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  • Pneumotherapy — Pneu mo*ther a*py, n. [Gr. ? air + therapy.] (Med.) The treatment of disease by inhalations of compressed or rarefied air. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Pneumotherapy — Pneumatherapy is based on the word pneumatology pneuma is the Greek for spirit or self, thus pneumatology is the study of, finding the meaning of, the the spirit. Pneumatherapy refers to the self treating the self; or healing of the spirit, which …   Wikipedia

  • pneumotherapy — pneu·mo·ther·a·py (noo″mo therґə pe) the treatment of diseases of the lungs. Called also pneumonotherapy …   Medical dictionary

  • pneumonotherapy — pneu·mo·no·ther·a·py (noo mo″no therґə pe) pneumotherapy …   Medical dictionary