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  • 1 נגוב

    drying, wiping, wipe

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  • 2 נגוב

    נְגֵב, נְגוּב, נְגֵיבch. sam(נגב to be dry), to be dry, to dry out. Targ. Gen. 8:13; a. e.Y.Sabb.V, beg.7b כדו נגיב אינוןוכ׳ when it is dry, they name it Egyptian bean; Y.Kil.VIII, 31c.Y.Gitt.VII, end, 49a ונ׳ נהרא the canal dried up. Ib. דיִיגַּב וכ׳ that the canal may dry up; a. e. Pa. נַגֵּיב to dry, wipe. B. Mets.24a ונ׳ בגלימאוכ׳ wiped (his hands) on his neighbors cloak; a. e.Part. pass. מְנַגַּב; f. מְנַגְּבָא parched. Targ. Y. Num. 11:6. Ithpe. אִתְנְגִיב, Ithpa. אִתְנַגֵּב to be dried up. Targ. Y. Gen. 1:9. Targ. Ps. 104:9; a. e.

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  • 3 נגוב

    נְגוּבv. נְגַב.

    Jewish literature > נגוב

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