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  • 1 Egyptian cobra

    Биология: египетская кобра (Naja haje)

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь

  • 2 banded cobra

    Биология: египетская кобра (Naja haje)

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь

  • 3 hooded cobra

    Биология: египетская кобра (Naja haje)

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь

  • 4 banded cobra

    египетская кобра (Naja haje)
    * * *
    египетская кобра

    English-russian biological dictionary

  • 5 asp

    subst. \/æsp\/, \/ɑːsp\/ (zoologi)
    1) (krypdyrarten Naja haje) aspiskobra, egyptisk brilleslange, kleopatraslange
    2) (krypdyrarten Vipera aspis) aspishuggorm
    3) (fiskearten Aspius aspius) asp

    English-Norwegian dictionary

  • 6 rinse

    öblítés, öblögetés, kiöblítés to rinse: öblít, kiöblít, öblöget
    * * *
    [rins] 1. verb
    (often with out)
    1) (to wash (clothes etc) in clean water to remove soap etc: After washing the towels, rinse them (out).) (ki)öblít
    2) (to clean (a cup, one's mouth etc) by filling with clean water etc and then emptying the water out: The dentist asked me to rinse my mouth out.) öblöget, kiöblít
    2. noun
    1) (the act of rinsing: Give the cup a rinse.) öblítés
    2) (a liquid used for changing the colour of hair: a blue rinse.) bemosás (hajé)

    English-Hungarian dictionary

  • 7 set

    alakulás, megmerevedett, kötött, szerviz, játszma to set: megállapodik, erősít, vmilyen állapotba juttat
    * * *
    [set] 1. present participle - setting; verb
    1) (to put or place: She set the tray down on the table.) (le)tesz
    2) (to put plates, knives, forks etc on (a table) for a meal: Please would you set the table for me?) megterít
    3) (to settle or arrange (a date, limit, price etc): It's difficult to set a price on a book when you don't know its value.) megállapít
    4) (to give a person (a task etc) to do: The witch set the prince three tasks; The teacher set a test for her pupils; He should set the others a good example.) kitűz, felad
    5) (to cause to start doing something: His behaviour set people talking.) késztet
    6) ((of the sun etc) to disappear below the horizon: It gets cooler when the sun sets.) lenyugszik (égitest)
    7) (to become firm or solid: Has the concrete set?) megköt
    8) (to adjust (eg a clock or its alarm) so that it is ready to perform its function: He set the alarm for 7.00 a.m.) beállít
    9) (to arrange (hair) in waves or curls.) berak (hajat)
    10) (to fix in the surface of something, eg jewels in a ring.) vmibe foglal (drágakövet)
    11) (to put (broken bones) into the correct position for healing: They set his broken arm.) helyre rak
    2. adjective
    1) (fixed or arranged previously: There is a set procedure for doing this.) kötött; meghatározott; kötelező
    2) ((often with on) ready, intending or determined (to do something): He is set on going.) eltökélt
    3) (deliberate: He had the set intention of hurting her.) megfontolt
    4) (stiff; fixed: He had a set smile on his face.) merev
    5) (not changing or developing: set ideas.) megmerevedett
    6) ((with with) having something set in it: a gold ring set with diamonds.) kirakva
    3. noun
    1) (a group of things used or belonging together: a set of carving tools; a complete set of (the novels of) Jane Austen.) készlet, sorozat
    2) (an apparatus for receiving radio or television signals: a television/radio set.) készülék
    3) (a group of people: the musical set.) csoport
    4) (the process of setting hair: a shampoo and set.) berakás (hajé)
    5) (scenery for a play or film: There was a very impressive set in the final act.) díszlet
    6) (a group of six or more games in tennis: She won the first set and lost the next two.) játszma
    - setback
    - set phrase
    - set-square
    - setting-lotion
    - set-to
    - set-up
    - all set
    - set about
    - set someone against someone
    - set against someone
    - set someone against
    - set against
    - set aside
    - set back
    - set down
    - set in
    - set off
    - set something or someone on someone
    - set on someone
    - set something or someone on
    - set on
    - set out
    - set to
    - set up
    - set up camp
    - set up house
    - set up shop
    - set upon

    English-Hungarian dictionary

  • 8 asp

    (ج‌.ش‌.) افعي‌ ، نوعي‌ مار بنام‌ لاتين‌Naja haje

    English to Farsi dictionary

  • 9 heedless

    adj (#ly [adv]) nepažljiv, nesmotren, nepromišljen, nerazborit; koji ne pazi (na što), kjoi ne mari, ne haje (za što), koji ne obazire (na što) / to be # of = ne mariti, ne hajati za (što)
    * * *


    English-Croatian dictionary

  • 10 asp

    nome aspide m.
    * * *
    asp /æsp/
    n. (zool.)
    1 (Naja haje) aspide di Cleopatra
    2 (Vipera aspis) vipera.
    * * *
    nome aspide m.

    English-Italian dictionary

  • 11 accidenti!

    ta hajë dreqi!

    Dizionario albanese-italiano e italiano-albanese

  • 12 blimey

    ['blaimi] interj. Br. zhrg. ta hajë dreqi!

    English-Albanian dictionary

  • 13 bugger

    ['bage:] n.,v. -n 1. drejt. pederast. 2. zhrg.vulg. kaqol, rrotë, koqe. 3. zhrg. kalama, piciruk /-vi. kanë marrëdhënie homoseksuale (dy meshkuj)
    bugger it! ta hajë dreqi!
    bugger off ua mbath
    bugger off I mbushu! zhduku!

    English-Albanian dictionary

  • 14 cobra, banded

    1. LAT Naja haje (Linnaeus)
    2. RUS египетская кобра f
    3. ENG Egyptian [banded] cobra
    4. DEU Uräusschlange f
    5. FRA cobra m égyptien [d'Egypte]
    Ареал обитания: Африка


  • 15 cobra, Egyptian

    1. LAT Naja haje (Linnaeus)
    2. RUS египетская кобра f
    3. ENG Egyptian [banded] cobra
    4. DEU Uräusschlange f
    5. FRA cobra m égyptien [d'Egypte]
    Ареал обитания: Африка


  • 16 cobra

    cobra кобра, Naja; индийская кобра, очковая змея, Naja naja
    hooded cobra египетская кобра, гая, настоящий аспид, Naja haje
    king cobra королевская кобра, гамадриад, Ophiophagus
    spectacled cobra индийская кобра, очковая змея, Naja naja
    splitting cobra ошейниковая кобра, Hemachatus haemachatus

    English-Russian dictionary of biology and biotechnology

  • 17 11384

    1. LAT Naja haje (Linnaeus)
    2. RUS египетская кобра f
    3. ENG Egyptian [banded] cobra
    4. DEU Uräusschlange f
    5. FRA cobra m égyptien [d'Egypte]
    Ареал обитания: Африка


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