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  • 1 лекомислен

    flighty, frivolous, thoughtless, flippant, light (-minded), light-headed
    лекомислено момиче giglet
    * * *
    прил. flighty, frivolous, thoughtless, flippant, unthinking, light(-minded), light-headed; разг. slaphappy, flip, glib.
    * * *
    careless: A лекомислен driver is a danger to the public. - Лекомисленият шофьор е опасност за обществото.; empty- headed; fast{fa;st}; feather- brained; foolish{`fu;liS}; frivolous; hare-brained; light{lait}; light-headed; light-minded; unreflecting; unreflective
    * * *
    1. flighty, frivolous, thoughtless, flippant, light(-minded), light-headed 2. ЛЕКОМИСЛЕНo момиче giglet

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