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Byte or Word

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  • Word (computer architecture) — Processors 1 bit 4 bit 8 bit 12 bit 16 bit 18 bit 24 bit 31 bit 32 bit 36 bit 48 bit 60 bit …   Wikipedia

  • Word (computing) — In computing, word is a term for the natural unit of data used by a particular computer design. A word is simply a fixed sized group of bits that are handled together by the machine. The number of bits in a word (the word size or word length) is… …   Wikipedia

  • Byte orientation — refers to forms of data processing in which digital data are processed bytewise. For example, communication is called byte oriented or character oriented when the transmitted information is grouped into bytes. The latter term is deprecated, since …   Wikipedia

  • Byte order mark — (BOM) Unicode символ, используемый для индикации порядка байтов текстового файла. Его кодовый символ U+FEFF. По спецификации его использование не является обязательным, однако если BOM используется, то он должен быть установлен в начале… …   Википедия

  • Word-Variable — Word Variable,   ein Datentyp in der Programmierung, der die Länge zwei Bytes besitzt. Im Gegensatz zur wörtlichen Übersetzung des Namens enthält eine Word Variable aber keine Worte, sondern Zahlen ohne Nachkommastellen. Diese umfassen bei der… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • byte — [baıt] n [Date: 1900 2000; Origin: Invented word based on BIT25 and bite] a unit for measuring computer information, equal to eight ↑bits (=the smallest unit on which information is stored on a computer) ▪ Each character requires one byte of… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Word-addressable — is a computer science term.In computer science, a word is an ordered set of bytes or bits (typically 2 bytes, or 16 bits) that is the normal unit in which information may be stored, transmitted, or operated on within a given computer. Typically,… …   Wikipedia

  • Byte — A byte (pronounced bite , IPAEng|baɪt) is the basic unit of measurement of information storage in computer science. In many computer architectures it is a unit of memory addressing, most often consisting of eight bits. A byte is one of the basic… …   Wikipedia

  • byte — UK [baɪt] / US noun [countable] Word forms byte : singular byte plural bytes computing a basic unit for storing computer information, used for measuring the size of a document. A byte is usually made of eight bits …   English dictionary

  • byte — F/A/V an 8 bit word is called a byte. The acronym for byte is the upper case B …   Audio and video glossary

  • byte — noun /baɪt/ a) A sequence of adjacent bits (binary digits) that can be operated on as a unit by a computer; the smallest usable machine word; nearly always eight bits, which can represent an integer from 0 to 255 or a single character of text.… …   Wiktionary

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