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  • 1 שוחדא

    שוֹחֲדָא, שוּחֲ׳, שוּחְ׳ch. 1) same. Targ. 1 Kings 15:19. Targ. Ex. 23:8. Targ. Ps. 15:5; a. fr.Keth.105b מאי טעמא דש׳ כיון דקביל ליה ש׳וכ׳ why is a gift (to the judge) forbidden? As soon as he accepts a gift from a person, his mind has become attached to him (the giver, v. קְרַב), and he becomes like his own self, and none can see the unfavorable side of his own case (v. preced.); a. e. 2) singling out, choice, discretion. Y.Keth.X, 33d bot.; 34a top ש׳ דרייני the judges single out him to whom to adjudicate the claim in litigation; v. שוּדָא.

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