.2569-3 (9675)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 这些人

  • 862 这些人的

    【满洲语】: eseingge
    【蒙古语】: eden+eyiki
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部尔我类 18-60a3
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.2569-4 (9676)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 这些人的

  • 863 连啐人声

    【满洲语】: piyas pis seme
    【蒙古语】: piyas̱ pis̱ ki=ǰü
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部鄙薄类 15-68b3
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.2149-2 (8110)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 连啐人声

  • 864 那些人

    【满洲语】: tese
    【蒙古语】: tede
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部尔我类 18-60a4
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.2570-1 (9677)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 那些人

  • 865 那些人的

    【满洲语】: teseingge
    【蒙古语】: teden+eyiki
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部尔我类 18-60b1
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.2570-2 (9678)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 那些人的

  • 866 醉闹人

    【满洲语】: suihutu
    【蒙古语】: aγsum
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部轻狂类 17-24b4
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.2342-3 (8832)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 醉闹人

  • 867 钻干人

    【满洲语】: encehengge
    【蒙古语】: činegerkeg
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部凶恶类 18-3b1
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.2461-1 (9273)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 钻干人

  • 868 非等闲人

    【满洲语】: baibi niyalma waka
    【蒙古语】: demeyile kümün busu
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部称奬类 12-18b3
    【五体清文鉴】: 1.1538-3 (5815)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 非等闲人

  • 869 靠人做事

    【满洲语】: šohadambi
    【蒙古语】: tüsigle=müi
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部懦弱类 17-40b1
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.2373-2 (8949)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 靠人做事

  • 870 顽笑人

    【满洲语】: efisi injesi
    【蒙古语】: naγadumči iniyedümči
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部戏要类 13-35a4
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.1734-4 (6542)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 顽笑人

  • 871 领头人

    【满洲语】: kurku
    【蒙古语】: siq_a
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部强凌类 17-29a4
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.2349-3 (8859)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 领头人

  • 872 骂人

    【满洲语】: toombi
    【蒙古语】: qariya=mui
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部咒骂类 16-6a2
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.2175-2 (8205)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 骂人

  • 873 骚鼠等物拒人声

    【满洲语】: kiyar kir
    【蒙古语】: kiyar kiyar
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部声响类 14-50b1
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.1934-3 (7302)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 骚鼠等物拒人声

  • 874 鬼诈人

    【满洲语】: koitonggo
    【蒙古语】: ǰibtü
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部厌恶类 18-20a1
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.2493-1 (9392)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 鬼诈人

  • 875 鵰鸟狠鹘拒人声

    【满洲语】: ha
    【蒙古语】: qa
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部声响类 14-55a1
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.1943-3 (7337)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 鵰鸟狠鹘拒人声

  • 876 鹰拒人声

    【满洲语】: kiyar kir
    【蒙古语】: kiyar kiyar
    【三合切音清文鉴】: 人部声响类 14-54a3
    【五体清文鉴】: 2.1942-1 (7331)

    Chinese-Manchu-Mongolian dictionary > 鹰拒人声

  • 877 个人

    individual (person), I
    * * *
    each; individual
    【法】 individual; man; private person
    相关词组: 个人电脑
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. individual, personal
    n. individual, each person
    pron. I, oneself
    * * *
    ge4 ren2
    individual, personal, oneself
    * * *
    gè rén
    (一个人) individual (person); personal:
    用他个人的名义 in his own name;
    个人负责 individual responsibility;
    个人包办 individually monopolizing the conduct of affairs;
    个人问题 individual problem; love affair;
    个人崇拜 personality cult; cult of the individual;
    个人简历 personal particulars; biographical note;(拉) curriculum vitae;
    个人兴趣 personal preference;
    个人意图 personal motive;
    个人经历 personal history (experience);
    计较个人名利 a concern for personal fame and gain;
    个人利益服从集体利益 subordinate one's personal interests to those of the collective;
    个人自由行动 individuals acting their own way;
    个人说了算 one person alone having the final say (in a leading body);
    个人武断 make decisions arbitrarily by oneself;
    实行集体领导和个人分工负责制相结合的制度 function on the principle of combining collective leadership with individual responsibility based on division of labour
    (自称, 我) I:
    个人认为 in my opinion
    个人保(风)险 personal risk;
    个人财产收入 personal income from property;
    个人财产税 personal property tax;
    “个人差异”说 individual differences theory;
    个人乘车出行 person trip;
    个人承包经营 system of contractual operation by workers and staff as individuals;
    个人持有 hold in one's own possession;
    个人储蓄 personal saving;
    个人处理机 vigilant;
    个人贷款(信贷)公司 personal loan company; personal finance company;
    个人得失 personal gains or losses;
    个人防护 individual protection;
    个人防卫 private defence;
    个人飞行防护装备 individual flight protective equipment;
    个人分红制度 system of individual bonuses;
    个人辐射监测 personal radiation monitoring;
    个人购买力 individual purchasing power;
    个人冠军 individual championship;
    个人混合泳 {体} individual medley;
    个人激励 personal motivation;
    个人计算机 personal computer;
    个人剂量计 {核子} personal dosimeter;
    个人剂量学 personal dosimetry;
    个人价值 individual values;
    个人鉴定 identity;
    个人胶片剂量学 personal film dosimetry;
    个人经营 one-man business;
    个人决策 personal policy-making;
    个人开支 personal outlays;
    个人可支配收入 disposable personal income;
    个人劳动产品 individual products of labor;
    个人迷信 cult of the individual; personality cult;
    个人名誉 personal reputation;
    个人能力测验图分析 profile analysis;
    个人企业 individual enterprise;
    个人企业收入 personal income from unicorporated enterprises;
    个人人身意外伤害保险 personal accident insurance;
    个人权利 individual rights;
    个人生活资料需要量 amount of consumer goods an individual needs;
    个人史 personal history;
    个人什一税 personal tithe;
    个人收入 personal income;
    个人收入调节税 individual income regulation (regulatory) tax; individual earnings regulatory tax;
    个人所得税 individual income tax; personal income tax; income tax from individuals;
    个人天赋 individual endowment;
    个人通信 personal communication; person-to-person communication;
    个人卫生 personal hygiene;
    个人详细资料 personal data;
    个人项目 {体} individual events;
    个人消费 individual consumption; personal consumption;
    个人消费品 individual consumer's goods;
    个人消费支出额 personal consumption expenditures;
    个人肖像权 individual portrait rights;
    个人心理学 personalistic psychology;
    个人信用 personal credit;
    个人性格 foibe;
    个人训练 individual training;
    个人野心 personal ambition;
    个人野心家 careerist;
    个人隐私 individual privacy;
    个人英雄主义 individualistic heroism;
    个人预防 individual prophylaxis; personal prophylaxis;
    个人责任 personal liability;
    个人账户 personal account;
    个人支出 personal outlays;
    个人支票 personal cheque;
    个人职业选择性 take-it-or-leave-it option;
    个人直接捐税 direct taxes and charges on persons;
    个人直接占有产品 direct possession of products by individuals;
    个人主义 individualism;
    个人转让 individual negotiation;
    个人资本 personal capital;
    个人总收益 individual gross income;
    个人租金收入 rental income of persons
    * * *
    個人|个人 [gè rén] individual personal oneself

    Chinese-English dictionary > 个人

  • 878 主人

    master, host, owner
    * * *
    host; housemaster; master; owner
    【经】 master
    相关词组: 女主人
    * * *
    Amphitryon; goodman; host; housemaster; master; padrone
    * * *
    n. Host
    * * *
    zhu3 ren2
    master, host, owner, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    zhǔ ren
    (雇用仆人的人) master
    (接待客人的人) host:
    女主人 hostess
    (财物或权力的所有人) owner; proprietor; possessor:
    房子的主人 owner of the house;
    国家的主人 master of the country
    * * *
    主人|主人 [zhǔ rén] master host owner CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 主人

  • 879 人人

    everybody; everyone;one
    * * *
    every mother's son; everybody; everyone
    相关词组: 言人人殊
    * * *
    every mother's son; everybody; everyone
    * * *
    ren2 ren2
    everyone, every person
    * * *
    rén rén
    everybody; everyone:
    人人动手 everybody takes a hand in;
    人人自觉管, 事事有人管。 Everybody consciously attends to things and everything is attended to.
    人人身上有指标,全厂任务大家挑。 Everybody has a share in fulfiling the various norms and the overall tasks of the enterprise.
    * * *
    人人|人人 [rén rén] everyone every person

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人人

  • 880 人权

    human rights; rights of man
    * * *
    【经】 human right; human rights
    * * *
    human rights; rights of man
    * * *
    n. human rights
    * * *
    ren2 quan2
    human rights
    * * *
    rén quán
    (指人身自由和其他民主权利) human rights; rights of man; personal right
    人权法 Human Rights Act;
    人权外交 human rights diplomacy;
    人权委员会 Human Rights Commission
    * * *
    人權|人权 [rén quán] human rights

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人权

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