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  • paracousis — SYN: paracusis. * * * par·acou·sis (par″ə kooґsis) paracusia …   Medical dictionary

  • paracousis —    see paracusis …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • paracusis, paracusia — 1. Impaired hearing. 2. Auditory illusions or hallucinations. SYN: paracousis. [para + G. akousis, hearing] false p. the apparent increase in hearing of a person with a conductive hearing loss in conversation in noisy surroundings because of… …   Medical dictionary

  • paracusis —    Also known as paracousis. Both terms stem from the Greek words para (beside, near, resembling, accessory to, beyond, apart from, abnormal) and akouein (to hear). They translate loosely as disordered hearing. The term paracusis is used in a… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • paracusia — par·acu·sia (par″ə kuґzhə) 1. any deficiency in the sense of hearing; see also deafness. Called also paracusis and paracousis. 2. auditory hallucination …   Medical dictionary