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    v. be raped, ravished, violated; be compelled
    v. to rape, ravish, violate; to compel, force
    rapist, violator, ravisher, raper

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  • 3 אנס

    A(qal): принуждать, понуждать.

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  • 4 אנס

    H(peal): затруднять, доставлять трудности.

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  • 5 אנס

    אָנַס(b. h.; sec. r. of אוס, √או; cmp. אוץ, אנץ, חוס; as to meaning cmp. כוף, אנן) to bend, force; to do violence; to outrage Ḥull.45a א׳ בסימנים if one in cutting presses the windpipe and gullet out of their natural position. Ib. אָנְסָה עצמה if the animal strained its neck so as to dislocate the organs. Gitt.44b; Ḥull.131a הרי שאָנְסוּוכ׳ if royal officers took forcible possession of (seized,) his barn. Keth.III, 4 האֹונֵס he who violates a woman. Part. pass. f. אֲנוּסָה an outraged woman. Y.Yeb.VI, 7c; a. fr.Masc. אָנוּס the victim of an accident, unavoidably prevented. Ned.27a א׳ רחמנאוכ׳ the Merciful (the Law) acquits from responsibility him who is the victim of an unavoidable accident; a. fr. Pi. אַנַּס to violate. Num. R. s. 14 לאַנְּסָהּ to violate her. Nif. נֶאֱנַס to be forced, overcome, to meet with an accident. Ber.13b נ׳ בשינה overcome by sleep. Ḥull31a נֶאֶנְסָה וטבלה if she dipped in the water by an accident Ib. 45a ובלבד שלא תֵּאָנֵס provided the animal is not forced so that its organs be dislocated. Keth.I, 10 נאנסה she was outraged; a. v. fr.

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  • 6 אנס

    אֲנַסfut. יֵינַס ch. same; 1) to take by force, snatch, rob. Targ. 2 Sam 23:21; a. fr. 2) to oppress, rob (h. עשק). Targ. 1 Sam 12:3; 4; a. fr.Arakh.16a ואזלין ואנסין ליה and they (violent men) go and rob him (or force him to feed them, v. Rashi a. l.). Lev. R. s. 34 (אַנְסִינֹון) אַנְסִינָן אקימנן וב׳ he forced them, made them managers of public charities. 3) (cmp. ענש) to distrain, fine. Targ. Amos. 4:2; a. fr.; v. אָנֹוסָא. 4) to urge, press; restrain. B. Bath.57b one must למֵינַס נפשיה restrain himself (turn his eyes away forcibly). Ḥull.133a א׳ ליה עידניה time pressed him.Part. pass. אָנִיס 1) wronged Targ. Hos. 5:11; a. e. 2) unavoidably prevented, forced, v. preced. Naz.23a מינס א׳ he had no will of his own (being drunk). Ned.27b; a. fr. Af. אֹונֵיס to oppress. Targ. Jer. 7:6 (h. text ינה). Ithpe. אִתְאֲנֵס, אִתְאֲנִיס, contr. אִיתְּנִיס. 1) to be robbed; to be fined, (of official extortion); Targ. Is. 21:2. Lev. R. s. 34 דאנון מארסוון (read דאתון מִתְאַנְּסוּן or דאינון מאנסנון; Yalk. Lev. 665 דאתון מזדמיין, v. זמי) that you will lose through extortion 2) to meet with an accident, be unavoidably prevented. Ned.27a איתניס ולא אתא he met with an accident and did not come in time. Ib. והא מֵינַס איתניס was he not unavoidably prevented (since he died during the appointed time)? Keth.16b אִתְּנוּסֵי הוא דאתניסו they were prevented from forming the bridal procession (prob. alluding to government interference; Rashi: through excessive drinking). איתניס to grow ill, v. אִיתְנִיס a. נְסַס.

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  • 7 אנס

    אַנָּסm. (preced. ws.) one who acts violently, a violent man. B. Bath.45a סתם נכרי א׳ הוא as a rule the gentile is violent (lawless). Y.Kidd.I, 60c top.Pl. אַנָּסִין אַנָּסִים. Ḥull.94b מפני הא׳ on account of the lawless (among the gentiles).Esp. (law) Annas, one who is in possession of property bought from one who obtained it by force or consfiscation, owner of reclaimable property. Kil. VII, 6 (5) הא׳ שזרעוכ׳ if an Annas put seeds into a vineyard (creating Kilayim), and it is reclaimed. Ib. from what time and onward נקרא א׳ is one called an Annas (who may consider himself in undisturbed possession)? Answ. משישקע (v. Y. ib. 31a) from the time the name of the original owner is sunk (when the property is no longer named after him).Pl. as above. Y.Succ.IV, beg.54b, v. הֶפְקֵר.

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  • 8 אֲנָפָה

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