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  • 1 מיצר

    adj. sorrowful, sorry, sad, depressed; oppressive
    strait, isthmus; distress, straits

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  • 2 מיצר

    מֵיצַר 1) part. Hif. of צָרַר q. v. 2) pathway, narrow, balk, v. מֵצַר.

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  • 3 מיצר

    מֵצַר, מֵיצַרm. (b. h.; צָרַר I) 1) narrow, pass. Ḥull.50b (expl. כרס הפנימי) מן המי׳ ולמטה from where the stomach begins to narrow and downward (the animal being suspended with its head down). 2) distress. Midr. Till. to CXVIII, 5 כן המ׳ מדבר במצרים ‘out of distress (ib.) alludes to Egypt; Yalk. ib. 875. 3) a narrow path marking the boundary between fields, balk, ridge; in gen. boundary. B. Bath.55a, v. חֲצָב II. Y. ib. III, beg.13d; Y.Kidd.I, 60d top אפי׳ מי׳ בנתיים even the (common) balk between them; Y.Peah II, beg.16d. B. Mets. 107a אילן העומד על המ׳ a tree standing on the balk. Ib. בממלא כל המ׳ כולו when it covers the entire width of the balk. B. Bath.53b מי אמרינן האי מ׳ דהאי ארעא ודהאי ארעא הוא Ms. M. (ed. מ׳ דארעא חד הוא) do we say, this balk belongs to both fields (and taking possession of it means possession of both)? Ib. מ׳ אפסרא דארעאוכ׳ (Ms. O. מוֹסֵרָא; differ. in Ms. M.), v. אַפְסָרָא. Ib. 62a מ׳ ראובןוכ׳ the field which I sell thee is contiguous to Reubens on the east and on the west side; a. fr.Pl. מְצָרִים boundary lines, bounds. Ib. 61b אע״פ שמָצַר לו מ׳ החיצונים although he defined (in the agreement) the outermost lines (of the group of buildings or fields), מ׳ הרחיב לו he intended only to give an amplified description of the situation (not to sell him the entire group). Ib. VII, 3 בסימניו ובמְצָרָיו (if he says, I sell thee a Beth Kor of land) giving its description and boundaries (and it turns out to be less than a Beth Kor); a. fr.Sabb.118a נחלה בלא מ׳ a boundless possession.

    Jewish literature > מיצר

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