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  • 1 רמז


    слабое подозрение
    ключ (намёк)
    нить (намёк)
    * * *


    ед.ч., м. р., 2 л., повел. накл./

    רִימֵז [לְרַמֵז, מְ-, יְ-]

    намекать, делать знак

    Иврито-Русский словарь > רמז

  • 2 רמז

    רָמַז( to move, cmp. רָמַשׂ, to nod, gesticulate, hint. Gitt. V, 7 חרש רוֹמֵז ונִרְמַז a deaf-mute person may transact business by gesticulating and being spoken to by gestures (with hands and head, contrad. to קָפַץ). Gen. R. s. 93 ר׳ למנשה he motioned to Manasseh; a. fr.Trnsf. to intimate, hint. Sabb.113b רֶמֶז רָ׳ להוכ׳ he intimated to her that Cant. R. to I, 15 רמז רָמְזָה לנחוכ׳ she (the dove, by bringing an olive leaf) hinted to Noah, as if saying ; a. e. Pi. רִמֵּז same. Ib. to I, 9 והיתה מְרַמֶּזֶתוכ׳ she motioned to her captors saying to them, I am yours Nif. נִרְמַז to be spoken to by gestures, v. supra.

    Jewish literature > רמז

  • 3 רמז

    v. be hinted, insinuated
    v. to hint at, allude to
    v. to hint, insinuate
    hint, allusion, cue, clue, inkling, pointer, lead, tipoff, implication, intimation, overtone, wind, beck, breath; gesture, sign, signal; allegory (bib.)

    Hebrew-English dictionary > רמז

  • 4 רמז גס

    broad hint, obvious hint

    Hebrew-English dictionary > רמז גס

  • 5 רמז דק

    delicate hint, subtle hint

    Hebrew-English dictionary > רמז דק

  • 6 רמז

    רְמַזch. sam(רמזto intimate, hint). Targ. Y. II Gen. 44:19. Targ. Is. 58:9. Targ. Prov. 6:13; a. fr.Keth.33a, v. infra. Part. pass. רָמִיז; f. רְמִיזָא. Meg.2a היכאר׳ where is it intimated (in the Biblical text)?; Snh.81b; a. e. Pa. רַמֵּז same. Targ. Job 15:12 (Var. ed. Lag. מרזמין; h. text ירזמון, Var. in Cod. ירמזון).Keth.33a ונְרַמֵּז בהו רַמּוּזֵי (Rashi נִירְמַז) and let us (the court) intimate to them (the warning, in such a manner as not to offend them). Sabb.62b (expl. ומסקרותוכ׳, Is. 3:16 ומשׂק׳) דהוו מלאן … ומְרַמְּזָן they filled their eyes with paint and winked; Yalk. Is. 262 ורמזין (read: ורָמְזָן Pe.). B. Kam.24b דקמְרַמְּזֵי רמוזי they give signs to one another; Snh.86b; a. e.

    Jewish literature > רמז

  • 7 רמז

    רֶמֶזm. (preced.) gesture, hint, intimation. Sabb.113b, a. e., v. רָמַז. Y.Ber.IV, 8a top ר׳ לתלמיד חכםוכ׳ this is an intimation to a scholar that a man must say to his teacher Gen. R. s. 12, beg. (ref. to Job 26:14) הפקחין יודעין רִמּוּזוֹ והגיונו the wise understand his intimation (through the thunder) and his plans; Yalk. Job 914 רִמְזוֹ של דבר והגיונו Ex. R. s. 1526> בר׳ הודיע להםוכ׳ he gave them to understand by allusion that ; a. fr.

    Jewish literature > רמז

  • 8 רֶֶמֶז

    Иврито-Русский словарь > רֶֶמֶז

  • 9 רֶמֶז

    Иврито-Русский словарь > רֶמֶז

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