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into air

  • 1 barge into

    ( inf); vt fus
    1) [+ room] 闯入 [chuǎng rù]
    2) (bump into) [+ person] 碰撞 [pèngzhuàng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > barge into

  • 2 book into

    ( BRIT); vt fus
    [不可拆分] [+ hotel] 登记入住 [dēngjì rùzhù] 美 = check into

    Chinese-English dictionary > book into

  • 3 break into

    vt fus
    1) [+ house] 强行进入 [qiángxíng jìnrù]
    2) [+ new activity] 开始进入 [kāishǐ jìnrù]

    She finally broke into films after an acclaimed stage career. — 继一段成功的舞台生涯之后她最终投身电影业。

    * to break into song/a run — 突然唱起来/跑了起来

    Chinese-English dictionary > break into

  • 4 build into

    1) [+ wall, ceiling] 固定在 [gùdìng zài]

    The TV was built into the ceiling. — 电视被固定在天花板上。

    2) ( fig) [+ policy, system, product] 纳入 [nàrù]

    We have to build computers into the school curriculum. — 我们必须将计算机纳入学校课程安排中。

    Chinese-English dictionary > build into

  • 5 come into

    vt fus
    1) (inherit) 继承 [jìchéng]
    2) (be involved in) 起作用 [qǐ zuòyòng]

    * money doesn't come into it — 钱不是问题 [qián bùshì wèntí]

    * to come into operation/force — 开始运行/生效 [kāishǐ yùnxíng/shēngxiào]

    * to come into fashion — 开始流行

    Chinese-English dictionary > come into

  • 6 frighten into


    * to frighten sb into doing sth — 吓得某人去做某事 [xiàde mǒurén qù zuò mǒushì]

    Chinese-English dictionary > frighten into

  • 7 get into

    vt fus
    1) (become part of) [+ conversation, argument, fight] 进行 [jìnxíng]; [+ sphere of activity] 开始从事 [kǎishǐ cóngshì]; [+ university, school] 进入 [jìnrù]
    2) [+ vehicle] 乘坐 [chéngzuò]
    3) [+ clothes] 穿上 [chuānshang]

    * to get into bed — 上床 [shàngchuáng]

    * I don't know what has got into him — 我不知道他是怎么回事

    Chinese-English dictionary > get into

  • 8 into

    (indicating motion, direction) 到...里面 [dào...lǐmiàn]

    * come into the house/garden — 走进房子/花园里

    * get into the car — 进入车子

    * he threw some socks into his case — 他把几只袜子扔进了箱子里

    * let's go into town — 我们进城吧

    * she poured some tea into the cup — 她把一些茶倒进了杯子里

    * to translate Chinese into French — 把汉语翻译成法语

    * it broke into pieces — 它碎成一片片的了

    * research into cancer — 对癌症的深入研究

    * he worked late into the night — 他工作到深夜

    * they got into trouble — 他们陷入麻烦之中

    * I'd like to change some dollars into euros — 我想把一些美元换成欧元

    Chinese-English dictionary > into

  • 9 look into

    vt fus
    [不可拆分] (investigate) 调查 [diàochá]

    * to look into doing sth — 为做某事作调查准备

    Chinese-English dictionary > look into

  • 10 plough into

    1. vt fus
    [不可拆分] [+ crowd] 猛力撞入 [měnglì zhuàngrù]
    2. vt

    * to plough money into sth — 把钱投资于某事 [bǎ qián tóuzī yú mǒushì]

    Chinese-English dictionary > plough into

  • 11 run into

    vt fus
    1) (meet) [+ person] 偶然碰见 [ǒurán pèngjiàn]; [+ trouble, problems] 遭遇 [zāoyù]
    2) (collide with) 撞上 [zhuàngshang]

    * to run into debt — 陷入债务

    * their losses ran into millions — 他们的损失达到数百万

    Chinese-English dictionary > run into

  • 12 talk into


    * to talk sb into (doing) sth — 说服某人做某事 [shuōfú mǒurén zuò mǒushì]

    Chinese-English dictionary > talk into

  • 13 turn into

    1. vt fus
    [不可拆分] 变成 [biànchéng]

    The water turns into steam. — 水变成了蒸汽。

    2. vt
    使变成 [shǐ biànchéng]

    Don't turn a drama into a crisis. — 别把戏剧变成闹剧。

    Chinese-English dictionary > turn into

  • 14 write into


    * to write sth into sth — [+ contract, agreement] 把某事写入某物 [bǎ mǒushì xiěrù mǒuwù]

    Chinese-English dictionary > write into

  • 15 bump into

    vt fus
    1) (strike) [+ obstacle, person] 撞到 [zhuàngdào]
    2) ( inf) (meet) [+ person] 碰见 [pèngjiàn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > bump into

  • 16 burst into

    vt fus
    [不可拆分] [+ room etc] 闯入 [chuǎngrù]

    Chinese-English dictionary > burst into

  • 17 buy into

    (BRIT: COMM); vt fus
    [不可拆分] 入股 [rùgǔ]

    Chinese-English dictionary > buy into

  • 18 check into

    [+ hotel, clinic] 登记入住 [dēngjì rùzhù]

    Chinese-English dictionary > check into

  • 19 dig into

    vt fus
    [不可拆分] [+ savings] 动用 [dòngyòng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > dig into

  • 20 drum into

    反复灌输 [fǎnfù guànshū]

    Chinese-English dictionary > drum into

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