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  • zoology — The older pronunciation zoh ol ǝ ji, favoured by OED editors and supposedly by zoologists themselves, has largely given way in general use to zoo ol ǝji (influenced by the common shortening zoo). Despite occasional complaints this form is likely… …   Modern English usage

  • zoology — /zoh ol euh jee/, n., pl. zoologies. 1. the science or branch of biology dealing with animals. 2. a treatise on zoology. 3. the animal life of a particular region. [1660 70; ZOO + LOGY] * * * Branch of biology concerned with members of the animal …   Universalium

  • zoology — Natural Nat u*ral (?; 135), a. [OE. naturel, F. naturel, fr. L. naturalis, fr. natura. See {Nature}.] 1. Fixed or determined by nature; pertaining to the constitution of a thing; belonging to native character; according to nature; essential;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Outline of zoology — Zoology is the biological discipline which involves the study of animals. The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to zoology: Contents 1 Essence of zoology 2 Branches of zoology 3 History of zoology …   Wikipedia

  • History of zoology (through 1859) — This article considers the history of zoology before the theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin in 1859.Pre scientific zoologyHumans have been fascinated by the other members of the animal kingdom throughout history. In early Europe, they …   Wikipedia

  • Timeline of zoology — A preliminary timeline of the history of zoology before the 1859 publication of Darwin s Origin of Species . Ancient world *28000 BC. Cave painting (e.g. Chauvet cave [] ) in Europe, especially …   Wikipedia

  • Journal of Zoology — Infobox Journal title = Journal of Zoology editor = Nigel Bennett discipline = Zoology language = English abbreviation = JZL Proc Zool Soc Lond Proc Zool Soc London publisher = Blackwell Publishing country = England frequency = Monthly history =… …   Wikipedia

  • Australian Journal of Zoology — Infobox Journal discipline = Zoology website = publisher = CSIRO Publishing country = Australia abbreviation = Aust. J. Zool. history = 1953 to present frequency = 6 issues per year ISSN = 0004 959XThe… …   Wikipedia

  • Infanticide (zoology) — In animals, infanticide involves the killing of young offspring by a mature animal of its own species, and is studied in zoology, specifically in the field of ethology. Ovicide is the analogous destruction of eggs. Although human infanticide has… …   Wikipedia

  • Калан — У этого термина существуют и другие значения, см. Калан (значения). Калан Калан у побережья северной Калифорнии …   Википедия

  • Каланы — ? Калан Калан у побережья северной Калифорнии Научная классификация Царство: Животные Тип: Хордов …   Википедия

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