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  • Kvinner og Klær — Kvinner og Klær(Norwegian: Women and Clothes ), or KK , is a Norwegian weekly magazine. It is the oldest and largest magazine for women in the country. Its target group is mature women, and its circulation was 73,142 in 2004. The editor is Bente… …   Wikipedia

  • clarification — [ˌklærəfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n] noun [U] formal an explanation that makes something easier to understand …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • clarify — [ˈklærəˌfaɪ] verb [T] formal to explain something more clearly so that it is easier to understand …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • clarinet — [ˌklærəˈnet] noun [C] a musical instrument consisting of a long black tube that you play by blowing into it clarinettist noun [C] …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • clarity — [ˈklærəti] noun [U] 1) the ability to think clearly or understand things clearly 2) the quality of being easy to see, hear, or understand …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • clarabella — /klærəˈbɛlə/ (say klaruh beluh) noun an organ stop which gives soft, sweet tones. {Latin clāra (feminine of clārus clear)+ bella (feminine of bellus beautiful) …   Australian English dictionary

  • Clarence — /ˈklærəns/ (say klaruhns) noun 1. a river in north eastern NSW, rising in the McPherson Range and flowing south east to the Pacific Ocean near Maclean. About 400 km. 2. a river in NZ, rising in the central north of the South Island, and flowing… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Clarence Colliery — /klærəns ˈkɒljəri/ (say klaruhns kolyuhree) noun the largest underground mine in Australia, in central eastern NSW, west of Lithgow …   Australian English dictionary

  • Clarence Strait — /klærəns ˈstreɪt/ (say klaruhns strayt) noun a passage of water lying to the west of Van Diemen Gulf and separating the northern coast of Australia, near Darwin, from Melville Island …   Australian English dictionary

  • clarendon — /ˈklærəndən/ (say klaruhnduhn) noun a condensed form of printing type, like roman in outline but with thicker lines …   Australian English dictionary

  • claret — /ˈklærət / (say klaruht) noun 1. the red (originally the light red or yellowish) table wine of Bordeaux, France. 2. (in unofficial use) a similar wine made elsewhere. 3. Also, claret red. a deep purplish red. 4. Colloquial blood. –adjective 5.… …   Australian English dictionary

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