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  • 1 人工

    man-made; artificial, manual work; work done by hand, manpower; man-day, manually
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    manpower; manual work
    【计】 aritificial
    【经】 labour
    相关词组: 口对口人工呼吸法
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    manpower; manual work
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    ren2 gong1
    artificial, manpower, manual work
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    rén gōng
    (人为的) man-made; artificial:
    人工湖 man-made lake
    (人力) manual work; work done by hand:
    用机器代替人工 install machines to replace manual labor;
    抽水机坏了, 只好用人工车水。 We had to move water by a chain pump because the electric pump had broken down.
    (工作量计算单位, 指一个人做工一天) manpower; man-day; a calculating unit of the amount of work done:
    修这条渠道要多少人工? How many man-days will be needed to construct this irrigation canal?
    人工矮化 nanization;
    人工白电平信号 artificial white signal;
    人工瓣膜 artificial valve;
    人工包装 hand-filling;
    人工爆炸 {地物} secondary reflection; shoot;
    人工备件 manual back-up unit;
    人工崩落 {采矿} artificial caving;
    人工闭塞系统 manual block system;
    人工鼻 artificial nose;
    人工闭塞 manual block;
    人工闭塞装置 manual block apparatus;
    人工闭锁 manual block;
    人工变量 {计} artificial variables;
    人工剥离胎盘术 manual removal of placenta;
    人工补给地下水 {土} artificial recharge;
    人工哺乳 artificial suckling;
    人工哺乳婴孩 bottle baby;
    人工裁切 {地} artificial cut-off;
    人工采掘 hew;
    人工采苗 artificial seeding;
    人工采苗养殖 artificial spore-collecting cultivation;
    人工采光 artificial daylight;
    人工采试样 {采矿} hand sampling;
    人工操纵推进 man operated propulsion;
    人工草场 artificially sown pastures;
    人工草地 artificial pasture;
    人工产物 artefact;
    人工尘 manmade dust;
    人工陈化 artificial aging;
    人工成本 labor cost;
    人工成核 artificial nucleation;
    人工程序 manual program;
    人工池 {土} cistern;
    人工磁化法 artificial magnetizing method;
    人工充填 hand packing;
    人工重调 hand reset;
    人工抽样 artificial sampling;
    人工处理 manual handling;
    人工触发器 manual trigger;
    人工促进更新 artificial forcing regeneration;
    人工传染 artificial infection; regeneration;
    人工催育植物 forcing plant;
    人工存储器 manual memory;
    人工打捆 manual banding;
    人工打眼 hand-holing; kirn;
    人工单性生殖 artificial parthenogenesis;
    人工岛 artificial island;
    人工岛港 port island;
    人工等离子体云 artificial plasma cloud;
    人工低体温 artificial hypothermia;
    人工堤 artificial levee;
    人工地茎 artificial foundation;
    人工地平线 artificial horizon;
    人工地平仪 {航空} artificial horizon;
    人工地物 man-made features;
    人工地震 artificial earthquake; man-made earthquake;
    人工电报机 manual telegraph set;
    人工电报交换机 manual telegraph switching equipment;
    人工电离 {讯} artificial ionization;
    人工电位 artificial potential;
    人工电压调节器 manual voltage regulator;
    人工钓铒 artificial bait;
    人工港 artificial harbour;
    人工顶板 {采矿} artificial roof;
    人工冬眠 artificial hibernation;
    人工冬眠疗法 artificial hibernation therapy;
    人工读入 manual read;
    人工短路跳闸 fault throwing;
    人工耳 artificial ear;
    人工饵料 artificial food (stuff);
    人工发热 artificial fever;
    人工发热器 hypertherm;
    人工法 artificial process;
    人工方式 manual type;
    人工放顶 {采矿} artificial caving;
    人工放射性 artificial radioactivity;
    人工放射性元素 artificial radioactive element;
    人工繁殖 artificial propagation;
    人工分群 {养蜂} snook swarming;
    人工分钟 man-minute;
    人工风化 {工} artificial weathering;
    人工辐射带 {地物} artificial radiation belt;
    人工孵化 artifical incubation;
    人工辅控植物群系 paranthropophytia;
    人工辅助授粉 artificial supplementary pollination;
    人工复位继电器 manual-reset relay;
    人工改变系统结构 manual reconfiguration;
    人工干预输入装置 manual data input equipment;
    人工干燥 artificial drying;
    人工肝 artificial liver;
    人工肛门 enteroproctia;
    人工感觉 {航空} artificial feel;
    人工港 {土} artificial harbor;
    人工更新 artificial regeneration;
    人工鼓包 tumulus (pl. tumuli);
    人工骨料制备 manmade aggregate preparation;
    人工刮研 hand scraping;
    人工关节 joint prosthesis;
    人工灌注 artificial recharge;
    人工海岛 {采矿} artificial island;
    人工海水 artificial seawater;
    人工海滩 artificial beach;
    人工航行水道 navigation;
    人工核反应 artificial nuclear reaction;
    人工合成蛋白质 {生} synthetic protein;
    人工合成结晶胰岛素 {生} synthetic crystalline insulin;
    人工合成类晶石 spinel; spinelle;
    人工合成土 synthetic soil;
    人工合成种 hybrid synthesis;
    人工河 race;
    人工河道 (非) sloot;
    人工黑电平信号 artificial black signal;
    人工烘干 artificial drying;
    人工红外辐射源 artificial infrared source;
    人工喉 {医} artificial larynx;
    人工后天免疫 artificial acquired immunity;
    人工后援 manual back-up;
    人工呼吸 {医} artificial respiration; artificial breathing;
    人工呼吸器 artificial respirator; biomotor; spirophore;
    人工环境 artificial environment;
    人工环境生态学 hemerocology;
    人工混响 artificial reverberation;
    人工获得性免疫 {免疫} artificially acquired immunity;
    人工击碎 cobbing;
    人工极光 artificial aurora;
    人工计时 manual time-keeping;
    人工记录 manual record;
    人工加料 hand stock;
    人工监测仪 personal monitor;
    人工尖晶石 {矿} hope sapphire;
    人工检测雷达 personnel-detection radar;
    人工降低地下水 underground dewatering;
    人工降水 artificial precipitation;
    人工降雨机 artificial rain device;
    人工降雨装置 rainer;
    人工交换机 manual exchange; {讯} manual switchboard;
    人工礁 artificial reef;
    人工交配 artificial cross;
    人工浇铸 hand teeming;
    人工妊娠 artificial pregnancy;
    人工搅拌 hand stirring;
    人工接种 artificial infection; inoculation;
    人工接替 manual backup;
    人工截割 manual cut;
    人工解锁 manual release;
    人工进料 hand feed;
    人工举升 {油工} artificial lift;
    人工绝育 artificial sterilization;
    人工抗原 artificial antigen;
    人工空间电离干扰 artificial space ionization jamming;
    人工空中交通管制系统 manual air traffic control system;
    人工控制 manual control;
    人工控制器 manual controller;
    人工馈送穿孔机 hand-feed punch;
    人工老化 artificial aging;
    人工冷却 artificial cooling;
    人工裂解 artificial lysis;
    人工林 planted forest;
    人工流产 abactus; venter; induced abortion; abactio; artificial abortion; artifical miscarriage;
    人工流产法 abortion law;
    人工露头 artificial outcrop;
    人工煤气储柜 gas tank;
    人工密闭生态系统 artificial closed ecosystem;
    人工免疫 artificial immunity;
    人工免疫法 artificial immunization;
    人工磨矿 bucking;
    人工膜 artificial membrane;
    人工牧草 artificial grass;
    人工牧场 artificial pasturage;
    人工耐毒法 mithradatism; mithridatism;
    人工鸟巢 artificial nest;
    人工牛黄 calculus bovis factitius;
    人工培养 artificial rearing;
    人工培养基 synthetic medium;
    人工培养珍珠 cultured pearl;
    人工培育母蜂 artificial queen rearing;
    人工配种 {牧} artificial breeding;
    人工器官 artificial organ;
    人工气腹 pneumoperitoneum; artificial pneumoperitoneum (APP);
    人工气腹术 artificial pneumoperitoneum;
    人工气候 manmade climate;
    人工气候老化 artificial weathering aging;
    人工气候曝露试验 artificial weathering test;
    人工气候室 {植} phytotron; artificial climate chamber;
    人工气候台座 growth bench;
    人工气候箱 growth cabinet;
    人工气晖 artificial airglow;
    人工气胸 {医} artificial pneumothorax;
    人工气胸术 artificial pneumothorax;
    人工羟基云母 synthetic hydroxyl mica;
    人工强化地热发电站 artificial stimulated geothermal plant;
    人工切换 {电子} manual switching;
    人工全息图 artificial hologram;
    人工群落 {植} artificial community;
    人工热源照射法 ignisation;
    人工润滑 manual application of lubricant;
    人工色 technicolor;
    人工砂 manufactured sand;
    人工沙源滩 feeder beach;
    人工神经 artificial neuron;
    人工肾 artificial kidney;
    人工生态系(统) {环} artificial ecosystem;
    人工石板 {房} artificial flags;
    人工石墨 {冶} electrographite;
    人工时效 {冶} artificial aging;
    人工识别 artificial cognition; artificial perception;
    人工授粉 hand-pollinate;
    人工授精 {医} artificial insemination;
    人工授精器 impregnator;
    人工授精育种法 eutelegenesis;
    人工输入 manual input; manual read;
    人工输入寄存器 manual input register;
    人工输入设备 manual input unit; manual number generator; manual word generator;
    人工数据输入 manual data input;
    人工水道 dike;
    人工水驱 {油工} flooding; waterflooding;
    人工说 artificialism;
    人工饲料 artificial diet;
    人工饲育(喂) artificial feeding;
    人工太阳 artificial sun;
    人工天穹 artificial sky;
    人工填料 hand-stuff;
    人工调谐 manual tuning;
    人工通风 artificial draft; forced-air supply;
    人工同步 manual synchronization;
    人工同位素 man-made isotope;
    人工土丘 tepe;
    人工吸血管 bdellepithecium;
    人工系统 {自} manual system; man-made system;
    人工线 bootstrap; artificial line;
    人工消雾 artificial fog dissipation;
    人工消云 artificial cloud dissipation;
    人工小丘 tumulus (pl. tumuli);
    人工小时法 labor hour method; men hour method;
    人工效率差异 labor efficiency variance;
    人工效应物 {组织} artifact;
    人工心瓣膜手术 heart valve prosthesis;
    人工心肺机 {医} heart-lung machine; artificial heart-lung machine;
    人工心脏 artificial heart;
    人工心脏瓣膜 heart valve prosthesis;
    人工旋压法 conventional spinning; {冶} manual spinning;
    人工选择 artificial selection;
    人工血管手术 blood vessel prosthesis;
    人工循环 artificial circulation;
    人工眼 artificial eye;
    人工养王 artificial queen rearing;
    人工养殖 artificial culture;
    人工养嚎场 stew;
    人工氧腹 oxyperitoneum;
    人工氧化铝 borolon;
    人工抑雹 hail suppression;
    人工抑制闪电 lightning suppression;
    人工异花授粉 palmification (枣椰的);
    人工译码系统 manual decode system;
    人工音量调整 hand volume control;
    人工引产 {医} induction of labour;
    人工引种植物 hemerophyte;
    人工隐蔽 {军} artificial concealment;
    人工影响降水 precipitation stimulation; rain stimulation by artificial means;
    人工影响气候 climate modification;
    人工影响天气 weather modification;
    人工油胸 {医} oleothorax;
    人工用量差异 labor usage variance;
    人工语言 artificial language; fabricted language; formal language; {自} synthetic language;
    人工越夏 artificial over summer;
    人工云母 synthetic mica;
    人工栽培放牧地 tame pasture;
    人工增殖 artificial fecundation;
    人工凿井 hand sinking;
    人工造林(法) artificial afforestation;
    人工造雪机 snowmaker;
    人工造雨 rainmaking;
    人工增甜剂 {食} artificial sweetener;
    人工战争对策模拟 manual battle simulations;
    人工照明 artificial lighting;
    人工整枝 artificial pruning;
    人工震源 artificial hypocenter; artificial seismic source;
    人工振铃 {讯} manual ringing;
    人工指 finger prosthesis;
    人工制 manual system;
    人工制品 artifact;
    人工重力 artificial gravity;
    人工重力模拟器 artificial gravity simulator;
    人工周转成本 cost of labour turnover;
    人工筑岛法(深基础施工时下沉井、沉箱用) artificial island method;
    人工转换(程序的) force;
    人工装罐 hand caging;
    人工装料 hand charging;
    人工装载 artificial loading;
    人工自动免疫 artificial active immunity;
    人工自花授粉 {植} illegitimate pollination;
    人工注水 artificial recharge;
    人工驻极体 manual electret;
    人工阻尼 artificial damping;
    人工嘴 artificial mouth
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    人工|人工 [rén gōng] artificial manpower manual work

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人工

  • 2 réngōng

    Chinese-English dictionary > réngōng

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