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A period of 1000 years

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  • Temperature record of the past 1000 years — The temperature record of the past 1,000 years describes the reconstruction of temperature for the last 1000 years on the Northern Hemisphere. A reconstruction is needed because a reliable surface temperature record exists only since about 1850.… …   Wikipedia

  • 1000 Piazzia — 1000 Piazzia, discovered in 1923, is a main belt asteroid orbiting the Sun. It was the 1000th asteroid to be numbered, and was named in honour of Giuseppe Piazzi, who discovered the first asteroid, 1 Ceres.Its radius is estimated to be 24 km, and …   Wikipedia

  • 1000 km Silverstone — The 1000 km of Silverstone (also known as the 6 Hours of Silverstone) is an endurance sports car race held at Silverstone Circuit. First run in 1976 as part of the World Sportscar Championship, the race continues today with the Le Mans… …   Wikipedia

  • Medieval Warm Period — Northern hemisphere temperature reconstructions for the past 2,000 years The Medieval Warm Period (MWP), Medieval Climate Optimum, or Medieval Climatic Anomaly was a time of warm climate in the North Atlantic region, that may also have been… …   Wikipedia

  • Description of the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age in IPCC reports — A selection of temperature reconstructions published between 1998 and 2005 The description of the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age in IPCC reports has changed since the first report in 1990 as scientific understanding of the temperature… …   Wikipedia

  • Woodland period — The Woodland period of North American pre Columbian cultures was from roughly 1000 BCE to 1000 CE in the eastern part of North America. The term Woodland Period was introduced in the 1930s as a generic header for prehistoric sites falling between …   Wikipedia

  • Migration period of ancient Burma — History of Burma Prehistory 11,000–200 BCE Pyu city states 200 BCE–835 CE Mon kingdoms 825?–1057 Arakanese kingdoms 788?–1406 …   Wikipedia

  • payback period — Fin the length of time it will take to earn back the money invested in a project. EXAMPLE The straight payback period method is the simplest way of determining the investment potential of a major project. Expressed in time, it tells a management… …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • Archaic period in the Americas — In the sequence of North American pre Columbian cultural stages first proposed by Gordon Willey and Philip Phillips in 1958,[1] the Archaic stage or Meso Indian period [2] was the second period of human occupation in the Americas, from around… …   Wikipedia

  • Boreal (period) — In paleoclimatology of the Holocene, the Boreal was the first of the Blytt Sernander sequence of north European climatic phases that were originally based on the study of Danish peat bogs, named for Axel Blytt and Rutger Sernander, who first… …   Wikipedia

  • Ubaid period — The tell (mound) of Ubaid ( ar. عبيد) near Ur in southern Iraq has given its name to the prehistoric Pottery Neolithic to Chalcolithic culture, which represents the earliest settlement on the alluvial plain of southern Mesopotamia. The Ubaid… …   Wikipedia

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