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  • caryopsis — /kæriˈɒpsəs/ (say karee opsuhs) noun (plural caryopses /kæriˈɒpsiz/ (say karee opseez) or caryopsides /kæriˈɒpsədiz/ (say karee opsuhdeez)) a small, one celled, one seeded, dry, indehiscent fruit with the pericarp adherent to the seedcoat, as in… …   Australian English dictionary

  • caryatid — /kæriˈætəd/ (say karee atuhd) noun (plural caryatids or caryatides /kæriˈætədiz/ (say karee atuhdeez)) Architecture a figure of a woman used as a supporting column. {Latin Caryātides, plural, from Greek Karyatides, literally, women of Caryae… …   Australian English dictionary

  • karyogamy — /kæriˈɒgəmi/ (say karee oguhmee) noun the fusion of the nuclei of cells, as in fertilisation. –karyogamic /kæriəˈgæmɪk/ (say kareeuh gamik), adjective …   Australian English dictionary

  • karyolysis — /kæriˈɒləsəs/ (say karee oluhsuhs) noun the dissolution of a cell nucleus. –karyolitic /kæriəˈlɪtɪk/ (say kareeuh litik), adjective …   Australian English dictionary

  • cariosity — [ˌkærɪ ɒsɪtɪ] excite idle intellectual natural pique unquenchable cariosity whet (one s) cariosity healthy to arouse to satisfy one s cariosity cariosity about …   Combinatory dictionary

  • carrier — [ˈkæriə] noun [C] 1) a company that moves goods or people from one place to another 2) a vehicle or ship used for moving goods or people See: aircraft carrier 3) someone who can infect another person with a disease without getting it themselves …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • carry*/*/*/ — [ˈkæri] verb 1) [T] to hold someone or something using your hands, arms, or body and take them somewhere Do you mind carrying this box for me?[/ex] Sarah carried her cup of coffee back to her desk.[/ex] Luke was carrying the boy on his… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • karaoke — [ˌkæriˈəʊki] noun [U] a type of entertainment in which people sing popular songs while recorded music is played …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • carioca — /kæriˈoʊkə/ (say karee ohkuh) noun 1. a Brazilian dance. 2. a piece of music to which it may be danced. {Portuguese, from Tupi cari white + oca house; the Portuguese word meant first an inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro and then the dance which… …   Australian English dictionary

  • carrier — /ˈkæriə / (say kareeuh) noun 1. a person or thing that carries. 2. a person, company, etc., that undertakes to convey goods or persons. 3. a small platform on a bicycle used for carrying luggage. 4. Machinery a mechanism by which something is… …   Australian English dictionary

  • carrier bag — /ˈkæriə bæg/ (say kareeuh bag) noun → carry bag …   Australian English dictionary

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