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  • genet — [ dʒɛnɪt] noun a nocturnal catlike mammal with short legs and a long bushy ringed tail, found in Africa, SW Europe, and Arabia. [Genetta genetta and related species.] Origin ME: from OFr. genete, prob. via Catalan, Port., or Sp. from Arab.… …   English new terms dictionary

  • genito-urinary — [ˌdʒɛnɪtəʊ jʊərɪn(ə)ri] adjective chiefly Medicine relating to the genital and urinary organs …   English new terms dictionary

  • genitor — [ dʒɛnɪtə] noun Anthropology a person s biological father. Often contrasted with pater. Origin ME: from OFr. geniteur or L. genitor, from the root of gignere beget …   English new terms dictionary

  • geniture — [ dʒɛnɪtʃə] noun archaic a person s birth or parentage. Origin ME: from OFr. geniture or L. genitura, from the root of gignere beget …   English new terms dictionary

  • jennet — [ dʒɛnɪt] noun a kind of small Spanish horse. Origin ME: via Fr. from Sp. jinete light horseman , from Sp. Arab. Zenāta, a Berber people famous for horsemanship …   English new terms dictionary

  • genitals — [ˈdʒenɪt(ə)lz] noun [plural] the outer sex organs of a person or animal genital adj …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • primogeniture — pri|mo|gen|i|ture [ˌpraıməuˈdʒenıtʃə US mouˈdʒenıtʃər] n [U] law [Date: 1600 1700; : Late Latin; Origin: primogenitura, from Latin primus ( PRIME1) + genitura birth ] the system by which property that is owned by a man goes to his oldest son… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • progenitor — pro|gen|i|tor [prəuˈdʒenıtə US prouˈdʒenıtər] n [Date: 1300 1400; : Latin; Origin: progignere to produce young ] 1.) formal someone who first thought of an idea progenitor of ▪ a progenitor of cubism 2.) technical a person or animal that lived in …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • progenitor — UK [prəʊˈdʒenɪtə(r)] / US [proʊˈdʒenɪtər] noun [countable] Word forms progenitor : singular progenitor plural progenitors very formal 1) a) a person in your family who was born a long time ago b) a parent 2) someone who has the original idea for… …   English dictionary

  • urogenital — UK [ˌjʊərəʊˈdʒenɪt(ə)l] / US [ˌjʊroʊˈdʒenɪt(ə)l] adjective medical relating to the organs that remove liquid waste from your body, and to your sex organs …   English dictionary

  • Apollo — This article is about the Greek and Roman god. For other uses, see Apollo (disambiguation) and Phoebus (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Phobos (mythology). Apollo …   Wikipedia

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