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  • 1 אשש


    ед.ч., м. р., 2 л., повел. накл./

    אִישֵש [לְאַשֵש, מְ-, יְ-]

    обосновать; придать силы

    Иврито-Русский словарь > אשש

  • 2 אשש

    v. to strengthen; establish; encourage

    Hebrew-English dictionary > אשש

  • 3 אשש

    אָשַׁש(b. h. r.) 1) (√אש) to glitter, be polished; v. אֵש a. next ws. 2) (sec. r. of אוּש) to be thick, substantial; to be pressed, dark, v. אשן, אשונא, אשות, אשל, אשר Pi. אִישֵּׁש to make firm, found. Part. pass. מְאוּשָּׁש. Pesik. Baḥod. p. 101b>; Cant. R. to II, 5 (play on ăshishoth, Cant. l. c.) הלכות המְאוּשָּׁשוֹת well-founded decisions. V. אוּש אוּשָּׁא.

    Jewish literature > אשש

  • 4 אשש

    אֶשֶׁשm. (preced. 1) a crystal or ball reflecting the light, reflector (v. next w.). Y.R. Hash. II, 58a bot. if the reflection of the moon has been seen בא׳ ובמים in a reflecting glass or in water.

    Jewish literature > אשש

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