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    ед.ч., м. р., 2 л., повел. накл./

    אָגַף [לֶאֱגוֹף, אוֹגֵף, יֶאֱגוֹף]

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  • 2 אגוף

    אַגָּף, אִגּוּףm. (גּוּף I) the moulding or eminence of the door frame against which the door shuts, door-stop (esp. of door-ways in thick city walls with reference to sacred limits in sacrificial law). Pes.VII, 12 מן הא׳ ולפניםוכ׳ the space of the wall inside the door-stop is subject to the laws which apply to the space enclosed by the wall. Ib. 85b א׳ עצמו the stop itself and the corresponding space. Y. ib. VII, 35b אגוף.

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  • 4 אגוף

    אָגוּףm. (גּוּף I, גפף) 1) sexual intercourse. Y.Git. VII, 48d לשייר לו אֲגוּפָהּ to reserve to himself the right of embracing her; Y.B. Bath.VIII, 16c top גופה. 2) door-stop, v. אַגַּף.אִגּוּף v. אַגָּף.

    Jewish literature > אגוף

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