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  • 1 שכם



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  • 2 שכם

    n. Shechem, city located in the West Bank and under control of the Palestinian Authority (called Nablus in Arabic)
    v. be awakened
    v. to get up early

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  • 3 שכם

    E(hi): вставать утром, вставать рано.

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  • 4 שכם

    1. плечи, плечо;
    2. участок.

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  • 5 שכם


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  • 6 שכם


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  • 7 שכם

    שָׂכַםHif. הִשְׂכִּים, v. סָכַם.

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  • 8 שכם

    שָׁכַםHif. הִשְׁכִּים (b. h.; denom. of שְׁכֶם) ( to load, v. Ges. Thes. s. v., to rise early; to do a thing early. Ber.30a ה׳ לצאת לדרך if one rises early (before sunrise) to go on the road; Tosef. ib. III, 19. Cant. R. to V, 11 (play on שחרות כעורב, ib.; cmp. שחַר) מַשְׁכִּים ומעריב (Lev. R. s. 19 משחיר), v. עָרַב II. B. Mets.VII, 1 if one hired working men, ואמר להן להַשְׁכִּיםוכ׳ and told them that he expected them to come to their work earlier and go later (than the customary time). Ber.47b לעולם יַשְׁכִּים אדםוכ׳ a man should always go early to the house of prayer, that he may succeed in being counted among the earliest ten Ib. 16b; Y. ib. IV, 7d bot. ונַשְׁכִּים ונמצאוכ׳ that we may early (in life) obtain, v. יִחוּל. B. Kam.92b הַשְׁכֵּם ואכול take an early breakfast. Gitt.7a הַשְׁכֵּם והערב עליהן והםוכ׳ (omit לבה״מ) pray against them (the tormentors) early and late, and they shall cease of themselves; a. fr.Bicc. III, 2 ולִמַשְׁכִּים היהוכ׳ and at rising time

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  • 9 שכם I

    שְׁכֶםI m. (b. h.) 1) shoulder. Gen. R. s. 53 (ref. to Gen. 21:14) שכן דרך עבדים … על שִׁכְמָם for such is the manner of slaves, to carry their filled pitchers on their shoulder; a. e. 2) load; trnsf. (cmp. מַשָּׂא, סִבָּלוֹן) portion, share. Ib. s. 97, end (ref. to Gen. 48:22) ש׳ זו הבכורה by shkhem is meant the share of the first-born; B. Bath. 123a; a. e. 3) mountain range, v. next w.

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  • 10 שכם II

    שְׁכֶםII (b. h.) 1) pr. n. m. Shechem, son of Hamor the Hivite. Macc.11a, a. e., v. גְּזַר. Sot.22b, v. שִׁיכְמִי; a. fr. 2) pr. n. pl. Shechem in Mount Ephraim. Gen. R. s. 97, end (ref. to Gen. 48:22, v. preced.) זו ש׳ ודאי it means Shechem in reality. Ib. (in a corrupt passage) לפיכך תהא הש׳ בחלקך therefore shall the district of Sh. (or the mountain range, v. preced.) be in thy share. Ib. בש׳ נפרצהוכ׳ in Sh. did unchastity break out, and thou didst fence it in (setting the example of chastity), therefore Num. R. s. 23, v. נִיפּוֹלִין; a. fr.

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